Filibuster Alito

Sen. John Kerry has a passionate piece on The Huffington Post, arguing the case for filibustering the Alito nomination.

So let’s get this straight. The time to fight is now – before we make the irreversible decision of confirming a new Supreme Court Justice. When you’re talking about the Supreme Court, you don’t live to fight another day. It’s a zero sum game. Once Judge Alito becomes Justice Alito, there’s no turning back the Senate confirmation vote. We don’t get to ‘take a mulligan’ when choosing a Supreme Court Justice. The direction our country takes for the next thirty years is being set now. Will it matter if we speak up after the Supreme Court has granted the executive the right to use torture, or to eavesdrop without warrants? Will it matter if we speak up only after a woman’s right to privacy has been taken away? Will history record what we say after the courthouse door is slammed in the faces of women, minorities, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor? No. History will record what we say and what we do now.

[ … ]

I know better than anyone that elections have consequences and that the President has every right to nominate whomever he chooses to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. But I also know that Senators have the right – in fact, they have a constitutional responsibility, to question whether that nominee is the right choice. That is why the Framers required the Senate to provide advice and consent. We are not meant to be a rubber stamp. We need not rush to judgment simply to satisfy the political deadline of a State of the Union address.

I am convinced that Judge Alito is the wrong choice for America. In fact, I am convinced that he is a dangerous choice for America. This is a rare moment in Washington. We are facing the vote of a lifetime – a vote that will shape the law for generations to come. Despite the predictions of the pundits, the story is not over until the last vote is cast. We cannot win unless we try. The time to take a stand is now, to fight for the rights and freedoms of all Americans is when they’re endangered not after they’ve been diminished. It is time to take a stand against Judge Alito, and take a stand for the kind of America we’ve been for over two hundred years.

I know there are a lot of strategic reasons why the Democrats are ill-prepared for a filibuster at the moment, but I agree with Steve Gilliard, it’s better to go down fighting.

9am Monday morning shut down the Senate switchboard.
You can use these toll-free numbers (and ask for the Senators by name): 888-355-3588 or 888-818-6641.

And after you call the Senate, be sure to call Senators Cantwell and Murray directly:

Senator Maria Cantwell
Washington, 202-224-3441 (phone), 202-228-0514 (fax)
Everett, 425-303-0114 (phone), 425-303-8351 (fax)
Spokane, 509-353-2507 (phone), 509-353-2547 (fax)
Vancouver, 360-696-7838 (phone), 360-696-7844 (fax)
Tacoma, 253-572-2281 (phone), 253-572-5859 (fax)
Seattle, 206-220-6400 (phone), 206-220-6404 (fax)
Richland, 509-946-8106 (phone), 509-946-6937 (fax)

Senator Patty Murray
Washington, 202-224-2621 (phone), 202-224-0238 (fax)
Everett, 425-259-6515 (phone), 425-259-7152 (fax)
Seattle, 206-553-5545 (phone), 206-553-0891 (fax)
Spokane, 509-624-9515 (phone), 509-624-9561 (fax)
Vancouver, 360-696-7797 (phone), 360-696-7798 (fax)
Yakima, 509-453-7462 (phone), 509-453-7731 (fax)


  1. 1

    Puddybud spews:

    Sorry for the delay Windie: Office Max beckoned me to visit. Anyway, you must have heard of the federally approved sexuality education information curriculum for the United States (

    What does this “study” endorse? How about these apples: There are provisions in this study for teaching elementary school-aged children about masturbation and oral sex, abortion and homosexuality.

    MTR: There is hope for you yet. You can learn all you need to know about vaginas in your child’s elementary school!

    You see what you call ramblings are this synaptic misfirings of your brain because you can process truth unless you first filter it!

  2. 2

    Dr. E spews:

    And you see, since fascism plays off emotions (as I noted above) it is all the more dangerous. If you want to debate me rationally on the evidence and the issues, and put emotion aside, I can do that.

  3. 3

    Dr. E spews:

    Janet –
    Did I say your views were fascist? I don’t know enough about the totality of your views to make that judgment. I do, however, know enough about Bushco to be able to categorically state that their agenda — and methods — are fascist.

  4. 4

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey Windie: Ramblings? Naah, they weren’t ramblings. You won’t answer the procreation question will ya? How can you?

    I will have my boys soon post about their high school experiences with pushing of the GAY AGENDA! I talk to my children. I am interested in their school welfare!

    Here is what was discussed in 1999. Pay attention to the paragraph about parents installing Internet filter software. Just got to love dem GLAAD peeps.

  5. 5

    GS spews:

    John Kerry has another losing cause he is champion of!

    Imagine that!

    See ya all Tuesday, when we have a Conservative Court again!

    Imagine that!

  6. 6

    YO spews:


  7. 8

    YO spews:


  8. 9

    YO spews:


  9. 10

    litmas spews:

    Thanks for the numbers. I’ll be sure to call them to express my sincere desire that they vote to confirm a jurist who is more than qualified for the Supreme Court. Just because you think that he might not see eye to eye with you on a pet desire of yours is not a good reason to vote against him. If that were the case then Justice Ginsberg would never have been confirmed.

  10. 12






  11. 14

    Gerald T spews:

    It’s amazing that Republicans have successfully changed the definition of a ‘good justice’ into ‘conservative justice’. That’s the problem that we face… Even someone who actually did read the constitution for what it was would be considered liberal. That is sad.

    In other news, for those who care about the nasty postcards: Dems are outlawing distributing sex-notifications.

  12. 15

    GS spews:

    Oh Really Now Gerald, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was NOT a “Liberal Justice”…. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    What we face is a democratic party that stands for NOthing. NOthing.

    that any republican does.

  13. 16

    Gerald T spews:

    I’m not saying liberal justices arn’t liberal. I’m saying if there was a non-biased justice, which there is not, he/she would still be considered liberal. Hell, even a conservative justice (Harriet Myers rings a bell) would considered liberal by many.


  14. 17

    GS spews:

    Alito is one hell of a talented judge, and he deserves and will attain his Supreme Court Position. End of Story!

  15. 18

    Cougar spews:

    GS, it will not actually be the end of the story. The USA will be under his rightwing caste for years to come. Always be careful what you wish for! Just because you are far right at the present does not mean that you might not have a moderate drift in your views. You will be at his Unitarialism views as will the rest of us.

  16. 19

    GS spews:

    Cougar, I don’t view Judge Alito as being far right, because I watched almost all of his testimony, and I found him to be an extremely articulate and though out individual.

    The rampage Left led by the likes of Ted Kennedy have demagogued him into a virtual Atilla the Hun.

    And I don’t by it!

    He is one extremely qualified candidate! I know it, many others know it! And I suspect you know it also!

  17. 20

    ArtFart spews:

    I’ve sent messages to be sent by email and hand delivery to both Murray’s and Cantwell’s offices, and I’ll follow up with phone calls in the morning.

    As I expressed in my letters to them, the real issue at this point is that Bush has all but publicly stated his intention to assume near dictatorial powers in the name of his sham “war on terr’r”, and that there’ll be no hope whasoever of the court upholding any challenge to him doing that if O’Connor has been replaced by someone in his pocket.

    The filibuster may not succeed, but at this point it may be down to the point where the opposition party doesn’t have much left to lose anyway. Too damn bad the Democratic leadership has finally decided to show some courage when it may be too late to make a difference. All their attempts to “respect tration” and be nicey-nicey to the Republicans has been about as successful as attempting to negotiate with a school of sharks.

  18. 21

    Mark spews:

    GS, are you serious?

    You really view Alito as a qualified judge. It’s fairly obvious that he favors the unitary executive theory (read: the President is King). How can anyone who claims to be a conservative buy into that line of reasoning? Doesn’t that go against the basic tenants of conservatism?

    Just because Alito didn’t leap out of his chair and challenge Kennedy to a smack down does not make him qualified to sit on the SCOTUS.

  19. 22

    The REAL Mark spews:

    TO: Fake Mark @ 17 Please find a new posting name. If you’re the same guy as before, Goldy has already told you to knock it off.

  20. 23

    The REAL Mark spews:

    Hey, Dems…

    Regardless of how you (are told you) feel about Alito, you have to see that this is yet another failure of the Left to get its point across. Just because you talk louder and longer doesn’t make it the truth. Barack Obama on ABC News This Week:

    “The Democrats have to do a much better job in making their case on these issues. These last-minute efforts – using procedural maneuvers inside the Beltway – I think has been the wrong way of going about it.”

    You Lefties tried to set up your Kool-Aid stand and the country isn’t buying it.

