Drinking Liberally extravaganza: Jay Inslee, Cindy Sheehan and FREE tickets

The Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally meets tonight (and every Tuesday), 8PM at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E. And oh man do we have a busy schedule tonight.

Aaron Toso and Sandeep Kaushik will be urging you to vote No on initiatives 933 (lying developers) and 920 (estate tax repeal)… but they’re sure to be overshadowed by Congressman Jay Inslee, who will be stopping by to plug I-937, the renewable energy initiative. Then later in the evening, after she’s finished speaking at Town Hall, nationally renowned anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan will be joining us for a nightcap and a little bit of chat on the podcast.

And if that lineup’s not enough of a draw, the folks from Foolproof will be stopping by to raffle off a dozen free tickets to the big show Saturday night at Town Hall, in which Jeanine Garofalo, Atrios, the Seattle Times’ David Postman and I will be talking about politics and the press. That’s right… FREE TICKETS. Can’t beat that.

Not in Seattle? Washington liberals will also be drinking tonight in the Tri-Cities. Here’s a full run down of WA’s ten Drinking Liberally chapters:

Where:When:Next Meeting:
Burien:Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub, 435 SW 152nd StFourth Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm onwardOctober 25
Kirkland:Valhalla Bar & Grill, 8544 122nd Ave NEEvery Thursday, 7:00 pm onwardOctober 5
Monroe: Eddie’s Trackside Bar and Grill, 214 N Lewis StSecond Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM onwardOctober 11
Olympia:The Tumwater Valley Bar and Grill, 4611 Tumwater Valley Drive SouthFirst and third Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00 pmOctober 16
Seattle:Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Ave EEvery Tuesday, 8:00 pm onwardOctober 3
Spokane:Red Lion BBQ & Pub, 126 N Division StEvery Wednesday, 7:00 pmOctober 4
Tacoma:Meconi’s Pub, 709 Pacific AveEvery Wednesday, 8:00 pm onwardOctober 4
Tri-Cities:Atomic Ale, 1015 Lee Blvd, RichlandEvery Tuesday, 7:00 pm onwardOctober 3
Vancouver:Hazel Dell Brew Pub, 8513 NE Highway 99Second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm onwardOctober 10
Walla Walla:The Green Lantern, 1606 E Isaacs AveFirst Friday of each month, 8:00 pm onwardOctober 6


  1. 2

    Leftout(of their minds!) spews:

    “Awfully quiet on the right wing whack job front…
    Commentby RightEqualsStupid— 10/3/06@ 3:25 pm”

    Too busy reading the smut about Maria and her unrepaid loan to Federal Lobbyist/lover.

  2. 4

    Daddy Love spews:

    Why did Denny Hastert ignore the news that a House member who was well-known to aggresively pursue House pages was e-mailing a young man who complained that it ws “sick?”

    Well it’s really sad. You see, Denny Hastert has a serious drinking problem. On top of that, he was sexually molested as a teenager himself. So you can’t blame him.

  3. 6

    Daddy Love spews:

    House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL)…

    …was asked directly by a reporter in yesterday’s press conference if the leadership had asked for Foley’s resignation.

    On Monday, Hastert said: “I think Foley resigned almost immediately upon the outbreak of this information, and so we really didn’t have a chance to ask him to resign, and I left at the very end of the session, almost, before the very last vote.”

    But during Tuesday’s radio interview with Rush Limbaugh, he seemed to change his story, saying: “We found out about it, asked him to resign. He did resign. He’s gone.” He then repeated that line in a Tuesday interview with Sean Hannity.

    He didn’t ask Foley to resign…before he did. As one commenter put it “Look…A Republican lying to save his butt. Must be Tuesday.

  4. 7

    Poster Child spews:

    Speaking of drinking liberally, I’m offended in alcohol’s name that Foley tries to blame his behavior on an invented alcohol problem as if the devil made him do it.

    Being an alcoholic (if he is one, which I doubt) didn’t make him a closeted lying hypocritical sex predator. The stress of being a closeted lying hypocritical sex predator made him an alcoholic (if he is one, which i doubt).

  5. 8

    Daddy Love spews:

    I think Hurricane Katrina was the turning point. As headless lucy said (was it about something else?): Hubris, sanctimony, dishonesty, crookedness, and cynicism, all wrapped up in a neat package of stupidity and incompetence.

