Evening Open Thread with links

***Note to Goldy: Sure, go ahead and do radio bits, but don’t do this one.

***File this under “Things That Will Never Happen”:

George Bush is preparing to make a historic shift in his position on global warming when he makes his State of the Union speech later this month, say senior Downing Street officials.

Tony Blair hopes that the new stance by the United States will lead to a breakthrough in international talks on climate change and that the outlines of a successor treaty to the Kyoto agreement, the deal to curb emissions of greenhouse gases which expires in 2012, could now be thrashed out at the G8 summit in June.

***More Republicans are freaking out about boys kissing each other.

***Evergreen Politics is extra wonky today. Transit and roads will be on the ballot this fall, and both have to pass for either to be law:

There are those in the environmental community who oppose the coupling of Sound Transit 2 and RTID into a single ballot measure. Opposing this marriage is a fight not worth fighting. The Legislature took the action to put the former adversaries of highways and transit in bed together just last year.

I think the fight is worth it. Transit funding is more popular than roads funding. Polls have been done showing the roads package may actually drag the transit element to defeat. Methinks Ezra Bason short changes us transit dweebs.

***I’ll just link to the blog (there’s too much good stuff). Make Erica C. Barnett a daily stop on your blog wanderings.

***New blogger in Central Washington!!! It’s Darci (no, not that Darcy) and she’s opened up shop at McCranium.


  1. 1

    Reckless spews:

    I know 24 is a fictitious show. I also know liberals will never have a black in the white house unless someone dies and he/she arrives by succession.

    Enter the president’s sister. She is Roger Rabbit. She deletes all the files in her zeal and her face was special when her bud told her he heard something in arabic. Now they have to develop that plot line!

  2. 2

    Reckless spews:

    Can you imagine her face when she hears from her brother that statement means five. There are four more unexploded nuclear weapons. Oops… she thinks, how can I be so stupid. They are free people. Why would they want to destroy America?

    Can it happen? If Goldy and his gang get their way!

  3. 3


    I’m fairly lefty, but I’m about to give up on reading Erica Barnett’s blog because her blog entries are all about making assumptions about what people must think (usually other bloggers) and assuming the worst about a lot of people.

  4. 5

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Evolutionary Origin of Republicans Found!

    “WASHINGTON (Jan. 15) – A skull found in a cave in Romania includes features of both modern humans and Neanderthals, possibly suggesting that the two may have interbred thousands of years ago.”

    For rest of story, see http://tinyurl.com/y2j8vn

  5. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Do you understand now why Republicans are trying to suppress evolution science? Hell, I would too, if my relatives looked like that.

  6. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Speaking of global warming, more BAD NEWS for Mark the Lying Welsher, whose circle of friends keeps shrinking:

    “Exxon Cutting Ties to Global Warming Skeptics


    “Jan. 12, 2007 — Oil major Exxon Mobil Corp. is engaging in industry talks on possible U.S. greenhouse gas emissions regulations, a move experts said could indicate a change in stance from the long-time foe of limits on greenhouse emissions.

    “Exxon … is participating in talks sponsored by Washington, D.C. nonprofit Resources for the Future. The think tank said it expected the talks would generate … recommendations to legislators on how to regulate greenhouse emissions.

    “Mark Boudreaux, a spokesman for Exxon, the world’s biggest publicly traded company, said its position on climate change has been ‘widely misunderstood …'”


  7. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey, we have a newbie posting here! Let me take this opportunity to acquaint Reckless with the unofficial HA posting rules:

    1. This is a liberal blog.
    2. Anyone can post here.
    3. There is no censorship.
    4. As liberals, our mission is to verbally kick the living shit out of unpatriotic, America-hating, fascists.
    5. No mercy for wingnuts.
    6. Our terms are unconditional surrender.
    7. klake is a nazi.

    Any questions?

  8. 10

    Reckless spews:

    UN claims 34,000 Iraqis Killed Last Year

    YOS LIB BRO claims we need to have UN declare war. Excuse me YOS LIB BRO, but where in the US Constitution did you find this fact?

    If 34,000 Iraqis were killed last year, and YOS LIB BRO claimed 650,000, looks like SADDAM was busy. That means from March 2003 – 2005 616,000 Iraqis dies. If the UN claims this was the worst year, where do these fictitious number appear liberals?