  21. 24

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    Like most politicians, John Kerry is just pandering to garner support to get elected. He’s running for President in 2008. If he’s the Democratic nominee, the Republicans will win.

    He, and anyone who mentions extreme measures and Bush in the same sentence, seems to get the left wing idealogues here all lathered up. I thought you guys were too smart to be manipulated by a guy who got Ds his freshman year at Yale.

    This talk of filibuster is just talk. There’s no broad public support for filibustering Alito.

  22. 25


    You Donkos just donk and donk ‘d donk donk donk!

    Everything that’s good for my corporation is good for ‘Murka. Alito is good for my corporation and therefore good for ‘Murka. Fuck “civil liberties”. I’m sooo rich I do what the fuck I want. Fuck “the poor”. I don’t give a goddamn about them. They’ll work for shit sandwiches and like it.
    Stay the fuck away from Alito. I want ‘im, and I’ll get ‘im.

  23. 26

    jaybo spews:

    Support the Fillibuster!

    I think that we should also e-mail Sen. Obama and let him know that he risks the “wrath of the left” if he doesn’t change!

    “Sunday, Jan. 29, 2006 7:24 p.m. EST
    Sen. Obama Criticizes Filibuster Tactic
    To more effectively oppose Supreme Court nominees in the future, Democrats need to convince the public “their values are at stake” rather than use stalling tactics to try to thwart the president, said a senator who opposes Samuel Alito’s confirmation.
    Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., predicted on Sunday that an effort to try to block a final vote on Alito would fail on Monday. That would clear the way for Senate approval Tuesday of the federal appeals court judge picked to succeed the retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.
    Democrats fear he would shift the court rightward on abortion rights, affirmative action, the death penalty and other issues.
    “We need to recognize, because Judge Alito will be confirmed, that, if we’re going to oppose a nominee that we’ve got to persuade the American people that, in fact, their values are at stake,” Obama said.”

    “There is an over-reliance on the part of Democrats for procedural maneuvers,” he told ABC’s “This Week.”

  24. 27

    klake spews:

    ABC News Anchor Is Badly Injured by Bomb in Iraq
    Bob Woodruff was described as being in serious but stable
    condition after the attack. His cameraman was also wounded.;emc=th

    It is a dangerous world and there is a price to pay to live in dangerous places. Therefore, you all include them in your prayers.

  25. 28

    klake spews:

    Off Topic Ladies Only!
    The Guys’ Rules

    At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally, the
    guys’ side of the story. (I must admit, it’s pretty good.) We always
    hear “the rules” from the female side. Now here are the rules from the
    male side. These are our rules! Please note. these are all numbered
    “1” ON PURPOSE!

    1. Men ARE not mind readers.

    1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it
    down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us complaining
    about you leaving it down.

    1. Sunday sports. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides.
    Let it be.

    1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it
    that way.

    1. Crying is blackmail.

    1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do
    not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just
    say it!

    1. Yes and No are perfectly Acceptable answers to almost every question.

    1. Come to us with a problem only If you want help solving it. That’s
    what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

    1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

    1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In
    fact, all comments become null and void after 7 Days.

    1. If you won’t dress like the Victoria’s Secret girls, don’t expect us
    to act like soap opera guys.

    1. If you think you’re fat, you probably are. Don’t ask us.

    1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways
    makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one

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    1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach,
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    1. Thank you for reading this. Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the
    couch tonight; but did you know men really don’t mind that? It’s like

  26. 30

    LeftTurn spews:

    With MonkeyFace’s poll numbers being at about the lowest they’ve ever been, he’s not exactly in a position to assert that the country’s behind him on anything. The righties are going to get Alito on the court but as usual, they can’t win in the long run because once all the women who were fooled into voting for Bush on the faux war argument realize that they’ve lost their right to an abortion, they’ll throw every right wing politician out of office, the country will swing HARD left and the repug strategy to turn abortion rules over to the states will beackfire because most states will turn left on this and every other issue. That said, the Dems should do anything they can to stop the nomination just because they can.

  27. 31

    Donnageddon spews:

    GS “What we face is a democratic party that stands for NOthing. NOthing.”

    Actually what you face is a Liberal Majority that will not stand for any more of this NeoCon Bullshit!

    Face it, GS, You are a dying breed, and the USA is going to be much better off after you go the way of the Dodos

  28. 34

    klake spews:

    Amen, and let it be soon.

    Comment by Voter Advocate— 1/30/06 @ 7:35 am

    Dean Logan= Votr Advocate how is that audit going? I mail in my ballot did you count it? Ballot RED 48-2641 Ballot Code: 6 Leg Dist: 48 Stub 000086. Sunny make sure it is counted or your friend Ron Sims might let you go.

  29. 36

    klake spews:

    How is it that wingers have come to dominate these threads?

    Comment by Jerry Springer Jr.— 1/30/06 @ 7:42 am

    They love your flashing personality Jerry.

  30. 38

    The REAL Mark spews:

    Jerry @ 31: “How is it that wingers have come to dominate these threads?”

    Because there aren’t as many people on the Far/Radical Left as you think there are. It just seems that way to you because Far Lefties (both citizens and politicians) are more vocal, more beligerent and do more property damage, so they make the TV news more often.

  31. 39

    litmus spews:

    Yea, they’re the ones who participate while they are off the job and not using company resources during times when they should be working…

  32. 40

    Mr. X spews:

    Alito lied to the Senate – pure and simple, and the Rethugs who support him do so because they believe he will overturn Roe V. Wade, even though they too are liars for refusing to acknowledge it.

    It’s better to live on your feet than die on your knees – and it’s high time the Dems put up a fight on an issue as important than this.

    And, I’d say from the unusual volume of right-wing shrieking on this topic, I think you assholes know it.

    There is no political downside to Dems for this – you wingnuts are the only ones who give a shit, and you’re voting fascist anyway.

  33. 41

    righton spews:

    Where the expose of “criminal” dwight pelz?

    or like McDermott, your own crimes aren’t really crimes?

  34. 42

    windie spews:

    hey mark: No offence, but you only jump into a thread to post at all when someone takes your name… isn’t that kinda wierd?

    And actually, to my mind there is a downside: If the Dems show themselves to be unable to fight, they’ll encourage the criminal class (ie Republicans) to pull more crap. Of course I think the real reason that Bush is pushin’ so hard for this guy (to the point of screwing with congressional rules) is that he sees the impeachment coming and wants to stuff the court with people that are firmly under his control.

  35. 43


    Guys like klake…I like ‘em.

    Too stupid to realize that all the bullshit we feed ‘em is to keep them shilling for us.

    We screw them and they PAY US to do it.

    klake and puddybud. Gotta love ‘em.

  36. 44

    Goldy spews:

    Mark @34

    No… there aren’t as many people on the “Far/Radical Left” as you think. Really… how pathetic is it that Republicans still attempt to brand everybody who disagrees with them as commies or something of that sort? How is it that opposing a unitary executive with extra-constitutional powers is somehow “radical”, but President Bush saying he has war time powers to suspend the Bill of Rights isn’t?

    Hey… careful what you wish for you guys. Unless you are confident that this isn’t really a Democracy anymore, the Democrats will eventually take back the White House (probably sooner than later) and perhaps install a unitary executive just as ruthless as yours.

  37. 45

    windie spews:

    PS: Why the hell does the left have to be represented by the ‘please sir, may I have another’ Democrat pansies? I’m sick of them rolling over to the Reps constantly. The Dems seriously need to grow some balls.

  38. 46

    lower case mark spews:

    Girls, better go get your abortions while there still is some
    time. Don’t worry, they won’t turn off the liberal genocide
    market, it’s too easy.

  39. 47

    Momus spews:

    Not for nothing….

    But the idea that Teddy is behind this should be an indication that this “Call for Balls’ is going to go down in flames. The man is a disgrace and is recognized as such.

    Whether the left in Seattle want’s to believe it or not, you’ll have a token show of force by the outward fringe on this, but the bottom line is Alito is in. The filibuster attempt is childish and shows how weak the democrats are in this country.

    So you can call Murray and Cantwell all you want. However, you are wasting your time.

    Unlike our Governors race this will not be another situation where you can keep going back and counting more votes until you get the results you want.

  40. 48

    Momus spews:

    Windie at 41,

    If you are looking for men with balls, you’ll need change your politics.

    Unfortunately, the men in the Democratic Party have already been feminized (look at Goldy for instance, this clown should be wearing a dress) and cannot ask them to act like real men when push comes to shove.

  41. 49

    Janet S spews:

    Looks like Bush is back over 50% in the approval ratings.

    That’s got to drive you guys nuts. Keep on with the filibuster talk. It is doing wonders making the repubs look statesmanlike. Kerry calling from Davos? Cartoonists couldn’t do a better parody.

