Eyman diverts over $26,000 of I-864 funds to personal compensation PAC

I’ll blog in more detail on this later today, but we just filed a PDC complaint against Tim Eyman and his various PACs, and this one’s a doozy.

Amongst the many allegations is that during the final weeks of the I-864 signature drive, at a time he was agressively soliciting contributions for the initiative, he secretly used over $26,000 of campaign funds to finance a fundraising letter for his personal compensation PAC! And there’s more… lots more.

Read the complaint for yourself and see what a lying, thieving, blowhard Tim really is.


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    Jon spews:

    Eyman is always boasting about he is the \”only\” one looking out for the average taxpayer, but who is looking out for the average taxpayers who contribute to Eyman? You are!

    Also, I find it rather strange that Eyman keeps complaining about no accountability in government but has none personally. Thanks, David, for trying to keep Eyman held to the same standards he wants to apply to government.

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    Goldy spews:

    Jon, thanks for the comments.

    I know it may sound disingenuous, but I really do have empathy for Eyman\’s supporters. I\’ve had the opportunity to correspond with many of them over the past year and a half, and for the most part, their motives are genuine. State and local taxes really are too high on many households — sometimes crushingly so. Unfortunately, it\’s not due to high tax rates, as Eyman claims, but rather to our astonishingly regressive tax structure.

    Many of Eyman\’s contributors are \”true believers\”, and I can respect their dedication and passion. Tim is doing them a disservice by constantly lying to them, both about policy, and how his is spending their money. That is a shame. And possibly, a crime.