Drug War Roundup

- This Thursday, June 2, multiple former world leaders, former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, and others will be holding a press conference to release a report and call for a change in global drug policies. The group will be advocating that we move away from criminalization and begin exploring ways to regulate markets for currently illegal drugs.

– That message is one that’s needed quite badly here in the U.S. where the Obama Administration is still failing in its promises to put science over ideology when it comes to the medical uses of marijuana.

– Locally, State Representative Roger Goodman is planning a press conference and rally to demand that the Obama Administration back off and let Washington regulate medical marijuana. The press conference will be at Green Hope Patient Network at 15021 Aurora Ave. N in Shoreline.

– I’m continuing to do a lot of work with Sensible Washington, trying to get as much done before I start up at a new job in June. The group is still working hard to get I-1149 on the ballot. This week, I’m traveling to Sunnyside to speak with some farmers about hemp. And I’m also working with some other Sensible Washington folks to put together a video about the abuses of the WestNET drug task force, who’ve left a trail of destruction across Kitsap County. Much of the abuses out there have focused on longtime officer Roy Alloway, who has now been indicted for illegal gun sales.


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    Deathfrogg spews:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath. The drug war is a trillion dollar industry. Theres too much money to be made keeping it illegal. The people that want to continue with the status quo are already deeply entrenched in the system. Heavily invested, and beholden to the industry. Besides, there are certain organizations that need that cash flow kept hidden.

    I read somewhere once a few years ago, that if we were able to take all the illegal drug money out of the stock market, the system would collapse. The Reagan administration actively courted the Meddellin and Cali Cartels to invest in the stock exchange to keep that sweet cash coming in.

    The Stock Market is specifically exempted from all the laws concerning cash deposits and transactions. Thats been the case since 1983.

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    David Aquarius spews:

    I’m originally from Okanogan Co. and am very interested in what kind of discussions are going forward on plans for hemp production in Eastern WA. With the dismal economic realities of orchards and ranching, the hemp industry is tailor-made for this area.

    Is there a place with more info or could you give us a run down of your discussions?

    Thanks for your hard work on this, Lee.

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    I’m hoping to put something up at the Sensible Washington site on Wednesday or Thursday about it.

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    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    The Reagan administration actively courted the Meddellin and Cali Cartels to invest in the stock exchange to keep that sweet cash coming in.

    Where was the DUMMOCRAPT Congress? When did this happen?


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    BeerNotWar spews:

    Cocaine is illegal, but medicines made from it are legal by prescription.

    Heroine is illegal, but opiate-based medicines are legal by prescription.

    Is there any sign that marijuana will be made into medicines like these other plants have? Will this hurt the legalization movement by removing the “medical marijuana” loophole?