Exactly How Stupid is Our Governor?

As expected, Governor Gregoire is about to unleash a giant mess:

Gov. Chris Gregoire appears to be weighing either a partial veto or a full veto of a medical marijuana bill passed by the Legislature last week.

The governor at a news conference on Wednesday said “I’m looking at it only with what I can save. Not whether I will sign it.”

As a result of the governor’s expected veto, a slowly emerging medical marijuana industry that wants to operate legally, pay taxes, and adhere to state regulations is now preparing for armed raids of their establishments [emphasis mine]:

Alas, a bill is on Washington Governor Chris Gregoire’s desk right now—a bill that would license dispensaries and growers, which she could sign at any moment—that would do exactly that. Gregoire could eliminate this federal issue with the stroke of her pen. But as I reported last week, Gregoire says she’ll veto that part of the bill. Gregoire, as it turned out, fabricated a controversy to argue that if state employees issued the dispensary licenses, they could be held criminally liable (even though other states license dispensaries, none of those state employees have been prosecuted, and federal policy and procedure on medical pot hasn’t changed). Gregoire’s speculation is unfounded, but that’s her argument. As of today her office says she still intends to veto the bill’s dispensary provisions.

In doing so, Gregoire would guarantee that that these dispensaries remain out of compliance with state law, and thus, Gregoire is inviting federal raids on sick people and their care providers. So in order to avoid a fake specter of something unrealistic happening (feds busting state employees), she is welcome a real, consequential set of raids on some of the most vulnerable people in the state. Tonight those folks are literally preparing for armed raids by federal agents wielding guns and battering rams.

This can’t be stressed enough. Gregoire’s stated reasons for vetoing this bill are pure fiction. There’s absolutely no chance – zero, zilch, none – that a state employee will be held criminally liable for taking part in the regulation of medical marijuana. A half-dozen other states already do this, and nothing even remotely like that has ever occurred, or ever will occur under Obama. His Justice Department has made it very clear that their policy is to respect state laws. In fact, one of the main regulators in Colorado is a former law enforcement officer who’s appeared on television doing his job. Yet she’s still maintaining this nonsense as if it’s true:

I cannot and will not subject state employees to criminal prosecution at the federal level. I think that would be highly irresponsible on my part,” she told reporters.

She was referring to state employees who would collect fees or inspect and audit dispensaries and producers under the legislation.

Curiously though, she also said this today:

Gregoire said there are some aspects of the bill she’d like to save, if possible, such as a patient registry. “I think we need a registry to prevent arrest of medical patients,” she said.

So let me get this straight. She’s worried (wrongly) that the federal government will expend resources to arrest state employees taking part in Washington’s voter approved medical marijuana law, so she won’t sign that part of the bill. However, she supports a part of the bill that would put medical marijuana patients (who are just as in violation of federal law as those state employees) on a list that the federal government could potentially get their hands on? And she thinks this will prevent the arrest of medical marijuana patients? Especially since patients will have to grow for themselves again due to this veto? Is she the dumbest fucking person in the state?


  1. 1

    Deathfrogg spews:

    She’s been bought off. I voted for her. I supported her campaign with phone calls and a little spare time. But she’s more concerned with her legacy and her successor now, she knows she would probably not run for the office again and needs to make sure her chosen successor can win. The mutterings of support for privatization of the prison system from within her administration cannot be ignored. She’s in it for the money now.

  2. 2

    hv spews:

    Please tell her to google estoppel.

    She has the most bizarre legal theory ever… I don’t get why the legislators themselves would be liable to federal prosecution, also, under her theory. Utter nonsense.

  3. 3

    hv spews:

    Please tell her to google estoppel.

    She has the most bizarre legal theory ever… I don’t get why the legislators themselves wouldn’t be liable to federal prosecution, also, under her theory. Utter nonsense.

  4. 4

    Upton spews:

    She’s just like Obama…a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You vote for these folks with a “D” after their name, thinking things will be better, and you just end up with the same old crap..

    Pot, medical or otherwise, is never going to be legalized by either major party. They’re all liars, they’re all serving special interests and could give a damn about regular people, and they’re all on the drug war gravy train..

  5. 5

    Pete spews:

    Most law enforcement vigorously opposed this bill, for the simple reason that they’ve spent their careers enforcing and espousing (and getting a lot of funding for) War On Drug policies and can’t see past it. As a former two-term AG, Gregoire’s always been tight with those folks.

    I really don’t think it’s much more complicated than that. Unless Gregoire wants Kerlikowske’s job, I don’t think her post-gov job prospects are the issue.

  6. 6

    Mark1 spews:

    You Libtards voted this incompetent dumb cunt in….now deal with it, and quite your usual tenderhanded whining. Hindsight is 20/20 after all! LMFAO!

    Lee queefs: ‘Is she the dumbest fucking person in the state?’
    Yep, just now realizing that, eh?

    Have another toke and pass out on the couch there Lee boy, somehow we’ll all live. The irony here is hilarious! Have a good one assholes. ;)

  7. 7

    Deathfrogg spews:

    @ mark

    The alternative was someone comparable to Scott Walker or Louie Gomert, so the right choice was made. When you have a die-hard corporatist asshole, and a turkey both running for the office, I choose the turkey. Dino Rossi epitomizes corruption and stupidity. He was so bad that once the recount was done, most folks realized what kind of asshole he really was, and stopped bitching about the result. Even the folks that voted for him. he was the Koch bros/BIAA mafia candidate, and a total scumbag.

    Fascism will always be the enemy of the American people.

  8. 8

    Billy Pulpit (identifying stuff) spews:

    The effects of the political cowardice of Democrats and the Republican currying of favor with the Dumbheads seem to be about equal.

    The loudest, dumbest asswipes call the shots.

  9. 10

    Cui Bono spews:

    The governor probably had the those US Attorney write that bullshit letter to give her cover, she’s either going for a federal appointment or a 3rd term, either way MMJ folks are screwed.

  10. 11

    LD spews:

    Plenty stupid! Trying to shove another $20 car tab tax down King county’s throat, it won’t pass no how no way! Byt Bye Gregoire, the people have spoken uh sereral several times!

  11. 12

    Oleo Montana spews:

    I’ve never understood this. How can you pass a state law that directly contradicts federal law? We’ve had some relief in enforcement with this Democratic administration, but when the Republicans come back into power – and they will – they’ll be back to throwing these “doctors,” and “clinicians” in the hoosecow. The way to legalize this is to start at the top and federalize it first. Good luck, this decade.