Funding Seattle’s green infrastructure

Following up on yesterday’s post re Richard Conlin seeking to renew the Pro Parks Levy over the mayor’s dead body, a newly formed coalition is organizing to promote funding of a broad range of green initiatives, from bicycling to tree preservation. The idea behind the Green Legacy for All Levy is to set up a formal citizens committee to oversee financing of green projects including but extending beyond parks, while making the process far less volatile and unilateral than Parks Department jurisdiction of the past. It’s early for details, including the amount sought (Pro Parks was just shy of $200 million), but several community groups have endorsed the spirit of the endeavor and it will get further airing at a number of upcoming events, including a public forum moderated by Open Space Seattle 2100’s Brice Maryman at the downtown library at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 17th. For now the effort is coordinating with Council member Tom Rasmussen, chair of the newly rejiggered Parks and Seattle Center Committee. The vice chair: None other than Richard Conlin.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    One thing I gotta say about Seattle, this town is never gonna run out of people who want to spend other people’s money.

  2. 5

    michael spews:


    As long as you keep adding people and things keep falling apart you do. Which is a bummer because that stuff is expensive.