    Where does this number come from? KOS? Michael Moore? Howard Ickies? Howard Dean?

    Roger Rabbit: You’re an expert on nothing… Post the spreadsheet!

  9. 11

    Reckless spews:

    Roger Rabbit: Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu. If anything , this proves liberals came from Romania! Nicolae Ceausescu = Communist. Howard Dean = Socialist. USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Roger Rabbit = Socialist Communist!

    Hey liberals have a sense of humor. You call us NAZIS!

  10. 12

    Reckless spews:

    Some Left Foot Guy, wants to have sex with me. He told me FY.
    Does he throw himself at his political enemies?

    Sorry, I select whom I like from visual inspection.

  11. 13

    Reckless spews:

    THis liberal blog gets 27% of it’s entries from Roger Rabbit. Isn’t that SAD commentary?

  12. 15

    Puddybud spews:

    Speaking of Fairness, once again Moonbat!s want to limit free speech on the airwaves!


    Over the weekend, the National Conference for Media Reform was held in Memphis, TN, with a number of notable speakers on hand for the event. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) made an surprise appearance at the convention to announce that he would be heading up a new House subcommittee which will focus on issues surrounding the Federal Communications Commission.

    In addition to media ownership, the committee is expected to focus its attention on issues such as net neutrality and major telecommunications mergers. Also in consideration is the “Fairness Doctrine,” which required broadcasters to present controversial topics in a fair and honest manner. It was enforced until it was eliminated in 1987.

    We know why “The Vulcan Looking One” despises AM talk radio. Wendy Wilde, Air America, Mario Cuomo and other libtard radio fails while Rush, Glenn, Mike, Melanie, Lee, Hugh, Neal, Sean, Mike, and others are prospering. I thought Moonbat! LIbtards believed in the American ideal. Let the customer choose. Oops… not if they shop at WalMart!

    Now Randi Rhodes has a lawsuit hanging over her head for her inflammatory comments. HAR HAR HAR HAR

    Funny how that works. Nuff Said!

  13. 16

    Puddybud spews:

    Looks like HollyWeird won’t be making movies in Michigan any time soon.


    In a ruling sure to make philandering spouses squirm, Michigan’s second-highest court says that anyone involved in an extramarital fling can be prosecuted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

  14. 18

    PuddyButtSuxDick spews:

    I love it when my republican party shows how incompetent it is. We blew it in Iraq. We blew it in New Orleans. We blew it in November and next, we’re gonna blow it in Iran.

  15. 19

    Puddybud spews:

    Goldie: Did you read what’s happening in Spain when you negotiate with terrorists and become terrorist apologists?


    “All Spaniards heard me say on December 29 that I had the conviction that things were better for us than five years ago and that in a year’s time things would be even better,” Mr Zapatero told a special session of the Spanish parliament.

    “Although it is not frequent among public leaders, I want to recognize the clear mistake I made before all Spanish citizens.”

    Despite allegations that he had been “fooled” by Eta, he insisted that he had been right to seek negotiations with the terrorist group after they declared a permanent ceasefire last March. “I did what most Spaniards wanted – to try to use the truce to end the violence,” he said.

    Ignoring Mr Zapatero’s calls for political unity in dealing with Eta, the leader of the opposition wasted no time in attacking him. “What is your word worth after all this?” Mariano Rajoy asked during the debate. “You have been fooled by a pack of murderers.”

    He reiterated his criticism of the premier’s peace initiative with the words: “You don’t negotiate with terrorism. Either you defeat it or you suffer from it.”

    Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say let’s negoitate with terrorists? Didn’t the terrorists say she was a fool? Oops… Goldie forgot to post that one. Investors Business Daily November.

  16. 21

    Puddybud spews:

    Did you know Jimmy Carter likes Terrorism: http://www.nypost.com/seven/01.....rials_.htm

    Certainly, that’s how 14 members of the Carter Center’s advisory board read that paragraph. Indeed, it’s why they angrily submitted their resignations last week.

    That’s also how Melvin Konner read it. He’s a respected anthropology professor at Emory University and had been asked to be part of an academic group meant to advise the former president and the Carter Center on how to respond to criticism of the book.