    This is how it works – you win an election, you pick your justices. If you don’t like who is chosen, then win the elections next time.

  42. 50

    Donnageddon spews:

    You know, I was tempted just to throw out a quick qwip over the ludicrous comment by Kevin Carns concerning Ted Kennedy; “The man is a disgrace and is recognized as such.”

    He is recognized as a disgrace only by wingnut blowhards such as yourself.

    Why would someone be so stupid as to come to a liberal blog and say something that is so obviously wrong?

    You are recognized as a disgrace and an enemy of the USA.

    So, fuck off, you traiterous pig.

  43. 51

    jaybo spews:

    Senator Landrieu against fillibuster!

    Time to make the calls to let her know she will pay the price for this traitorous response!

  44. 52

    Libertarian spews:

    I don’t have much of an opinion about this guy. The abortion deal is somewhat of a concern, but I don’t think this guy and the rest of the Supremes will overturn Roe.

    My guess is that the Reps will win this one by a narrow margin.

  45. 53

    windie spews:

    oy momus!

    While the Republicans are certainly not lacking in intestinal fortitude (at least as far as playing dirty politics goes…), they also represent the deep corruption of the American Dream. I just think its sad that the candidate selection process is designed in such a way that we get cowards on one side, and criminals on the other.

    Still, a coward is better than a criminal.

  46. 54

    windie spews:

    ps again: I’m not so worried about abortion as I am about his deal with the power of the executive branch. That’s the scary bit.

  47. 55

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Ted The Swimmer is leading the fight. Just heard him screaming. Great entertainment. It must suck to have a murderous drunk kook as your best hope.

  48. 56

    Donnageddon spews:

    “It must suck to have a murderous drunk kook as your best hope.”

    It sucks much worse to have one as your President.

  49. 57

    Momus spews:

    @ 46…

    No, he’s a disgrace.


    Ted Kennedy’s Biography
    June 9, 2004

    This column is about a highly regarded senator in the Democratic Party. His name is Edward Moore Kennedy, also known as Ted Kennedy, aka “The Liberal Lion” aka, “The Swimmer”. This leech on society has been sucking on the public teat since 1962 when he was elected to office on his brother’s coattails. Let’s face it; if Teddy didn’t come from a rich family, whose wealth came mainly from illegal liquor during Prohibition, he’d be sweeping streets or washing boats at a yacht club in Massachusetts. This cream of the crop of Massachusetts’s society comes from a unique background. His father; Joseph P. Kennedy made his fortune from manipulating the stock market, boosting stocks until they were about to fail and then unloaded them on a unsuspecting public, making millions of dollars in the process, this practice today is of course illegal, ask Martha Stewart, or other insider traders. But for old Joe it was just fine, that is until he was appointed to the Securities Exchange Commission, and was involved in making this action illegal, after he collected his windfall, of course.

    During Prohibition, Joseph was the US distributor for several British alcohol distillers. He held an American government license to import alcohol for medicinal purposes.(read bootlegging) He had a large inventory that he sold for a gain of millions of dollars when Prohibition was repealed in 1933. And we have yet another example of how the famous Kennedy fortune was amassed. He thought of himself as above the laws that applied to the common folks, and this attitude was passed down to Teddy, who seems to think he should write laws, but should not be obeyed by him.

    Another trait passed on to Teddy is his involvement in politics, his father Joe bought himself appointments to various public positions with his ill gotten gains, and worked his way up the political ladder, finally reaching the United States Ambassador to the Court of St James (United Kingdom). Joe Kennedy was a great believer in appeasement and alleged admirer of Hitler and tried to persuade then Prime Minister of England, Chamberlain to acquiescence to Hitler’s demented desires to invade the rest of Europe. This position apparently did not sit well with Franklin Roosevelt or the rest of the British people, because old Joe resigned from his post in 1940, and Winston Churchill soon replaced Chamberlain.

    So now we know where Teddy inherited his liberal frame of mind, and desire to distance himself from any responsibility of the defense of the United States.

    But enough of old Joe, let’s concentrate on Teddy now.

    This fine example for our youth has quite a colorful history all of his own. He was thrown out of Harvard college for having another student take a test for him, this of course, was covered up (an early trend starting) and was forced into the Army by old Joe for a 2 year stint as a Military Police “Honor” guard at SHAPE Headquarters in Paris, not a bad assignment for a rich, cheating brat during the Korean war. By the way, the normal enlistment period for that timeframe was four years, not two like draftees. After his service, he was allowed back into Harvard to complete his degree and go on to further education, all greased by his father.

    I’m not sure if Teddy had a real job, that entailed getting his hands dirty, but was appointed as a Assistant District Attorney in Suffolk County in Massachusetts in 1961 (big surprise there, huh?)

    He was then elected in a special election on November 6, 1962, as a Democrat to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the 1960 resignation of his brother, John. Hence begins the suckling at the public trough for this fine man. He has been reelected to the senate ever since. I was told that it is illegal to consume liquor of any kind in Massachusetts on election days, this is a shame, because it would give the residents an excuse as to why they have returned this slug to office so many times, and, as I assume they cast their ballots for him while sober, it gives me pause to ponder the collective IQ in that state.

    Here is a person whose face turned redder than I thought possible while questioning Attorney General John Ashcroft, demanding to know the nominee’s position on woman’s rights. I have to admit I almost choked when I watched this exchange. I was between tears of laughter and rage. The idea of a person that drove his 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 off a wooden bridge into a tide-swept pond in which his passenger and aide, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned, (not reporting the incident for more than nine to ten hours, according to whose version of the cover-up you want to believe), made me wonder how he had the ability to keep a straight face during the questioning sessions. Or maybe he was drunk again? This poor excuse for an American, let alone a United States Senator showed the epitome of absurdity when he asked Ashcroft questions on that subject. I liken it to asking Charles Manson how he feels about the Jim Jones mass suicides, or the penal system in this country. It just doesn’t make sense.

    At least his brothers showed a modicum of class and honesty. Robert had the intrepidity to take on organized crime at its heart. Teddy on the other hand; shows a distinct sign of timorousness in all his endeavors, except when he is blustering on the senate floor.

    Lately Teddy has been attacking President Bush’s action regarding Iraq and his handling of the terrorism problems this nation has been forced to endure for the past few years, but he remains silent on former president Clinton’s inactions on the same subject.

    Now Teddy is stumping for Kerry for president. This comes as no surprise to me or other people with common sense; he will follow any liberal Democrat, even off of a cliff like a lemming, as long as he is given help to keep his blood filled nose in the public trough. In a recent speech, Teddy accused President Bush of lying and misleading the nation in his reasons for going to war in Iraq, this accusation strikes me as incredible, as he couldn’t even tell the truth about what happened in his submerged Oldsmobile. Teddy inherited a true sense of appeasement from old Joe for sure. I believe if it were up to Teddy, we would still have Saddam in charge of Iraq, with the torture and rape rooms operating at their normal speed. Teddy didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the Arab world by assisting in the terminating of these vile acts. Teddy seems willing to placate everyone that will cause harm to America, but will stop at nothing to deter those willing to defend her. Maybe if he were to strive to his true calling, he’d be shining shoes for quarters in one of Boston’s train stations, saving up for that next pint of rotgut booze.

    Teddy Kennedy will leave a legacy behind, as all people do, but his will be filled with accusations of sexual misconduct, receiving a suspended sentence for killing a young woman, drinking to excess and divorcing a wife. I know this column will anger a lot of folks, but I feel the truth must be told about this human pigsty.

  50. 58



    You guys are GREAT!

    My Exxon profits are in the stratosphere.

    You have the donks on the ropes…I’ll have more money than I can use aaaannndd no “Death Tax”.

    All I need is to get a religious whack job on SCOTUS? He’ll leave my corporation alone? Trash environmental regs, workers rights?


    …How MUCH do you need.

    Go janet! GO MtR!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!

  51. 60


    I’m STEALING your fucking money and paying off the fundies to LIE to you.

    You’re so fucking stupid…YOU BUY IT!

    I’m fucking printing money and you tweezers are doing my work for me. All I had to do is…buy the press. No problem. They were CHEAP!

  52. 61

    Momus spews:

    Windie @ 49

    A coward is better than a criminal?

    I’m sorry, but that’s really sad when you look at all democrat males as a bunch of limp dicked, cowards.

    Am I correct in saying you are single?

  53. 62

    Donnageddon spews:

    Gee, Momus, thanks for that aptly named “Useless” and hilariously inappropriately named “Knowledge”.

    Try to get some facts not derived from just another wingnut.

