Drinking Liberally — Seattle

Please join us tonight for a special edition of the Seattle Chapter of Drinking Liberally, where we’ll all raise a pint in honor of Darryl’s aging pancreas.

We meet every Tuesday at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E. Starting time is 8:00pm. Some people show up earlier for Dinner.

Our gatherings are informal. If you show up and don’t immediately recognize the pack of liberals, ask a bartender or server.


  1. 1

    Jerry spews:

    Acute pancreatitis is no laughing matter. My buddy who had it sent me this link from the Mayo Clinic

    So Darryl is likely fasting, will get a feeding tube for awhile plus has to be concerned about dehydration. Get well Darryl.
    Hell, your numbers don’t mean shit anyway!! Kidding, kind of.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Chrysler CEO Calls Romney Ads ‘Inaccurate’

    “Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has … made it clear … to Chrysler employees that … advertising by … Mitt Romney suggesting the company was moving Jeep production … to China was simply not true. … In contradicting the assertions in the Republican ads, Marchionne said … ‘U.S. production of our Jeep models has nearly tripled since 2009″ … and … Chrysler has rapidly expanded production at the flagship Jeep plant in Detroit …. Chrysler does plan to produce Jeeps in China but only for domestic market sales … every major automaker now operates production facilities in China … to avoid hefty import duties. The announcement by Chrysler that it would build Chinese Jeeps in that country was incorrectly reported … and despite a later correction … the Romney campaign has continued to run with the inaccurate information. … There has been no word so far from the Romney campaign as to whether they wll correct or otherwise stop using the inaccurate information about Chrysler’s plans for Jeep.”


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: “Inaccurate” is the polite word for “bullshit.” And a BULLSHITTER is what Mitt Romney is.

  3. 3


    @1 Darryl sounded like crap when I talked to him today, and yes, he is fasting. Morphine and fasting… that’s pretty much the prescription.

    But I think he’s the kinda guy who would appreciate us toasting his pancreas, regardless of how much pain he is in.

  4. 4

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I wonder what would happen if Obama won a close election and the GOPers then tried to detour the selection of the next president to the House by refusing to recognize one or states’ electoral votes?

  5. 7

    Steve spews:

    “Thinking this might not be so close after all.

    No shit?

    “I can’t thank the president enough”
    Gov. Chris Christie


  6. 9


    Detroit News poll has Romney down only 2.7 points in Michigan.

    Team Obama just placed a large ad buy in Motown.

    That would be the Michigan with a GOP governor who won in a landslide.

    The Pain. It’s beginning.

  7. 11

    Michael spews:

    Spending on online ads in this year’s election is projected to reach $160 million. That’s a sixfold increase since 2008. And as we live more and more of our lives online, the importance of the digital campaign will only grow.

    And despite not having a TV and getting all my news off the net I have yet to see an online ad for Obama or Romney. Whenever an ad that I can’t skip does pop up I just turn off the sound and skip over to a different tab until it’s over. What a waste of money.

  8. 12

    Steve spews:

    “The Pain. It’s beginning.”

    Project much?

    Feeling “The Pain”, are you? Too fucking bad. Just imagine, in a few days it’s gonna really fucking suck for you.

  9. 13

    Steve spews:

    Wingnut stupidity knows no bounds. This Republican congresswoman is damned near as stupid as Bob.


    During an appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) dodged a question about Romney’s debunked Jeep claims and instead attacked the Obama administration for issuing regulations that are harming workers at American Motors Corporation, a company once headed by George Romney.

    Hmm, AMC went out of business in 1988. Damn, Bob, that Obama is one clever motherfucker.

  10. 14

    proud leftist spews:

    Where the candidates are putting money down right now is indicative of nothing more that they both have lots of money. Romney looks childish in his reaction to Sandy. He will not win. Your desperate, but failed, optimism will just make you disappear from HA after next Tuesday. None of us will miss you. Adios amigo.

  11. 15

    Michael spews:

    It’s a week before the election and the Obama folks are just now launching their first ads in MI. What that tells me is that they’re pretty confident that they’ll win the state and that they felt they could afford to let the race in MI tighten quite a bit. Obama’s got plenty of money, it’s not like they need to conserve their cash or anything.

  12. 16

    Michael spews:


    early Tuesday, the Restore Our Future PAC said it is spending $20.1 million on advertising on national ads in nine states, including $2.2 million in Michigan.

    “The Romney campaign has found itself with a tremendously narrow and improbable path to 270 electoral votes. Now, like Republicans did in 2008, they are throwing money at states where they never built an organization and have been losing for two years,” Messina said. “Let’s be very clear, the Romney campaign and its allies’ decision to go up with advertising in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota is a decision made out of weakness, not strength.”


  13. 17

    expatchad spews:

    @9-metatarsophalangeal Bob, etc.

    All the Allopurinal/colchicine/indomethacin in town will not alleviate your pain next week, nor will you get much sympathy in HA climes.

    Try the Philippines. Not much GOP insanity here, and it tends to be clotted in small areas, which is convenient for avoiding the wingnuts. We are thinking of spraying for them.


  14. 18




    I wondered whether the OH polls would be D +8 or D +9 to keep Obama in the lead.

    Sure enough:


    The CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac final polls have D +8 and D +7 spreads, giving Obama the lead.

