Drinking Liberally Burien (and Tacoma)

The Burien chapter of Drinking Liberally meets tonight, and the 4th Wednesday of every month, 7 PM, at Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub, 435 SW 152nd ST. And… I’ll be there!

Yeah, I know… who cares about me? But they actually have some real guests lined up, including State Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz, and State Reps. Shay Schual-Berke (33rd LD) and Joe McDermott (34th LD). I’ve asked Sandeep to show up with a headset and microphone, just to put a fright into Dwight.

And if you’re a little further south, stop by the Tacoma chapter instead, which meets tonight and every Wednesday, 8 PM at Meconi’s Pub, 709 Pacific Ave.


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    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    The FACT, moron, is that the SUPREME COURT issued a DECISION (that means they RULED) protecting religious speech in public schools.

    Do you actually ever read or do you just continually knee jerk react?

  2. 2

    harry poon spews:

    re 23: Speaking of killing fetuses , the uranium enriched ammunition we are using in Iraq and the Balkans has killed and deformed hundreds of thousands of fetuses. So, if you were really sincere about not killing fetuses you’d be insisting that we not use that ammunition. But you don’t and you aren’t. So , you’re a liar.

    re22: There’s your fact. Convinced?

  3. 8

    headless lucy spews:

    Re 32: Your side said the same about pesticides, air pollution, cigarrettes, and countless other things that proved to be dangerous — even though the right used pseudo science to deny it. The numbers of soldiers and civilians with cancer has risen the same exponentially in both areas where the U2 ammo was used. So have birth defects and stillbirths. The only variable that could cause this would be the U2 ammo. The only way to prove it was not the cause of these things would be to remove the ammo from the affected areas.

    What are you afraid of? I thought you were the defender of helpless fetuses. Big help you are!

    And , while we are at it: Why do we need armor piercing U2 ammo in Iraq.? There’s no armor there to pierce.

    You are just a bloodthirsty dangerous wacko!

  4. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Fucking Idiot @32

    The adverse mental effects of depleted uranium are obvious! Just read your post!

  5. 11

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Re 16… What part of SUPREME COURT RULING don’t you understand? Golly, gosh, gee whiz seems to me, THEY trump school officials….and golly, gosh, gee whiz, isn’t SUPREME COURT RULING your be all end all mantra on baby killing?

    h y p o c r i t e

  6. 12

    Danno spews:

    “How do you right wing taliban troll fucks feel about being in the vast minority of folks feeling that America’s going in the right direction? Just think, everywhere you go, three out of four people you see think you’re a fucking idiot!”

    Commentby LeftTurn

    Except that if you ever left the peoples republic of Fremont, or wherever else your sorry ass hangs out, you would find that the opposite is true, look in the mirror idiot.

  7. 13

    harry poon spews:

    RE 22: Give me an example of a “fact” and what you think the fact means. You haven’t quoted any facts either, so I have as much chance to convince someone as you do.

  8. 15

    Carl Ballard spews:

    Well, I told you last night that I wasn’t going to make it down there, but now, maybe. I would like to meet a person who actually represents me.

  9. 16

    momus spews:

    Coming from you, I cannot think of a higher compliment.

    BTW leftist, you broke the liberal creed and mentioned God. You have officilly offended everyone in the democratic party.

  10. 17

    rhp6033 spews:

    So Fox broadcaster Tony Snow will be the new White House Press Secretary. His job description is to “make sure the Presiden’ts message is broadcast as widely as possible”.

    In other words, his location will change, but his job will remain the same.

  11. 18

    proud leftist spews:

    I cannot imagine a nightmare worse than having you as a parent. From you, a child would learn such precious values as judgmentalism, viciousness, arrogance, close-mindedness, selfishness, and the list goes on and on. If you are a family man, God help your family. If you are not a family man, then please do not become one. Go get your tubes tied. I’d be happy to contribute to your vasectomy fund if you cannot afford the procedure, which I would expect that you cannot.

  12. 20

    momus spews:

    Goldy shows his parenting techniques…. Absenteeism, lack of monetary funds, excessive drinking, etc…..