  54. 64

    windie spews:

    momus this discussion is getting wierd and offtopic: My point is the leadership. There are plenty of intellegent, courageous lefties out there… trust me, I know. The thing you don’t get is that we on the left aren’t slavishly tied to our party. I don’t have to love the democrats in congress if they don’t support my views (Or if they do something wrong, crazy rightie conspiracy theories nonwithstanding). I leave that crap to you guys.

  55. 65

    Momus spews:

    @ 60.

    In other words, I hit the nail on the head and you want to change the subject….

    The thing is, Leaders attract followers.

    At least with Bill Clinton, we had a strong dominant, no bullshit, male role model (unfortunately, this gene was found in Hillary).

    let’s face it, She is a much stronger man than Gore or Kerry ever were.

    I guess this is why the Democrats are continually losing their base. It’s not the politics, it’s genetics.

    Ultimately the women of this party are only left with lesbianism as a viable alternative for finding a strong partner. Unless state or federal run artificial insemination is mandated within your party, the democrats will be come extinct over the next couple generations.

  56. 66

    The REAL Mark spews:

    Goldy @ 40 (and windie)

    It seems as thought you are agreeing with me that the Far Left isn’t some massive uprising waiting to happen, as some Lefties on HA and in the MSM believe.

    There is neither a Far Left or Far Right majority. In fact, I’d bet that there is a Centrist Majority, if anything. Unfortunately, moderation doesn’t get you TV ratings. Instead, they want the red-faced, spittle-spewing rantings of a Ted Kennedy, Pat Robertson, Howard Dean or Louis Farrakhan.

    I find it ironic that the Lefties here think that the Dems need to grow a pair or raise their voices or cause some mischief or whatnot in order to match the Far Right. Do you folks not understand that it has always been the Far LEFT that has engaged in emotion-filled/fact-challenged crusades/protests and that the Far Right just learned from THEM?

    Perhaps everyone would be best served if the Dems did a better job of laying out a full case instead of harping on and exaggerating these single-issue wailings. At least there is some hope for the Dems with people like Obama. I may not agree with him on issues, but he is MUCH more the statesman than a blustering TeddyK.

    Windie… It is just coincidence that I happen on here when other “marks” show up. I actually have better things to do and HA is just a diversion. Perhaps you just notice it because I point them out.

  57. 67

    The REAL Mark spews:

    windie @ 60: “The thing you don’t get is that we on the left aren’t slavishly tied to our party.”

    OK. Pick something the Dems stand for (or have done / will do) and tell us how you disagree. And “not speaking up” or “not being liberal enough” or “not challenging the Right” do NOT count.

    And who on the Left should just shut the heck up? Which (D)’s embarrass you?

  58. 68

    Dr. E spews:

    “Here is the link to the NEW website of the Washington State Democrats:”

    Give me a break, Richard. I read the blurb that made it onto (u)SP, which led to many of the assembled galley of wingnuts jumping to conclusions. Their logical process seemed to work this way:
    1. Pelz visited Cuba.
    2. Pelz wrote a newspaper article about his visit to Cuba.
    3. Pelz did not make any disparaging remarks about Castro.
    4. Pelz is a Communist (or Communist-sympathizer).

    Pretty weak. I particularly like the one poster who commented that the lack of criticism of Castro “speaks volumes” about Pelz. Really? What about his lack of positive coments about Castro? The GOP has pretty much been captives of the exile Cuban community since the 60s. The decades of embargo haven’t had the desired effect of getting rid of Castro; instead the people suffer. Do you guys actually have a plan to improve the situation in Cuba, or is it just more of the same?

  59. 70


    I think the red-baiting of Pelz is uncalled for. We do business with Communist China, Communist Vietnam, why not Communist Cuba? If all you have is red-baiting and bullshit campaign charges, then you don’t have shit. Just be honest.

  60. 72


    Oven Barbecued Chicken

    Here’s an easy family dinner recipe. Serve this baked chicken with coleslaw and mashed potatoes or French fries.
    3 pounds chicken parts
    1/2 cup ketchup
    1/4 cup vinegar
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
    3 tablespoons brown sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 1/2 teaspoons dry mustard
    1 teaspoon paprika
    Rinse and pat chicken dry with paper towels. In a saucepan, combine remaining ingredients; heat thoroughly. Sprinkle chicken with a little salt and pepper; put in a shallow casserole. Pour heated sauce over chicken. Cover and bake at 350° for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, basting occasionally.
    Oven barbecued chicken recipe serves 4.

  61. 73

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    I’m listening to The Swimmer foam at the mouth. So I agree with all the moonbats here. Let’s have Dems do filibuster… the real kind…. the old fashioned kind… not the one where they take long breaks, but the kind where they hafta talk forever.

    I’d love to head The Swimmer rant for a few days. The quotables would last a lifetime.

  62. 75

    Donnageddon spews:

    “And who on the Left should just shut the heck up? Which (D)’s embarrass you?”

    Joe Lieberman

  63. 76

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Advise and consent — that’s the key idea here. For decades, when Democrats held Congress and the White House, the Senate’s conservative minority used the filibuster to block civil rights legislation and extract compromises on social legislation and judges. Republicans didn’t question the notion of “rights of the minority party” back then. But they’re questioning it now — and I say bullshit, hypocrisy, thuggery!!! It’s time to assert OUR minority party rights — precisely because they REFUSE to compromise or make concessions! Alito is an extremist judge who was appointed to complete the disassembling of a century of moderate jurisprudence. He is exactly the kind of nominee who should be filibustered — even if the filibuster fails. But let us hope there are 41 votes on the Democratic side, because if we can’t muster that many, then the problem is us, not the other party. Make them use the “nuclear option” — and let them know a time will come when they will pay for using it. When something comes along that they really, really care about, they will get it up the ass!!! They said they want civil war, so let’s give them civil war.

  64. 78

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “In other news, for those who care about the nasty postcards: Dems are outlawing distributing sex-notifications. Comment by Gerald T— 1/30/06 @ 12:24 am”

    This one should be a slam-dunk no-brainer. We don’t let children play with guns, and we shouldn’t let children play with fake sex predator notifications, either.

  65. 79

    JCH spews:

    NAIROBI (Reuters) – An American woman working with street children in Kenya appeared in court on Tuesday accused of having sex with under-age boys during the last two years. [Dr. E, Please fetch your wife!]

  66. 81

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “How is it that wingers have come to dominate these threads? Comment by Jerry Springer Jr.— 1/30/06 @ 7:42 am”

    Wingers don’t dominate these threads, Jerry. There’s only one winger posting here. His name is Kevin Carns, and BIAW gives him office space and $90,000 a year of taxpayer money that’s supposed to be spent on injured workers to be a professional troll.

  67. 82

    Momus spews:


    See post # 74 for a good example of why artificial inesmination is a good idea for Democratic women.

  68. 83

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Momus Pompous Assus @43

    “Teddy … is a disgrace and is recognized as such.”

    By who? The Massachusetts voters who keep re-electing him? That just galls the shit out of you, doesn’t it??? Hey you Massachusetts voters — good work!!! Keep shoving it up Kevin’s butt!!!


  69. 84

    Mark spews:

    Donna @ 71: “Joe Lieberman”

    Why? Because he’s never gone bonkers on TV?

    Roger @ 72: “Advise and consent – that’s the key idea here.”

    Yes, it is. Just because some blowhard GOP politicos act like idiots doesn’t mean that the Republican you meet on the street feels the same way. As for the filibuster, I say we go back to the old rules and make ‘em stand and read the dictionary — Lefties or Right.

    By the way, Bunny Boy, you never said whether you still have the fuzzy wuzzies for your gal pal Crawford Cindy Sheehan.

  70. 87

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Momus Pompous Assus @57

    “that’s really sad when you look at all democrat males as a bunch of limp dicked, cowards”

    You have a poor memory of history, Kevin. It was the limp-dicked wingnut cowards (e.g., prr “I’ll be there” — was the YOU, Kevin?) who were no-shows at Montlake. SCARED of an 8 1/2-lb. rabbit!!! Every time a wingnut has arranged a “meeting” here on HA, the wingnut has been a no-show! They bluster and posture, then the blubbering crybabies hide behind lawyers who are too chickenshit to show up, too! Hey Kevin, why don’t you call Ann Coulter and ask her if she’ll stand in for you at DL tomorrow night? Is Coulter afraid of 10-lb. bunnies, too? (Probably best if you don’t answer that … you won’t like the truth … )

  71. 88

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Kevin @59

    “Um, they are still facts you friggin idiot, not opinions. Comment by Momus— 1/30/06 @ 9:52 am”

    I split my sides laughing every time a wingnut uses the words “truth” or “facts.” Kevin wouldn’t know a fact from a fallacy if one hit him between the eyes.