  6. 10

    Daddy Love spews:

    11 Observer

    Ah, the one who urges us all to “get the facts straight and then make an argument,” and who sets him- or herself up as an example for all of us who mistakenly and maliciously act like “a bunch of mouth foaming rabid dogs.” We need more examples of your reason, your restraint, and your precision.

  7. 11

    Daddy Love spews:

    Hey, I found where JCH stole one of his posts from…I think many here thought he himself was saying he had “gay friends.” Well, OF COURSE he doesn’t…

    Ben Stein, spectator.org

    “Don’t get me wrong. My very best friend is gay. I have many gay friends and they are great people… hope it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that a big part of male homosexual behavior is interest in young boys. (Take a look at anyone renting Endless Summer next time you are at the video store.)
    …And George Allen is being judged by these people?”

    I know he is a dick, and that he steals, but now I don’t think anything other than the odd rambling rant on nuking Muslims is ever his…

  8. 12

    Daddy Love spews:

    58 percent. Number of Americans who believe the Bush administration has deliberately misled the American public about the war in Iraq, according to a new CNN poll.

    Can anyone think that the Republicans in Congress were NOT complicit in this?

  9. 13

    Daddy Love spews:

    Do you need more evidence that teh Bush administration doesn’t care about either the Contitution or about the Senate’s role of “advise and consent?”

    According to an administration source who requested anonymity, if the Senate does not vote on Bolton before his current recess appointment expires December 18, the President will again name Bolton to the post during Congress’ post-election recess. In order for Bolton to be paid, however, he would also have to be appointed to a different position while his formal title would have to be changed. “Obviously, we would prefer a Senate vote and the almost-certain confirmation for John Bolton,” said the source.

  10. 14

    Observer spews:

    What a defining monent for you fucking moonbats, sittin around poundin brewskis with Cindy Sheehan. I hope Inslee gets his picture taken with her, it will be the beginning of his end.

  11. 17

    Commander Ogg spews:

    Krugman nails it dead on:

    Paul Krugman: Cracks show in invincible coalition

    At its core, the political axis that controls Congress and the White House is an alliance between the preachers and the plutocrats — between the religious right, which hates gays, abortion and the theory of evolution, and the economic right, which hates Social Security, Medicare and taxes on rich people. Surrounding this core is a periphery of politicians and lobbyists who joined the movement not out of conviction, but to share in the spoils…

    …Future historians may date the beginning of the right-wing crackup to the days immediately following the 2004 election, when President Bush tried to convert a victory won by portraying John Kerry as weak on defense into a mandate for Social Security privatization. The attempted bait-and-switch failed in the face of overwhelming public opposition. If anything, the Bush plan was even less popular in deep-red states like Montana than in states that voted for Kerry.

  12. 18

    Daddy Love spews:

    I just want to say thanks to the House Republican leadership for giving us all a lesson in personal responsibility.

  13. 19

    proud leftist spews:

    Daddy Love
    Don’t you understand that you should never let the facts get in the way of what you believe? That’s the problem with liberals. They think evidence should influence their opinions, so you never know where they stand. Reality is only for those who can’t handle fantasy.

  14. 20

    Daddy Love spews:

    Republican world:

    Clinton’s average annual real GDP growth equal to 3.7% is awful, whereas the 2.6% average annual real GDP growth since Bush took office is great! Employment (payroll survey) during Clinton’s eight years in office grew by a measly, underachieving (net) 23 million. Since George W. Bush took office, employment has grown by an amazing (net) 3 million!

  15. 21

    LauraBushKilledAGuy spews:

    What’s the difference between Cindy Sheehan and George Bush Sr?

    Cindy’s son had the nutsack to go to war.

  16. 23


    Leftwing @1,

    Shows you how incompetent the Bush administration is. They can’t even capture and torture the known terrorists like me.

  17. 24

    Leftwing spews:

    But I thought you were declared a terorrist and they were going to torture you. How do you have time for that?

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    hotel intercontinental intercontinental hong kong spews:

    Tristan?dismissers consistent?giddy grid:flute countryside – Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

  19. 28

    ArtFart spews:

    11 “I hope Inslee gets his picture taken with her”

    It’s got to beat the shit out of being shown gladhanding with Foley.

    (Yoiks! Hope Sherrif Dave washed his hands…)

  20. 29

    Daddy Love spews:

    22 Leftout

    Yes, I know how little acquaintance Republicans have with adult sexual relations. Read up.