    What this means is that Darryl’s poll analysis will continue to show Obama in the lead in OH, and probably in VA, right up until Election Day, since he makes no adjustment or poll weighting based on respondent party affiliation.

    It also means his poll analysis will give Obama the overall lead right up until Election Day.

    It also means HA libbies will be similarly deluded into thinking Obama will win.

    Look at the enthusiasm statistics. It’s a small, awfully enthusiastic GOP sample. If you believe the numbers, anyway.

  15. 20

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    I see the good doctor is determined to keep up the schtick right to the end.

    This is just more ‘unskewing’ that he’s been bloviating about from the beginning of his cloying tenure here.

    God, I can’t wait for Nov 7. Actually, there’s no way he sticks around beyond about 10pm on Nov 6, when Ohio gets called for Obama.

  16. 21

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    It’s so sad to see a partisan, one who so clearly longs for respect, who spend SO MUCH of his valuable time reading his daily talking points and posting them behind enemy lines, reduced to quoting…Gingrich.

    *shakes head*

    So sad….

  17. 23

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    It would be cool if some clever programmer could convert the audio from the site @22 to one making a primal scream…


  18. 26

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    The MOST WRONG MAN IN AMERICA is predicting a Romney LANDSLIDE!!

    This must be the source of Cap’n Crunch’s smug assuredness….he has DICK MORRIS on his side. (HAHAHHAHAHA)

    Apparently they’re going to take back the Senate, too, with Willard’s long, long coattails.

    I mean, why wouldn’t we give Morris the benefit of the doubt over Nate Silver or this empty can of Diet Coke with Lime? Morris has a long, long track record of being completely full of garbage. But it’s a long track record, so Nate Silver is a wimp because SHUT UP LIBTARDS.

  19. 27


    Romney within 4 in PA:


    It’s a D +13 poll, which is weighted according to voter registration in that state. Darryl did a post on this in May or thereabouts.

    The problem with that is that the voter turnout in 2008 was D +7 and in 2010 it was D +3.

    So, re-weight the current poll to, say, D + 5 (midway between 2008 and 2010 turnout), and what happens to Obama’s 4 point lead?

    Oh, yeah. Pennsylvania’s in play. Good thing for Obama he can count on all those reliable, upstanding Philly Democrats to complete digging out from the storm so they can turn out on Tuesday.

    Romney wins PA, he doesn’t need OH, BTW.

    Just sayin’.

  20. 28

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    I don’t care what weasely qualifiers you use to spice up your posts.

    You posted a Gingrich quote in BOLD about….


    Gingrich and Dick Morris – you run in rarified circles, homeslice.

  21. 31

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    I hope you don’t read radiographs the same (amateurish) way you read polls, Robert. It would suck to be your patient.

    Does you employer know how much time you spend on this site? Don’t you have medical director duties to attend to? I would imagine the HR department would find the timing, and sheer volume, of your posts….interesting.

  22. 32

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    Nate Silver was a Journolist participant.

    You are sounding more like puddl every day!

    There’s reason for suspicion.

    Oh, yeah, it’s ‘out there’. Journolist – hahahaa!

    And you’re quoting GINGRICH!!

    What next? Cain? Santorum? PALIN???

  23. 33


    The case of the missing 1.7 million white people.

    The Folly of David Axelrod’s Turnout Model

    National polls often use 74% as the representative White vote in this election, but from a historic stand-point 75% is the more reasonable level which would be a -1.3% decline from 2008. With polls today consistently showing Obama’s support between 36-38% with this segment of the electorate comprising 75% of voters, it is easy to see how a tight race can turn into a blowout rather quickly. As for David Axelrod’s turnout model, he is talking his book when every ounce of data says he blowing smoke. If Axelrod is right on the racial make-up of the electorate, President Obama probably wins re-election in a close race. But there is little evidence that the 76.3% of White voters in 2008 when combined with a probable return of the missing 1.7 million whites will make up only 72% of the electorate Team Obama needs to avoid a sizable Romney win on November 6.


    I haven’t seen this discussed before. Presumably those white voters, who sat out the 2008 election, will be back in force this year, and Axelrod isn’t factoring them in. Note also the oversampling of AA and Hispanic minority population components.

    This could explain a lot.

    Takeaway message:

    At a state level, it is due to differences of opinion like the above that both campaigns are reportedly seeing dramatically different electorates in Ohio with each campaign completely confident they will win the state. One of them is very wrong.

  24. 34

    Jerry spews:

    Serial Conservative–
    I agree with you. Many of the State Polls have used the same Dem-Rep ratio as they did in 2008…in some cases, even more skewed to Dems. That simply doesn’t make sense on it’s face.
    The R’s are much more fired up and have a much better ground game than 2008.
    I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday. We’ll be interesting if some of these Dem-leaning polls will change their ratio’s on their last polling before the election to try and save face??
    The nice thing is these polls leave a trail..in some cases, a long slimy trail like a NW Slug.

    I think it will be telling if some of these polls change by more than 2 points on Monday to try to pretend to be credible. If a poll changes by 4-5 points, the easy question is “What could have possibly happened in the last couple days to move the election that much?”

    We’ll have a blast dissecting the polls!
    It will be something for the Left to do so they don’t have to focus on the crushing defeat.

    Watch SC, when Romney wins big, the Left will quote the flawed polls and conclude Romney stole the election.
    Mark my words.