  72. 89

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “So… The same approval rating as Gregoire?”

    In your dreams. Gregoire is above 50% now.

  73. 93

    Momus spews:

    Belltowner, so she’s shifted 6 points in two weeks, she’s still below 50% and has never had a majority apporoval rating.

    How exactly is that successful?

  74. 95

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Kevin Carns @80

    “RR, The only reason this disgarce is still around are his brothers coat tails”

    You are truly hilarious!!! Let’s see, JFK died in 1963 and RFK died in 1968. You think all those 1960s Massachusetts voters are still around? I’ll bet not more than 5% of today’s Mass. voters were Mass. voters in 1968. You are one dumb jackass.

  75. 97

    Momus spews:

    Bunny Boy,

    Here’s a fact.

    Judge Alito will be sworn in on the Supreme Court.

    Another fact, Democrat libs are now a minoroty in the US.

  76. 98

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I repeat, Gregoire will coast to easy re-election in 2008, no matter who the Puke Party runs against her. Their propaganda campaign, like everything else they do, has failed miserably.

  77. 99

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Gregoire is the legitimate governor. Rossi LOST!!! Get over it, BIAW boy. Gregoire is a great governor, and you whiney crybabies are going to eat shit when the voters return her for a second term. Hell, she may even get a third term.

  78. 100

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey Momus Pompous (aka Kevin), since you like to blather about “facts,” here’s a REAL fact for you: Washington is a DEMOCRATIC state. You guys can’t win here. We’re never going to have a Republican governor again. If you don’t like it, go crawl back into your gopher hole in Texas.

  79. 102

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Kevin Carns @91

    “Roger @ 87 = a perfect example why the Dems are not running the country right now. Comment by Mark— 1/30/06 @ 11:04 am”

    Really, Mark? As I recall, in 2000 Bush lost the popular vote by over half a million and won the electoral vote by 1 state that he “won” (highly questionable) by 537 votes, and in 2004 Bush “won” the electoral vote by 1 state in which the Republicans had to lock the voting machines in warehouses and make people stand in line for 8 hours to vote in order to eke out his illegitimate, ill-gotten “win.” Polls show Bush is the most unpopular president of the last 100 years. Some mandate you got there, boy.

  80. 103

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Momus Pompous Assus @96

    I think we can safely say everything you believe is a lie. That’s because you’re a gullible fool.

  81. 105

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Stefan — why are you keeping all the money instead of sharing it with the generous donors to your “legal action fund” who paid for your lawsuit, you selfish prick?

  82. 106

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wow! This thread is already over 100 comments! That’s more than Stefan’s pathetic little blog gets in a whole month.

  83. 108

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Bush may be a two-term president, but he stole both terms. The majority of Americans do NOT support his extremist agenda or his polarizing partisanship. In addition, he’s a liar, a warmonger, a torture, and has presided over the most corrupt administration since Grant.

  84. 112

    JCH spews:

    “What the American people have seen is this incredible disparity in which those people who had cars and money got out and those people who were impoverished died.”
    — Ted Kennedy on Hurricane Katrina

    — Mary Jo Kopechne

  85. 113

    Janet S spews:

    It looks like the dem leadership is having a few Abramoff problems of their own. Dean was out this weekend saying no dem had accepted money from tainted tribes, but several have, including Reid.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the scandal brought down the dem leader, but not the repubs? (yes, the site is a right wing one. But the references are all valid.)

  86. 114

    windie spews:

    woah… funny I thought it was ‘no Dem has taken money from Abramoff. Did I miss something, or is Janet lying again? (ie being her usual self)

  87. 116

    Donnageddon spews:

    (M)(m)ark(s) @ 79 “you never said whether you still have the fuzzy wuzzies for your gal pal Crawford Cindy Sheehan.”

    That is hilarious!! First you idiot TROLLS attemtp to personally destroy a dead soldiers mother by saying she is a tool of the Democrats, then when she backs a candidate against a prominent Democrat, you spin it the other direction.

    HA HA HA You TROLLS are pathetic! HA HA HA
    HA HA HA You TROLLS are pathetic! HA HA HA
    HA HA HA You TROLLS are pathetic! HA HA HA
    HA HA HA You TROLLS are pathetic! HA HA HA

  88. 117

    Donnageddon spews:

    Momus “Another fact, Democrat libs are now a minoroty in the US.”

    Well, that “fact” is right in line with all your other facts.

    Complete and utter BULLSHIT!

    Keep ‘em coming. You ain’t completely buried yet.

  89. 118

    Left Turn spews:

    Republicans have no shame, no morals, no truth, no dignity and no value. So what say we just get rid of them and start over? NOTE: The aforementioned comment was ala Ann Coulter, the world’s worst republican skank – but you get the idea.

  90. 119


    You know…this is soooo great.

    Once a completely reliable source of Donko funds, Abramoff got the tribes to fund us under the table with their newly minted gaming profits….

    ….And THEN…

    …got our bought and paid for national media to claim that the DIMINISHING contributions the donkko’s got are actually evidence of donkko corruption. Get it??? The donkko’s get LESS MONEY…then get blamed for taking ANY!!!!

    Man this is RICH!

    Abd we got those stupid, gullible, whack-job fundies doin’ our dirty work for us (right, janet…wink, wink)!


    I’m gonna grab a hooker and blame it on Obama. Yessss!!!! Worked with Teddy…worked with Bill. Greeed is goood!

  91. 120

    For the Clueless spews:

    108 – Vapid nonsense. A while back you had no problem with Murray who took tribe money. Now you have a problem with Reid. Show he did something illegal, changed his vote, agreed to a quid pro quo.

  92. 121

    Mark spews:

    Donna @ 111

    Cindy WAS a tool of the Dems (while it was convenient), but she broke the leash and is now running rabid around the country. She went from distraught mom to disconnected-from-reality.

    I have spun nothing around and haven’t changed my mind one bit. She’s just finally shown her true colors.

    It is YOU Kool-Aid swilling Lefties that have changed your tune. You were penning love poems to her with every other post not too long ago.

    I ask again, “do you still get all warm and fuzzy thinking about her? Does she still speak for you and the Dems?”

  93. 122

    Momus spews:


    Here are some more facts….

    House of Representatives:
    Donks: 201
    Republicans: 231

    US Senate:
    Donks: 44
    Republicans: 55

    US Supreme Court

    As of Alito being sworn in:
    Donks: 4
    Republicans: 5

    More Bullshit or a reality that is just being rubbed in your Donk face?

    hmmmm, you be the Judge (ooops, bad choice of words. HA, HA)

  94. 123

    Donnageddon spews:

    Janet “Spin Machine” S. said

    “Dean was out this weekend saying no dem had accepted money from tainted tribes, but several have, including Reid.”

    Uh, no. It was not this weekend, and he said tehy had not recieved one dime from Abramoff.

    He was completely correct.

    Keep spinning Janet, but you might get dizzy!

    Oops, too late.

  95. 127

    windie spews:

    oh wait…. I forgot ‘how to argue like a wingnut rule #1: Be Deliberately Dense

    How silly of me.

  96. 128

    Momus spews:

    “It is offensive to suggest that a potential justice of the Supreme Court must pass some presumed test of judicial philosophy. It is even more offensive to suggest that a potential justice must pass the litmus test of any single-issue interest group. The disturbing tactics of division and distortion and discrimination practiced by the extremists of the new right have no place in these hearings and no place in the nation’s democracy.” — Senator Kennedy, during Sandra Day O’Connor’s 1981 confirmation hearings

  97. 129

    windie spews:

    of course the judicial philosophy of “The president should get to be king” is a little scary, isn’t it?

  98. 130

    Donnageddon spews:

    Momus “Donnalyingagain,

    you are getting ripped apart today”

    And what part of “From Abramoff” and getting money from Native American Tribes are you having trouble understanding?

    Or are all contributions from Italian Americans also from the Mafia?

    **More of Momus’s feathers and blood flying**

    Funny all I see is your feathers and blood on the floor.

  99. 131

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Kevin @107

    Oh, give it a rest. Do you think Chappaquiddick was some sort of unique event? Laura Bush killed a man with her car, but I don’t see you posting about THAT. Over 35,000 Americans die in traffic accidents every year, about half of them due to drunk driving — and 95% of the drunk drivers are white male Republicans. Go fuck yourself, redneck.

  100. 132

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Ted Kennedy isn’t perfect, but he has done more to help average Americans than all the Republicans in the Senate put together and multiplied by 1,000.