  13. 21

    rhp6033 spews:

    When Tony Snow tries to put the White House “spin” on the news, does that mean that we just got a Snow Job?

  14. 22

    JDB spews:

    Why doesn’t Bush save us all a ton of money, fire the entire White House Communications Department, and just admit that FOX News is in charge of all communications for the White House? Why duplicate the efforts of the private sector?

  15. 23

    BushWentAwol spews:

    The great thing about the SNOW JOB is that it will help the clueless among us realize that FAUX NEWS is just a republican-controlled talking points generator and NOT a news channel.

  16. 24

    proud leftist spews:

    Momus @ 4
    One of the most offensive aspects of Republican social conservatives is their claim to have a monopoly on faith and values. My own Christian faith leads me to liberal–indeed, leftist–political values. Most of the social conservative, “family values” agenda is politically-based, not faith-based. Vilifying gays while glorifying war does not comport with Christian values.

  17. 25

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Supreme Court Allows Decision to Stand Protecting Religious Speech in Public Schools

    WASHINGTON, DC, April 26, 2006 – Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a ruling by a federal court of appeals to stand that declared public schools cannot censor the religious viewpoints of students in class assignments. The case, Baldwinsville School District v. Peck, involved a school district’s censorship of a kindergartner’s art poster that contained a picture of Jesus. Liberty Counsel represents Antonio Peck, the student whose poster was censored.

    When attending kindergarten at Baldwinsville Elementary School in Syracuse, New York, Antonio’s teacher instructed the class to draw posters regarding their understanding of the environment. Antonio drew a poster depicting children holding hands circling the globe, people picking up garbage and recycling trash. The left side depicted Jesus with one knee to the ground and two hands stretched toward the sky, although Jesus was not named.

    This poster was displayed for half a day on the cafeteria wall, along with 80 other student posters, during an event where parents were invited to view their children’s artwork. But unlike the other kindergarten posters, school officials folded Antonio’s poster in half in order to censor Jesus.

    School officials said the poster violated “church and state” and would give the impression that the school was teaching religion, even though the poster was clearly a kindergartner’s artwork. Folding the poster made it look odd. Antonio’s name at the bottom was cut in half. When he saw his poster folded, Antonio felt ashamed in front of his classmates and his parents, because school officials told him and his parents why his poster was folded. He then assumed he did something wrong and was being punished. When school officials refused to remedy the matter, apologize or adopt a policy to prevent future censorship, Liberty Counsel filed suit.

    On October 18, 2005, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 in favor of Antonio. The Second Circuit joined the Ninth and the Eleventh Circuits in holding that public schools may not censor a student’s viewpoint on a permissible subject matter when it is responsive to a school assignment or program. The First and Tenth circuits hold that viewpoint discrimination in the curricular context may be permissible. The school district then asked the Supreme Court to hear the case.

    While on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Justice Samuel Alito wrote that schools may not censor religious viewpoints of students when they address permissible subjects in response to class assignments or instruction.

    Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel for Liberty Counsel, stated: “We are pleased the Supreme Court allowed this decision to stand. The school district sent a terrible message to Antonio that his faith is not welcome, when officials persisted in censoring his artwork. At the pinnacle of the Bill of Rights is the First Amendment, which enshrines our first liberty. It’s about time that school officials learn a simple lesson – private religious speech when expressed on public property is constitutionally protected. Antonio, who began this case while in kindergarten, is an example of the maxim that one person, no matter the age, can accomplish great things when they stand for a principled cause.”

  18. 26

    LeftTurn spews:

    How do you right wing taliban troll fucks feel about being in the vast minority of folks feeling that America’s going in the right direction? Just think, everywhere you go, three out of four people you see think you’re a fucking idiot!

  19. 27

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -BTW leftist, you broke the liberal creed and mentioned God. –

    And you, momus, have broken the Christian creed, which is evidenced by all the sick, angry, twisted and vicious comments that emanate from your tiny mind each day.

