Full Audio of NRA Spokesman Brian Judy’s Godwinian Remarks

Because neither the NRA nor their spokesman Brian Judy have responded to press queries regarding the latter’s Godwinian/anti-semitic remarks, some of the media accounts have gotten all journalisty, resorting to “allegedly” and “reportedly” in describing the controversy, as if there was any doubt about who is talking or about what was said.

So in the interest of fending off any incipient conspiracy theories about how The Jews fabricated this whole thing as part of our dastardly plot to take away your guns, I’ve posted the raw audio of the July 23 “No on Initiative 594″ event—all 1 hour and 26 minutes of it. I don’t suggest you actually listen to it—I already excerpted too much in my 3 minute YouTube—but here it is to satisfy the skeptics.

The two speakers are Mr. Judy and his fellow NRA field representative Adina Hicks. They self-identify, and are identified by others as such. Also feel free to take a few minutes on the Google to confirm that this event took place when and where I said it did. (Hint: it did.)


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    David Brayton spews:

    You people are laughable in your insanity. He’s right that if gun control wasn’t the standard in Nazi Germany that would have been a bulwark against Hitler early on. To think that this is anti Jewish thought is to betray your own anti intellectual bullshit. How pathetic you are.