  101. 134

    Momus spews:


    “Or are all contributions from Italian Americans also from the Mafia?”

    Hey dipshit, if the contributions are coming from John Gotti, then yes, they are all from the mafia.

    So play your Donk game and start saying how some of the contribuirons from Abamoff were good and some were bad.

    Still waiting to hear you spin the majority ‘s as well…..

  102. 135

    Commander Ogg spews:

    Janet S @ 108

    My Lady, it is very dangerous when you start believing your own propaganda.
    DEAN: Yeah, they are pretty clean, Chris, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, every dime of Jack Abramoff’s money went to Republicans. Not one dime went to any Democrat or any Democratic organization — his personal money.
    Secondly, he did direct contributions to mostly Republicans, but a few Democrats. But the Democrats, A, didn’t know that he directed that — his clients to give them money and, B, they never produced anything for Abramoff.
    The problem the Republicans have with this is that they actually did things. Senator Burns did a number of things for Jack Abramoff in exchange for a contribution. And the proximity of those contributions to the actual act of doing something for the lobbyist — that’s what’s illegal, and that’s what’s going to get them in trouble.
    DEAN: But the point is that not one Democrat either knew it or acted on it. Nobody got anything out of the Democrats from Jack Abramoff. No Democrat delivered anything, and there’s no accusation and no investigation that any Democrat ever delivered anything to Jack Abramoff. And that’s not true of the Republicans.
    WALLACE: So if we find — and I just want to — we have to wrap this up. But if we find that there were some Democrats who wrote letters on behalf of some of the Indian tribes that Abramoff represented, then what do you say, sir?
    DEAN: That’s a big problem, and those Democrats are in trouble, and they should be in trouble. And our party, if the American people will put us back in power in ’06, we will have on the president’s desk things that outlaw all those kinds of behaviors. Right now it’s a Republican scandal. Maybe they’ll find that some Democrats did something wrong, too. That hasn’t been the case yet.

    Where is the evidence of favors received? Show me the money, as they say.

  103. 136

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Dean was out this weekend saying no dem had accepted money from tainted tribes”

    Janet, are you a liar, or just stupid? Dean never said Democrats accepted no money from tribes — he said no Democrats accepted money from Abramoff, and that’s TRUE. What’s this “tainted tribes” crap? The SOP rightwing guilt-by-association trip? You need to stop smoking banana peels, Janet. Really, get help. Despite the spin efforts of the GOP noise machine, Abramoff is a REPUBLICAN scandal. Sorry, cupcakes, but you and your ilk own this one.

  104. 137

    windie spews:

    momus… damn.

    Seriously, do you even read posts?


    I will say you do do your job well… nothing can get you off of your assigned topic.

  105. 138

    GBS spews:

    Why all this hyperbole about Dem’s accepting Abramoff’s money. The guy has turned witness for the prosecutor.

    WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT WHO TOOK MONEY FROM WHOM. So give it a rest you neo-cons. Your party is tainted from Bush on down. Americans are infamous for short memories. That said, it would actually behoove the Republican party to admit fault now, and move on before the campaign season gets into full swing. The way it’s going now, the delaying tactics by the White House and the rest is only going to have this all come out in the summer and fall. Just in time for all this negative news to be at the forefront of the voters minds come November.

    [Hehe] ala JCH

  106. 140

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Comment on 113

    “Republicans have no shame, no morals, no truth, no dignity and no value. So what say we just get rid of them and start over? NOTE: The aforementioned comment was ala Ann Coulter, the world’s worst republican skank – but you get the idea.”

    Nah, we don’t have to round ‘em up and put ‘em in concentration camps. God will take care of it for us. Just wait for the Rapture. When the Rapture comes — NO MORE REPUBLICANS!!!

  107. 141

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    After the Rapture comes, we’ll have this evil sinful world all to ourselves — and it’ll be a hell of a lot less evil and sinful.

  108. 143

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Comment on 115

    FTC — You don’t expect the wingers to grasp the difference between campaign contributions (legal) and bribery (illegal), do you?

    If Republican congressman and senators don’t grasp it, how can you expect their pet lemmings to grasp it?

  109. 144

    windie spews:

    Momus’ Personal talking points for Today:

    1) Ted Kennedy! Ted Kennedy! TED KENNEDY!

    2) Dean said dems took no money from tribes! Therefore them taking money from tribes is equivalent to Reps taking bribes from Abramoff!

  110. 145

    Momus spews:

    And windies talking points….

    A liberal accepting money from Abrahoff = Good
    A republican accepting the same money = bribe

  111. 146

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Sorry, Momus, but it’s you who is lying. That Washington Post article lumps together (a) contributions from Abramoff, and contributions made directly by tribes, and (b) legal campaign contributions, and illegal cash-for-votes. This is called “muddying the waters.” Howard Dean was right when he said NO Democrat took ANY money from Jack Abramoff. Why would Abramoff raise money for Democrats? He’s a GOP operative. Abramoff is a 100% REPUBLICAN scandal. You own it, buddy.

  112. 147

    GBS spews:

    RR @ 138

    Big differece between don’t grasp it and won’t grasp it. Republicans and their loyalist to King and party do the latter.

  113. 148

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Comment on 120

    “Donnalyingagain, you are getting ripped apart today Comment by Momus— 1/30/06 @ 12:08 pm”

    Not by you.

  114. 149

    windie spews:

    Momus, you’re stupid. Seriously.

    I mean… damn. I’m used to (paid) rightie trolls ignoring inconvenient facts… but the fallacy in your argument may well have been pointed out to you a dozen times… and you keep coming back to the same refuted point.


  115. 150

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “republicans? Help people? I think you’ve been gettin’ into the bad lettuce, Roger. Comment by windie— 1/30/06 @ 12:24 pm”

    You’ve got a point, windie — zero X 1,000 is still zero. Maybe Stefan has been sprinkling rat poison on his garden? I’d better call the cops! Abusing small furry animals is a felony in this state.

  116. 152

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Reply to 137

    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.
    Laura Bush is a killer.


  117. 153

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Big differece between don’t grasp it and won’t grasp it. Republicans and their loyalist to King and party do the latter. Comment by GBS— 1/30/06 @ 12:35 pm”

    I’m not sure I agree with you … “won’t” implies possession of sufficient mental faculty to form some sort of intent, whereas the evidence overwhelmingly indicates Republicans have inert mineral matter between their ears.

  118. 154

    Donnageddon spews:

    Momus… you have to be the least intelligent TROLL I have ever encountered. And with PuddyBuddy around that is saying a LOT!

    “So play your Donk game and start saying how some of the contribuirons from Abamoff were good and some were bad.”

    I never stated that. I will never state that.


    Get it? Money from Abramoff BAD.. No money form An=bramoff good!

    No go ahead and play the wingnut game of trying to imply that all contributions from Indian Tribes are associated with Abramoff.

    Do that. You fucking racist TROLL.

  119. 155

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    The “send” button got stuck, so Kevin went out for coffee while waiting for the tech to come and fix it.

  120. 156

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    wow! This thread already has over 150 posts! That’s more than Stefan’s sucky little blog gets in three months.

  121. 157

    Momus spews:

    Bunny Bitch,

    let me clarify…

    Donks have a minority in…

    Legislative, Executve & Judicial Branches of our government now that Alito will be swon in.

    Let me quote you in your own words


  122. 158

    windie spews:

    Forgive me for actually trying to discuss things with you momus, I forgot that you’re a congenitally dishonest scumball who’s so much more interested in (paid to?) scoring points than actually developing a dialogue.

    you’re seriously a waste of air. At least a screwball like MTR believes something… You’re just a hack.

    (albeit a very skilled troll)

  123. 160

    windie spews:

    note that momus takes the bench as automatically a partisan post… Telling I think.

    (PS: Its not supposed to be that dumbass, thats why alito is bad!)

  124. 161

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Pompous Ass @152

    True, but Republicans don’t have a majority where it really counts — the parole board.

  125. 163

    Donnageddon spews:

    Roger @ 141 “That Washington Post article lumps together (a) contributions from Abramoff, and contributions made directly by tribes, and (b) legal campaign contributions, and illegal cash-for-votes. This is called “muddying the waters.”

    Don’t you just love the way the liberal media keeps spinning the Republican talking points?

    Sheese, with liberal media like that, who needs the RNC.

  126. 164

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “It would be impossible for me to be racist Comment by Momus— 1/30/06 @ 12:48 pm”

    How’s that again? Anybody can be racist.

  127. 165

    Donnageddon spews:

    Momus “It would be impossible for me to be racist”

    Well, damn, you are doing a great job of doing the impossible!