  20. 28

    Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

    WASHINGTON –Both sides in the bitter fight over a proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm are pressing hard as a showdown in Congress looms on a measure that could kill the project, but one key vote is still up for grabs: that of U.S. Sen. John Kerry. Unlike the Bay State’s other leading politicians, Kerry, D-Mass., a leading Senate voice on environmental causes, has yet to take a stand on the controversial plan to put 130 wind turbines off the Cape Cod coast.

    “I actually voted . . . ”

    Sorry — evokes unpleasant memories

  21. 29

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    Tony Snow may have started his punditry career filling in for Rush Limbaugh, and obsessing over bizarre Bill Clinton / Vince Foster conspiracy theories (which ultimately cost us taxpayers $100 million, and rendered only one conclusion: Bill lied about sex). But, it would appear Snow is actually a REAL conservative, who has called Bush out on some obvious contradictions in his so-called “values” and his leadership abilities (or lack thereof) over the years.

    Tony Snow on George W Bush:

    – Bush has “lost control of the federal budget and cannot resist the temptation to stop raiding the public fisc. George W. Bush and his colleagues have become not merely the custodians of the largest government in the history of humankind, but also exponents of its vigorous expansion.” [3/17/06]

    – “George W. Bush and his colleagues have become not merely the custodians of the largest government in the history of humankind, but also exponents of its vigorous expansion.” [3/17/06]

    – “President Bush distilled the essence of his presidency in this year’s State of the Union Address: brilliant foreign policy and listless domestic policy.” [2/3/06]

    – “George Bush has become something of an embarrassment.” [11/11/05]

    – Bush “has a habit of singing from the Political Correctness hymnal.” [10/7/05]

    – “No president has looked this impotent this long when it comes to defending presidential powers and prerogatives.” [9/30/05] expand post »

    – Bush “has given the impression that [he] is more eager to please than lead, and that political opponents can get their way if they simply dig in their heels and behave like petulant trust-fund brats, demanding money and favor — now!” [9/30/05]

    – “When it comes to federal spending, George W. Bush is the boy who can’t say no. In each of his three years at the helm, the president has warned Congress to restrain its spending appetites, but so far nobody has pushed away from the table mainly because the president doesn’t seem to mean what he says.” [The Detroit News, 12/28/03]

    – “The president doesn’t seem to give a rip about spending restraint.” [The Detroit News, 12/28/03]

    – “Bush, for all his personal appeal, ultimately bolstered his detractors’ claims that he didn’t have the drive and work ethic to succeed.” [11/16/00]

    – “Little in the character of demeanor of Al Gore or George Bush makes us say to ourselves: Now, this man is truly special! Little in our present peace and prosperity impels us to say: Give us a great man!” [8/25/00]

    – “George W. Bush, meanwhile, talks of a pillowy America, full of niceness and goodwill. Bush has inherited his mother’s attractive feistiness, but he also got his father’s syntax. At one point last week, he stunned a friendly audience by barking out absurd and inappropriate words, like a soul tortured with Tourette’s.” [8/25/00]

    – “He recently tried to dazzle reporters by discussing the vagaries of Congressional Budget Office economic forecasts, but his recitation of numbers proved so bewildering that not even his aides could produce a comprehensible translation. The English Language has become a minefield for the man, whose malaprops make him the political heir not of Ronald Reagan, but Norm Crosby.” [8/25/00]

    – “On the policy side, he has become a classical dime-store Democrat. He gladly will shovel money into programs that enjoy undeserved prestige, such as Head Start. He seems to consider it mean-spirited to shut down programs that rip-off taxpayers and mislead supposed beneficiaries.” [8/25/00]

  22. 30

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Poon… ummm it’s not “enriched”… in fact… it’s just the opposite… it’s “depleted”.

    Hey, can you explain the physics behind putting a heavy metal like uranium in a warhead?

