Local Drug Law Reform Updates

- As I mentioned last week, I’m getting more involved with Sensible Washington and the I-1149 campaign. My main focus has been on making sure that Sensible Washington gets enough signatures to make the November ballot. With an all-volunteer effort, this is a massive organizational task, so I’ve been helping build some high-tech tools to make it happen. One of the main differences between last year and this year has been a larger base of volunteers, especially in the parts of the state where drug law reform hasn’t been as popular. If any of you want to help us get on the ballot, please sign up at the website.

– With the likely veto of the medical marijuana bill, the Cannabis Defense Coalition is welcoming Steph Sherer, the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access, to provide training for dispensary operators and cooperative grow members who could potentially end up being raided over the next few weeks. There will be sessions in Seattle, Spokane, and Ellensburg. Governor Gregoire could obviously make all of this moot by just signing the bill that made it through the legislature, but the public safety of Washington residents apparently doesn’t trump her desire to serve in the Obama Administration.


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    Mark1 spews:

    Is Queen Greggie for or against these bills? Just curious.

    And to you stoner Lee: Why don’t you put down the bong, get off the couch and find a fucking job? Oh wait, can’t pass the drug screen with a reputable company can you? LOL. I’m shocked.

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    Good day all, and good luck Lee boy! :)

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    Politically Incorrect spews:


    You’re an ass.


    Thanks for the work on Sensible Washington and changing these ridiculous cannabis laws. I still think the state should engage in civil disobedience to tell the federal government it is not supreme when it comes to deciding what personal liberty entails. I have made a small contribution to Sensible Washington to help, and I urge all who read this to contribute.

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    What chronic medical condition is it you suffer from again?

    I suffer from a condition called “Troll-itis”. It’s where I constantly have low-IQ morons accusing me of a being a medical marijuana patient when the reality is that I rarely smoke any more.

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    John425 spews:

    Get enough of you stoners and you can change “Sensible Washington” into “Get Insensible, Washington”. Do you plan to have Bong-ins?

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    Was your comment supposed to make sense, or are you a little scrambled today trying to figure out how Obama faked his long form birth certificate?

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    Lee woulnd’t it be easier to attract more volunteers if the media was actually talking about 1149 and Sensible Washington? A quick google search will show that no one is talking about this except legalization websites.

    The partial veto of SB5730 is a most excellent opportunity to issue a press release talking about why the only way to really protect patients is to remove the criminal and civil penalties from the law books in WA…and that is what 1149 is about.

    Hiatt should be booked for a dozen appearances/interviews next week to talk about this – no?