  128. 166

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Momus Pompous Assus (aka Kevin Carns) — do you really think only white people can be racist? Is that a definitional thing?

  129. 167

    Momus spews:

    Windi @ 153,

    I completely agree with you.

    I think that Donks are completely feminized and were I you, I would be single as well.

    How can you sleep with someone you don’ respect. Therefore you are left with conceiving a child from a turkey baster

  130. 168

    windie spews:

    Have you noticed that all of the rightie trolls are actually black?! Its a conspiracy I tell you!

  131. 169

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Well, if that’s the case, then I can say whatever I want about MLK Way, late-night crime, gangs, etc. — because I’m not a “white people,” I’m a cute fluffy brown rabbit with pink ears and a cottontail that looks like a marshmallow.

  132. 170

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Even my cottontail isn’t white! I’ve had diarrhea ever since Stefan poisoned the lettuce.

  133. 171

    windie spews:

    sorry momus, you’re relegated to cynical/jch status (if you’re not really them already…)

    too bad, its not a good place to be.

  134. 172

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “How can you sleep with someone you don’ respect.”

    I’m sure glad I don’t have you humans’ problems! In the first place, I don’t “sleep” with female bunnies — I just line ‘em up and fuck ‘em 10 at a time! In the second place, “respect” has nothing to do with my biological function in the ecosystem — my job is to MAKE MORE BUNNIES, period! And that’s what I do — I’m a bunny factory!!! The idea is to repopulate Green Lake Park with new bunnies faster than the Republicans speeding in their SUVs on Green Lake Way or the Parks Department fascists with their live traps can depopulate last year’s crop!

  135. 176

    windie spews:

    only if they like it that way ;)

    Problem with rightie men is they think they know what they’re doing, but they’re boring, ignorant (wait, I put it where?), and tiny-dicked.

    Hey I just realized… Their sex is like their politics!

  136. 178

    Momus spews:


    It would make sense that as you have said, all Republicans are criminals, that sodomy would be part of the sexual agenda.

  137. 179

    Momus spews:

    This is the primary reason that bunny boy & Donnalyingagain, only date republicans as well

  138. 180

    windie spews:


    Ehhh?? no that wasn’t my point… and whats more, you’re making no sense… I hate to tell you how to do your job, but trolling doesn’t work if you’re just spewing gibberish.

  139. 181

    Momus spews:

    Ah windie…..

    I thought All the republicans you’ve dated had some “final destination” issues.

  140. 183

    Ken In Seattle spews:

    I made my calls. $th time this week.

    If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    — Winston Churchill

  141. 184

    Donnageddon spews:

    Momus “Donnalyingagain, only date republicans as well”

    I dated a republican once, but I just could not deal with her lack of self respect.

  142. 186

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    DonDon – She probably figured you were plumbed wrong:

    …it’s just that the reality is vaginas make us men .
    Comment by GBS— 12/29/05 @ 5:44 pm

    …vaginas do indeed make us men.
    Comment by Donnageddon— 12/29/05 @ 5:55 pm

  143. 187

    Mark spews:

    Donna? Roger?

    Where are your fawning words for Crawford Cindy Sheehan? Change your minds? Or are you simply incommunicado while recuperating from your latest Kool-Aid bender?

  144. 189

    Mark spews:

    Donna @ 179: “I dated a republican once, but I just could not deal with her lack of self respect.”

    You mean you wondered how she could sink so low as to not only date a Lefty, but to date YOU??

  145. 191

    Momus spews:


    You started the dialogue on where to put things. Don’t get all righteous now.

  146. 192

    windie spews:

    pff, still missing the point I see momus. Do you get a cash bonus each time you misinterpret something?

    for the record, guttermind (man I hate having to explain everything): I meant something more along the line of “Republicans don’t about vaginas (mtr apparently excepted)”. Buuttt… I forget yer stupid.

    You’re the one obsessed with thinking about sodomy…

  147. 193

    GBS spews:

    RR @ 148

    I guess we’ll just have to politely agree to disagree. When a member of the Gotti Crime Family commits a crime, they at least know what they are doing is wrong. Same goes for the members of the Bush Crime Family, err, I mean the Republicans.

  148. 194

    Momus spews:

    “Buuttt… I forget yer stupid.

    You’re the one obsessed with thinking about sodomy…”

    Bad choice is spelling of the word but (especially in this case) if I am the one obsessed on sodomy.


  149. 195

    windie spews:

    you’re the one who sees butts everywhere. That particulary double entendre didn’t even occur to me!

  150. 196

    Momus spews:

    I stand corrected.

    Seriously, please accept my apologies if this off topic blather has offended you.

  151. 201

    GBS spews:

    Ol’ Rake Face MTR is back.

    Hey, you lying loser how the hell are you? Don’t answer that because nobody gives a shit.

    Hey, tell us again, how did McDermott violate the 4th Amendment. Hahahahahaha. Hey, that labia pink eye of yours matches your purse nicely.

    Give us another laugh and tell us how you spent $500,000 on child support again. Baaa haaa haaaa haaaa. You’re a lying sack of crap.

    Oh yeah, your “luxury SUV” what was that again a ’72 Ford pick up? How was your kool aid bender filled New Years. Again, don’t answer that because nobody still gives a shit.

    Oh man, I bet you got your palm all greased up for the State of the Union address, huh? Oh, this is going to be a big one with Fox New commentary following. Better get plenty of paper towels so you can wipe your jizz off of Bush’s and Hannity’s faces on the TV screen!!

  152. 202

    GBS spews:

    Momar’s @ 185:

    Before you go get all, you know, buttery, over MTR, remember he’s a republican. Which means he “quoted” something that was said, but he reposted it in a way to give you a false impression. Lying is what Republicans do best and MTR is no exception.

  153. 203


    Who needs cantwell in the Senate when we can have a REAL republican.

    Good-bye Democracy.

    Oh yeah…

    …fuck all you Republican troll whores.

  154. 204

    Donnageddon spews:

    Momus “You still need to go show me how liberals are the majority in America,”

    No, you still have to show me how “Another fact, Democrat libs are now a minoroty in the US.” is not the stupidest TROLL comment since the last one you made.

  155. 206

    Strident Complainer spews:

    Who do we write in at primary time? We need a Democrat in that chair, and it’s not too late to change horses as long as the ballot boxes aren’t tampered with.

  156. 207

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Kevin Carns @174

    “This is the primary reason that bunny boy & Donnalyingagain, only date republicans as well Comment by Momus— 1/30/06 @ 1:09 pm”

    Now you’re getting downright loopy! Read my lips, THERE ARE NO REPUBLICAN BUNNIES. Why would any bunny be a Republican? Republicans hate small furry animals.

  157. 209

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Who is smarter?

    [ ] 1. John Gotti Jr.
    [ ] 2. George W. Bush

    (hint: Even an eggplant is smarter than George W. Bush)

  158. 211

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    typicalrightwingdipshit@whereever aka rugratASS: You screw me and I pay top $$$ for the ASS fuckin? Naaah, U B Wrong brotha! Nothing enters my poop chute, especially from the likes of rugratASS! Happy huntin other lefty butts though!

    Shill on little man!

  159. 212

    RUFUS spews:

    Ahhhh poor little donks. Their favorite racist senator Byrd left them hanging in the filibuster just like he did to black people in the 50’s. Hehehehehehehehe

  160. 213



    You are such a useless TOOL!

    You are so getting screwed by these gangsters and thugs. They’ll be coming after YOUR puss filled behind soon too. Civil Liberties…YOUR PRECIOUS SECOND AMENDMENT…kiss it all goodbye, and remember when it happenned. Asshat.

    YOU wanted these fuckheads…you’ve got ‘em. THey just LOOOOVE dumbshits like you. They feed you your shit sandwich and you say “Oooooh sir, may I have another.”

    Be a good boy and crack another cold one. Oblivion is your next stop.

  161. 214

    Donnageddon spews:

    LOL I thought “typicalrightwingdipshit” was a funny parody of a wingnut TROLL, but MWS @ 206 tops it!

    MWS, you are one funny parody of a wingnut!

  162. 216

    RUFUS spews:

    Hmmmmmmmmm. 74-25 vote in the senate to stop debate on the Alito nomination. You donks better get on the phone quick. You have a lot of work to do. Hahahahehehehehehahahahahehehehehahahaha

  163. 217

    RUFUS spews:

    Be a good boy and crack another cold one. Oblivion is your next stop.

    Comment by rujax206— 1/30/06 @ 2:56 pm

    No next stop “Freedom Day” Tuesday January 31, 2006.