  23. 31

    sillyguy spews:


    Care to provide a citation for your facts that depleted uranium in the Balkans and Iraq has killed and deformed hundreds of thousands of fetuses? First off your statement that uranium enriched ammunition is misleading because the ammunition being used contains ‘depleted’ uranium. Second, there is a ‘small’ health hazard if direct contact is made with soil or the the remains of a ‘depleted’ uranium munition. Exposed populations should be monitored and in particular young children. The article that I found on the web about the subject is published by the World Health Organization at http://www.who.int/ionizing_ra.....DU_Eng.pdf.

    The health hazards from ‘depleted’ uranium as mentioned in the article are minimal. One quote is “Follow-up studies of veterans with embedded fragments in the tissue have shown
    detectable levels of depleted uranium in the urine, but without apparent health consequences.”

    Otherwise it is just another person’s opinion.

  24. 32

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    This case isn’t difficult. It simply says teaching and censoring are two different things.

  25. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    ProudAss — Since the Supremes have decided it’s okay for kindergartners to draw pictures of Jesus, should it also be okay for teachers to express their opinion of Bush?

  26. 34

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    17, 20

    A quick lookup of stock data indicates Exxon’s return on invested capital is nearly 32%.

  27. 35

    RUFUS spews:

    ProudAss – Since the Supremes have decided it’s okay for kindergartners to draw pictures of Jesus, should it also be okay for teachers to express their opinion of Bush?

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 4/26/06@ 9:47 pm

    Of course they should. We know the public schools are not teaching the kids so they need something to fill their time.

  28. 36

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    #32 sounds like the kind of yahoo who would keep a chunk of plutonium on his coffee table as a conversation piece.

  29. 37

    harry poon spews:

    re 15: So, some Democrats are occassionally hypocritical. Are you pointing out hypocrisy because you hate it or because you want to use it as an excuse for your own?

  30. 38

    Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

    SYDNEY — A Cape Breton woman whose son survived a fall from a sixth-floor balcony in Mexico says doctors there won’t set his broken bones without cash up front. Carol Campbell says her son, Jason Campbell, broke both legs and his pelvis in the fall last Wednesday at a Mexican tourist resort in Puerto Vallarta, where he remains in hospital. […………………………………………………………………………………..Those racist Republican SOBs!!!! Oh, wait. This was in Mexico……………Never mind!!!!!!!!!! hehe, JCH]

  31. 41

    Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

    ExxonMobil made 9.75 percent Net Profit Margin in 2005, and General Electric made 12.25 percent NPM in 2005. Seems like Exxon’s profit was in line, to me. But the Democrat parasite pols say, “Let’s pass an excess profits tax! The oil companies are gouging the consumer!” But don’t think of the government’s tax schemes as “tax gouging”. Hmm, something’s wrong with this picture don’t you think, Senators Schumer and Clinton?

  32. 42

    harry poon spews:

    re 8: Once again , you righties are creating a straw man. The school officials are obviouly wrong and most people liberal or conservative would agree that they are in error. The rule about religion in the schools is that there be no organized state religious activity.

    What students do on their own is their own business.

    But that won’t stir people up ,will it? So you need to lie. Typical troll.

  33. 43

    sillyguy spews:

    Harry – care to provide some facts and data to backup your assertions about swines, strawman’s, folks wanting cash, your post at 18, ? When you do, I might start believing, otherwise you might just want to take more time about your comments.

  34. 44

    sillyguy spews:

    Harry – you are the guy talking about swines and strawhorses. Back up you statements with some facts so we can discuss it otherwise just preface anything you say with IMHO so we know if it is only your opinion or something worthwhile for discussion.

  35. 45

    sillyguy spews:

    Harry, Roger and Lucy,

    Care to provide citations and refernces to support your positions rather that just call people names. Harry made an unsubstantiated claim that needs facts to support it. If you can provide those citations then please do so otherwise please keep your personal comments to yourselves as as they are only showing your bad side.

  36. 46

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    No you haven’t given me a FACT because a FACT come with a SOURCE.

    What you have given me is talking point #— from the oh so badly failing Air Amerika

  37. 47

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Why aren’t you kittens out at the Burien chapter of the Liberal Lonely Hearts Club? Daddy take away the carkeys?