    As Konner wrote to John Hardman, the center’s executive director, in declining the invitation: “I cannot find any way to read this sentence that does not condone the murder of Jews until such time as Israel unilaterally follows President Carter’s prescription for peace. The sentence, simply put, makes President Carter an apologist for terrorists and places my children, along with all Jews everywhere, in greater danger.”

    Since many Moonbat!s think Cahhhhhrter was a great president, this has to be Moonbat! speak. I knew Moonbat!s don’t care for Israel. HAR HAR HAR HAR

    Funny how that reads. Nuff Said!

  17. 22

    Puddybud spews:

    The next paragraph is telling:

    Konner, by the way, is no Carter-basher; he describes the former president as “one of my greatest heroes.”

    But he is troubled by what he calls Carter’s “rigid and inflexible views” that render him “no longer capable of dialogue” on the issue. He is deeply bothered by Carter’s “complete failure to engage criticism from much greater experts than me about his numerous and serious errors” of fact in the book.

    Serious errors of fact. You mean Jimmy the Nuclear Sub man, trained by Admiral Rickover is isn’t as bright as Moonbat!s want you to believe. Or, as I think, he can sacrifice a few thousand Jews or so for the greater good?

    Sounds just like a Moonbat! to me. Inflexible and built to stay that way!

  18. 27

    Puddybud spews:

    17: Show your true colors. Identify yourself. Notice you have nothing to retort on m morning commentary. Just emptiness, like that vacuum-packed cranial orifice1

    Which Moonbat! is it today?

  19. 28


    Puddy must have got an email from the RNC….

    Puddy, name one thing Bush got right in Iraq.

    New Orleans.



    As far as talk radio goes, Ed Schultz, and Thom Hartmann are #1 and #2 in Seattle, and they have only been on the air a short amount of time. It is amazing, when you do radio and include facts, and the truth, instead of dishonesty, straw men, and red herrings you smoke the righties ass. Remember, Rush’s audience loves being lied to by a pig that has admitted he was carrying the Republican’s water. How much more plain and simple can you get than that?


    Mabye you haven’t noticed, but America (and the world) is sick of the GOP. I would say the Republican Party is truly dead, and the investigations have not even got going yet, nor the Libby trial.

    The Republican sleazebags are reduced to a pack of dogs trying to figure out who to tell you to hate next, while covering up for all their pedophile buddies…..

    Even cave dwellers won’t vote for them in ’08. That is what happens when you piss on the grave of Goldwater…..

  20. 29


    wrecked at 11:

    Thanks for sharing how shallow you are. Typical Wingfucknut.

    I was not offering anything of the sort. I am sure I am not your type. If I was, I would kill myself, for that would be a sign that there was something really wrong with me.

    Now let be clear:


  21. 31

    three skin(not four skin) spews:

    In the language of the native Slappahoe’s, the name Puddybud means: “Friend of one’s own Penis”.

  22. 34

    Daddy Love spews:


    “Let the customer choose.”

    Wrong. What we have been seeing is “Let the station owner decide,” nt the public. Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would re-establish public control over the publicly-owned broadcast spectrum, and taking it back from private interests.

  23. 35

    Daddy Love spews:

    Hey, George Bush is incredibly unpopular, and is pursing even more upopular policies, policies that waste hundreds of billions of dollars we could be using for health care, or education, he is sending young men to die for his vaity war of choice while he ignores (and short-changes by shifting troops to Iraq for his stupid, unpopular escalation) the fight against our real enemies in Afghanitstan and Pakistan.

    We don’t need to impeach him. It’s time for him to resign.

  24. 36

    harry tuttle spews:

    Thread story and RR @ 6

    No worries for the Neanderthal Republics, not as long as they have the Federal Way (and other) school board(s) in their pocketses.

    Hey, let’s hear it for the “alternate point view” put forward by Frosty E. Hardison, a parent at Lakota School, who said he believes the Bible predicted global warming.

    No word from the Wickens, yet.

  25. 37

    harry tuttle spews:


    I think the retrun of the Fairness Doctrine would put political talk radio out of business, left and right. Not that that would be much of a loss, overall.