  164. 219

    Puddybud spews:

    Windie: You asked why are those on the right obsessed with anal sex. Well after HR 2661(?) passed in the senate your good friends in the teaching profession will be telling your boys that having a cock up their ass is as good as a vagina making us men. Do you understand? The passing of that bill will give license to the wacko gang to start the indoctrination process. Do you not understand why islamofascists hate us? Are you as dense as spent uranium? It’s our decadent society where libruls like yourself propugate these sleezy attitudes that give islamofascists ammunition and you just don’t see it!

  165. 220

    JCH spews:

    man, righties are obsessed with the anal sex. whats up with that?

    Comment by windie — 1/30/06 @ 3:06 pm [Er, Windie, I thought homo liberal Democrats were the “anal rights” crowd. You know……”Equal Rights For Butt Sex!!”]

  166. 221

    Puddybud spews:

    WHAT? windie speechless? Tell me it ain’t so?

    So windie, did you read on the net the British are afraid of a AID suicide bomber? Since it’s against the Muslim religion to be a fudge packer (they kill you!), they are going to my beloved Africa to hire AIDS infected people. How do they get them? Unfortunately the infected African men are under some stupid thought if you screw as many virgins as possible you can get rid of AIDS. This just increases the AIDS population. I wonder who told them that? Certainly not a conservative! So the islamofascists are on recrutiing trips now!

  167. 222

    Dr. E spews:

    Congratulations, pugs, you got your fascist on the Supreme Court.

    And by the way momus (at wherever, above) the numbers aren’t 5 Rep., 4 Dem. — no, they’re 8 Repub. appointed vs 1 Dem. appointed justice.

    But I trust Alito will prove to be a man of the highest judicial integrity, uphold the constitution [sic], etc. That’s what we’re supposed to believe, right?

  168. 225

    JCH spews:

    WHAT? windie speechless? Tell me it ain’t so?

    So windie, did you read on the net the British are afraid of a AID suicide bomber? Since it’s against the Muslim religion to be a fudge packer (they kill you!), they are going to my beloved Africa to hire AIDS infected people. How do they get them? Unfortunately the infected African men are under some stupid thought if you screw as many virgins as possible you can get rid of AIDS. This just increases the AIDS population. I wonder who told them that? Certainly not a conservative! So the islamofascists are on recrutiing trips now!

    Comment by Puddybud — 1/30/06 @ 4:00 pm {If the Democrats lose votes due to dying AIDs voters not being able to vote, there will be HELL to pay! Warning to Democrats: Beware of homo “anal” sex with black terrorists from the Sudan and other African countries. Mr. X and Dr. E, no swallowing!!]

  169. 226

    klake spews:

    Teddy Kennedy will leave a legacy behind, as all people do, but his will be filled with accusations of sexual misconduct, receiving a suspended sentence for killing a young woman, drinking to excess and divorcing a wife. I know this column will anger a lot of folks, but I feel the truth must be told about this human pigsty.

    Comment by Momus— 1/30/06 @ 9:30 am
    Momus a great write and you sure lit up yhe key boards on this web site. Man keep up the good work!

  170. 227

    Janet S spews:

    Dean clearly stated this weekend that those dems who have written letters on behalf of tribes who have hired Abramoff should be in trouble. Either he has it out for Reid, or he really didn’t know that it is documented that Reid wrote a letter and received a donation. Sounds like a big quid pro quo.

    For the record, there is no evidence that Patty ever did anything like this, which means her money is clean, just like I said and she said.

  171. 230

    windie spews:

    Puddy: Sometimes this site quits letting me post for a while. It happened yesterday, and I didn’t feel like rewriting what I’d done.

    to the point: Your posts are insane, paranoid ramblings. Seriously, its crazy. A gay conspiracy to corrupt children? Geeze.

    PS Puddy: How’d your meeting with GBS go? Did you actually show up? Remember, I’ll be checking. I’m eager to offer my apologies to “Pacman”, presuming he actually showed up. Also, did ya pay off your gambling debts yet?

  172. 231

    Dr. E spews:

    Not really. I wonder why she didn’t write to the president to find out why he ignored his PDB on August 6, 2001. You know the one, right?

  173. 232

    Puddybud spews:

    Dr E.: Are you serious? After reading her discussion dissecting your argument over monitoring calls from overseas terrorist organizations, that’s your response? Wow!

  174. 233

    Puddybud spews:

    Windie: Lets have a conversation over HR 2661. Apparently my response has hit a point. I know from whence I write because I have two sons in high school. They tell me everything regarding the garbage and the baggage from your side! But I wait for you to dissuade me! It’s there from your radical friends front and center ready to pollute the school children. GLA, GLAAD, etc. Admit it windie, that’s your pals agenda. Show that Gay Marriage is so wonderful, such that another opportunity for children is GONE! Tell me how procreation occurs in a gay marriage windie? I will read with an open mind. I am not interested in the artificial or turkey basting methods. I am talking about God-ordained natural procreation between the spouses, nothing out of the marriage. No doctors, no donors. I really need to know this!!!

    When the culture no longer replaces their old and dying, the culture will eventually cease to exist. I wonder how the so-called God fearing ASSHead types view this! I expected something pithy for a response. I am trying to have a conversation with you and you go QUIET!

  175. 234

    Dr. E spews:

    That’s my response. Let’s put it this way: I don’t trust the Bush administration as far as I can throw them. (Keep reading, though.) I don’t trust them about anything — about how they need extralegal wiretaps, about how they missed “crucial” intelligence due to the lack of such extralegal wiretaps, about their assertions that they can keep us safe from “terrorists”, about how much they’re gonna save me on insurance through private accounts, etc. They’ve worn out their welcome, as far as I’m concerned.

    Sorry, I can’t give you more than that. It seems more and more apparent to me that these bastards’ agenda really is fascist, and I’m cynical enough to think that they’ll play the terrorist card as much as they can to advance their agenda. That’s how fascism works in its most bare-bones, stripped-down essence, you know — you incite the passions, the brain-stem reflexes of the population to get them on your side, and there’s nothing better to effect that than fear.

    Okay, I’m not going to deny this woman her grieving or her opinions, that’s her prerogative. But I do think that the issue is larger than her, much, much larger, and that it’s one that affects us all. I also don’t deny that there is a real threat to this country from terrorism. But I do think that these threats are, quite cynically, being overplayed for the advancement of a political agenda.

    The Russians have a saying: “if I fed you a bowl of piss soup, would you drink it?” Well, we’ve been getting the same bowl of piss soup for the past 5 years, and there’s no way they’re gonna make me drink it. I’m really worried about the people who not only drink it, but think it tastes good.

    I’m willing to read these links, of course, because I do care about the future of this country, and because it seems to me you post them in good faith. But the more I read and educate myself, the more convinced I become that a truly democratic society has no place in it for the likes of the current GOP leadership.

  176. 235

    Dr. E spews:

    And let me just add that, following the utterly pathetic roll-over-and-die behavior exhibited by 19 senators today, including our own Senator Cantwell, I don’t think that a truly democratic society has much space for the likes of such anti-democratic politicians.

  177. 236

    Janet S spews:

    Geez, Dr E. Sounds like you would be happier in a world where everyone agrees with you. So, if someone has a different view, they are dangerous? Cantwell is now out of favor because she acted like a grownup? Maybe you are the one who is out of step. Did that ever occur to you?

  178. 237

    Dr. E spews:

    I don’t want to live in a world where everyone agrees with me. I would like to live in a world where everyone is educated enough to spot a fascist canard at 100 yards, but sadly we’re not there yet. And there are canards aplenty.

    Cantwell is out of favor, in my view, because she is trying to cover her ass to get reelected: not look “obstructionist”, but still vote against Alito.

    DOES THAT MAKE ANY LOGICAL SENSE? If you are the member of the minority party in Congress and are facing a partisan vote, the ONLY way you can block a confirmation like this is with the filibuster. That’s it. Vote for cloture and it DOES NOT MATTER how you then vote the next day.

    Don’t think I’m out of step on this one. Cantwell proved herself to be a gutless, opportunistic fool, and I hope she’ll pay for it in November. She ain’t getting any more votes or money outta me.

  179. 238

    Janet S spews:

    Maybe the charades sponsored by moveon and PFAW are finally beginning to embarrass a lot of dems. Teddy is sounding deranged, honestly. Kerry calls for filibuster from Davos? And Dean has drained the coffers.

    I am all for disagreement, so why does that make my views fascist? There are logical arguments on both sides. Unfortunately, emotion has taken hold. I can’t argue with how you feel. If you feel that the right has gone off the deep end, then that’s the end of the discussion. No rational comment will matter. Kind of a sad way to end.