by Carl, 04/20/2012, 11:28 PM

Just in case you’re looking for things to do this weekend.

6 Responses to “Earth Day Weekend”

1. Roger Rabbit spews:

R.I.P. Dep’t

Earth Day is as good a time as any to feed defunct bloggers to the earthworms — even earthworms have to eat!

” … Andrew Breitbart … died of heart failure stemming from coronary disease, the Los Angeles coroner ruled Friday. … A toxicology screening showed no prescription or illicit drugs in Breitbart’s system. A blood alcohol level of 0.04 percent was found … a negligible amount. Breitbart showed no signs of trauma, and foul play is not suspected …. The case has been closed.”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: I tried to tell him, “Don’t give yourself an aneurism!,” but he wouldn’t listen.

2. Roger Rabbit spews:

Republicans want students to pay higher interest on loans so CEOs can pay lower taxes on their multimillion-dollar salaries.

3. Roger Rabbit spews:

An interesting thing is happening under Dodd-Frank — shareholders are voting NO!!! to huge CEO paychecks. Maybe the fact shareholders haven’t done so well themselves in the last few years has something to do with it?

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

The conservative politicians who have ruled the EuroZone for a generation responded to Europe’s debt crisis with austerity measures that hurt workers and pensioners. Those policies may be coming to an end.

France holds a presidential election this weekend, and probably a runoff two weeks from now. Polls indicate the Socialist candidate is likely to win. More European elections are coming and all the signs point to additional rightwing governments falling.

5. Roger Rabbit spews:

Roger Rabbit Quiz

Who is responsible for the European debts racked up during years of conservative governments?

[ ] 1. Conservatives
[ ] 2. Communists
[ ] 3. Socialists
[ ] 4. Democrats
[ ] 5. Bill Clinton
[ ] 6. Hillary Clinton
[ ] 7. Chelsea Clinton
[ ] 8. Barack Obama
[ ] 9. Michelle Obama
[ ] 10. The Obamas’ dog Bo

(Note: 9 of these answers are throwaways)

6. The 5% spews:

Thread Fail.

5 posts, all from rabbit turd, and none of them have to do with Urf Deay.