    Goldy would have to have some Republic or other rightie on with him all the time, and what fun would that be? His show would sound like these comments read.

  26. 42

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    DarrelSucksPutty’sButtWad@15 Darrell, you psychotic. Pull your head out once in a while. . .read some real news sources. Rhodes’ suit was settled. She won.
    Funny how that works. . . .

  27. 43

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    My Left Foot@30 Oh, Darrell has a fear, all right. Someday I’m going to hold a clinic on just how stupidly and thoroughly he outted himself.

  28. 44

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    You know the best thing about what is going on in politics these days?

    There are millions of people like us keeping the Democrats honest this time. If they sell us out to the corporations, or the ruling class, both the wingnuts, and the Move On type, wide awake, informed liberals will kick their asses all the way to Sunday.

    All this adds up to a government that actually may represent the people for once.

    The effect of the liars like Rush, and Hannity, and the drivel from Faux News, and also CNN mean less, because millions of people are getting the real story now without the corporate filters, and spin to a much greater extent.

    America can finally begin to heal…..

    Now why is the Libby trial not being televised. Millions of people would be watching…..

    Libby Trial = How The War Was Sold

  29. 45

    Daddy Love spews:


    A decline in political talk radio would not hurt Democrats at all, and would eviscerate Republicans. Not that this is why I support it, but it is nonetheless true.

    Said decline would also be pleasant to experience: fewer people yelling or stating obvious inanities across the airwaves.

  30. 46

    GBS spews:


  31. 47

    Puddybud spews:

    Tree Frog Farmer says: Again nothing much 01/16/2007 at 10:43 am

    Froggy Post your link. I’ll post mine from the libtard MSM


    FYI I already posted this.




    I even went to libtard Moonbat! sites for full representation. Once again Froggy, you R an ID10T – yes spelled correctly! For Furball, computer speak for IDIOT!

    Froggy, back to the kiddy table. Adults speaking here. That’s why I’d never answer an email from you unlike the real GBS and JSA. You’ve shown the ASS world you are still a child. When do you plan to grow up? How is your vacuum-packed cranial orifice?

    You can call me anything you want Froggy. Please understand I am not deterred by your vain attempts to threaten me or shut me up.

  32. 48

    Puddybud spews:

    Daddy Love says: 14 Pud “Let the customer choose.”

    Wrong. What we have been seeing is “Let the station owner decide,” nt the public. Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would re-establish public control over the publicly-owned broadcast spectrum, and taking it back from private interests. 01/16/2007 at 9:11 am

    Interesting commentary Daddy Love. Why do stations choose their lineup? To make the lienholders and stockholders happy. Who are the stockholders? The common folk!

  33. 51

    Reckless spews:

    The Left Foot AKA Left Nut?

    I like it when you talk sexy to me!

    Is it true your wife is Teresa? Or is it like John Kerry, Tereza?

    Were you potty trained in the military? You swear like a drunken sailor.

    I await your latest act of love!

  34. 52

    Puddybud spews:

    Wow, I’ve been mistaken. Carl the Left Nut is displaying love? Carl shows his love to all on the right every day!

  35. 54

    Puddybud spews:

    9th Circus of Appeals is remanding the Ahmed Ressam case back to a lower court. Even when he admits he wanted to blow up LAX, libtard Moonbat! judges say what?

    The 9th Circus says his explosives must be related to the felony? He admitted it. Now you see libtards in action!

  36. 55

    Puddybud spews:

    9th Circus is overturned 75% of the time Moonbat!s.

    Isn’t this the trumped up case Bill Clinton staked his terrorism reputation on? What does this say about libtard judges going against Clinton’s terrorism legacy.


    Funny how that works!

    Nuff Said!

  37. 56

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    DipStickPuddyTard, the pdf of the judge’s dismissal is posted on Rhodes’ own website. What a RETARD.

  38. 57

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    A SLAPP suit refiled because the wingtard plaintiff’s have deep pockets has little or no chance of going forward. The original suit was dismissed on Summary Judgement. . .an event that hardly ever happens. This happens when the merits of the suit are so lacking that the cursory perusal of them by the court shows them to lack merits either by fact or law.
    Shopping another venue and refiling does not strengthen the lameness of the case.