Florida and Michigan to be seated with half-votes

After a very long, drawn out, and occasionally emotional Rules Committee meeting today, the DNC has determined to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations, but to give each delegate a half-vote.  In addition, the Rules Committee accepted a Michigan Democratic Party reallocation proposal giving Hillary Clinton 69 delegates to Barack Obama’s 59.  

The net result?  A combined 24 delegate-vote pickup on the day for Clinton, not nearly enough to eat into Obama’s margin.

Near the end of the proceedings Harold Ickes, a committee member and longtime Clintonista, announced that Clinton reserved her right to appeal to the Credentials Committee, but once the remaining superdelegates have declared, and a small deluge should declare shortly, not even a full seating of the Michigan and Florida delegations would be enough for her to catch Obama.



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    demo kid spews:

    I wish I could have been there, if only to have punched Harold Ickes right in his smarmy, sneering face.

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    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    The fear is that Clinton will not concede and mount a credentials challenge at the convention. She could do this even if Obama has a clear majority of the delegates (however that figure is derived).

    Absent her concession until after a bitter floor fight in Denver, he would remain only the ‘presumptive’ nominee.

    This could get ugly, unless Ickes’ outburst was nothing but pure political theater.

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    Right Stuff spews:

    Isn’t it possible that HC will have the majority of the popular vote and BO will win the nomination?

    In the end, the Democrat Super Delegates decide the day…..can’t let the voters decide, they don’t know what they’re REALLY doing..

    Party Elite win again……..

    Of course, Hamas and Fidel Castro HAVE endorsed BO, so there you go…

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    Just so that nobody here is confused by Mr. Stuff’s rantings (or the Clinton campaign’s, for that matter) it should be noted that the only way the Clinton campaign comes up with that “majority” is to ignore the caucus state votes.

    Our votes don’t count because all of us that went to the caucuses are “Party Elite”.

    The fact is that different states (including Washington) have different systems to determine delegate assignment. Even allowing the Clinton campaign’s rather creative math, the fact is that the overall national popular vote has little bearing on the distribution of delegates in the individual states.

    Of course, the Republicans seem happy to tout nationwide popular vote totals, and they may have a point there.

    It’s even possible that President Gore would agree.

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    FricknFrack spews:

    @ 7. John Barelli

    Thx for the much needed clarification. Forgot about the Caucus counting and kept wondering about the “Popular Votes” bombast. Now, it makes some sense.

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    Sam spews:

    From DK:

    NOTE: The chairs of the credentials committee are Alexis Herman and James Roosevelt — yes, the chairs of today’s RBC meeting. So I’m not sure where I’d put the chances of having a different outcome. Clinton’s camp isn’t likely to get a whole lot of procedural breaks in trying to reopen a case Herman and Roosevelt just presided over closing. [Kagro X]

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    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    The only way Clinton can claim the popular vote (even ignoring the cauci) ist claim tke Mich vote where Obama was noy even on the ballet. Clinton HAS to concede now or just finally announce her membership in the republican party.

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    SeaBos84 spews:

    Break the Rules then Argue hte Rules then Change the Rules or Bend the Rules or Scrap the Rules

    WTF – should I be surprised? Our Federal Dem party is a bunch of chickenshit sell outs, who ONLY excel at:

    1. staying in charge of us toads dumb enough to keep electing them,
    2. getting paid really well to stay in charge of us sheep

    … sheep? toads? what, really, is the difference?

    Look out Wed. Nov 5, as the Washington Dem establishment seeks to quash opposition to Patty Can’t Do Shit Murray!

    (hey, I know that the WA Dem establishment isn’t the Federal establishment – just the wimps who are next in line !! )


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    Hey Dems!

    How’s that unity workin’ out for you???


    Not too long ago, so many of you were happy lil’ campers saying you would be equally gleeful with either HRC or BHO.


    It ain’t necessarily so….It ain’t necessarily so…Her campaign it’s a dyin’…From his church he’s resignin’…It ain’t necessarily so. (Apologies to George and Ira Gershwin)

    What’s next? A trip to Weehawken at dawn to settle the whole thing?

    The Piper

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Let’s see – remember when no less than that cunt Ann Coultergiest said she’d vote for Clinton rather than McCain? Remember when Limpdick Limbaugh said McCain was more liberal than Clinton? Remember when the Southern Baptist Convention said it would not encourage support of McCain? The faaaar right, which controls the GOP, is NOT happy with FlipFlop McCain as their candidate and many will stay home, or even vote for a Democratic candidate.

    Unity? Are you talking about unity Pooper? Better take a look at your own party crashing down the side of the hill before you worry about our party.

    Now go put on your cute little skirt and blow your cute little horn while I fuck your ugly wife.

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    Jim, (a genuine musician) spews:

    Mr. Stuff
    Please cash out your 401k and immediately donate to the Rs.

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    Rick D. spews:

    Wow, what an epiphony. Seat half the delegates.

    It’s comforting to know that the DNC is looking for guidance from the GOP on how to run an election. There might be hope for you kids yet. Liberals are always looking to Conservatives for leadership, why change things now?

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Based on how poorly the GOP has done in the last three special Congressional elections, i.e., getting their asses kicked by Democrats in long-standing GOP territory – I guess we’ll probably only need HALF our votes to win in November!

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    Whenever I think about the troubles the GOP has – and it has them, no question about it – I’ll read something like this: http://www.breitbart.com/artic....._article=1

    …then I feel much better.

    Republicans squabble, we have some weak candidates in some races, and we’re in the shadow of an admittedly unpopular President and war (unjustly so, I might add).

    But Democrats are learning to loathe each other, and the knives being pulled out are long, sharp, and about to go into the backs of other Democrats.

    Pretty damn ugly, eh what?

    The Piper

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    gs spews:

    As I have said in past posts here, Clinton in will get the democratic nomination in 2012.

    Enough Hillary supporters will give McCain their Democratic votes in 2008.

    To assure she get another run at it in 2012.