End of quarter: help Darcy hit her target!

47 Democratic challengers have now joined Darcy Burner in signing on to the Responsible Plan to end the war in Iraq, and she continues to rack up accolades in the national press, with Matthew Yglesias of The Atlantic Monthly the latest to chime in:

Now as [former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski] says, a serious effort to get out of Iraq is going to require a political and diplomatic component as well as the mere absence of U.S. troops. One of the good things about the Responsible Plan for Iraq from Darcy Burner and other House challengers is precisely its recommendation of the need for this kind of diplomatic engagement, which really is crucial to trying to minimize the inevitable fallout from the United States doing what needs to be done in military terms. I would note that on the diplomatic front, it’s probably easier to get Iraq’s neighbors to contribute constructively to stability in Iraq once we’ve decisively decided not to run together “stability in Iraq” with “Iraq becomes base for U.S. power projection and mad schemes to overthrow all the governments in the region.”

Of course, all this great national coverage lauding Darcy’s leadership won’t do her a hill of beans in November if she can’t get her message out locally, and as we all know, that requires the cash to compete with Reichert for airtime during the final weeks of the campaign… and lots of it. And with the end-of-quarter filing deadline approaching at midnight tonight, all eyes will quickly be turning toward the numbers.

So please help Darcy reach her targets and stay out in front as one of the leading Democratic challengers this election. Remember… the deadline is midnight tonight, so please give what you can to Darcy now!

Darcy Burner (WA-08)$


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    Daddy Love spews:

    Yes, no coverage of Darcy Burner and her increasingly popular plan to work toward ending the war would be better, right? While Dave Reichert gets a fawning, lying TV special (of course, he “agonized” about taking part in it, because he is so conflicted about constantly using the deaths of 47 women for his own political gain) making him a hero and climing that he “caught” the Green River Killer, even though he did no such thing.

    Yeah, that’s better.

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    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    using the deaths of 47 women for his own political gain) making him a hero and climing that he “caught” the Green River Killer, even though he did no such thing.

    Then who did??? Darcy???

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    “Then who did??? Darcy???

    Here is your answer:

    By late 1990 only two investigators were assigned to the case, primarily to take tips from the public. Still later, that number was reduced to one — Detective Tom Jensen, the man who eventually submitted the DNA that led to Ridgway’s arrest.

    (Hat tip Tlazolteotl )

    Now, Rufus, take your meds and repeat after me: “I am not a flea bag, I am not a flea bag, I am not…”

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    George @ 5,

    Umm…one of the big no-nos in the HA comment threads is spoofing other people’s identities.

    Don’t spoof a “Deleted” message from me ever again. Really.

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    All Facts Support My Positions spews:

    #3 Who Didn’t? = Sheriff Hairspray. I bet Sheriff Reichert spent more time combing his hair than he spent working the Green River case……

    Sheriff Dave. Resign. Retire. You will be wiped out this election.

    The number of people “criminally insane” enough to vote for any Republiconvict in Washington State is shrinking more every day. Maybe the truth is getting into their caves…..

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    The Real Mark spews:



    Why did you censor my post here? LACK of profanity? Or was it because it contained straightforward, verifiable facts? No speculation, exaggeration or factual monkey business (unlike many of the Far Left’s attacks on McCain here).

    The police report for Darcy’s car wreck is public record. You can also easily look up one of the victim’s civil suit against her, too.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Darcy is going to BURY Dave Reichert.

    Case in point: Daily Kos reports on their Blue Majority candidate fundraising page.

    We started the week with 8,127 individual candidate donations. We got 9,400 new ones. So in the last week alone we more than doubled our previous total.

    We set out with a goal of slightly over 1,000 new contributors, which would’ve gotten us to 6,500 total contributors. We considered that an aggressive goal given the oxygen-sucking primary race. It seemed hopeless after the first couple of days of the effort, when we got only a couple of hundred of new contributors. But things picked up and we blew by that goal and broke 7,200.

    We raised $125K.

    Per candidate totals:
    Barack Obama: $15,027 (697 donations)
    Darcy Burner: $14,081 (854)
    Leslie Byrne: $13,347 (907)
    Joe Garcia: $12,674 (848)
    Rick Noriega: $10,515 (793)
    Gary Trauner: $10,422 (806)
    Al Franken: $10,127 (782)
    Dan Maffei: $7,783 (656)
    Charlie Brown: $7,639 (661)
    Eric Massa: $7,532 (665)
    Dan Seals: $7,000 (637)
    Bill Foster: $5,538 (582)
    Donna Edwards: $4,257 (528)

    Darcy Burner comes in second in this round’s fundraising! I’m looking forward to seeing this quarter’s totals.