Drinking Liberally

The Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally meets tonight (and every Tuesday), 8PM at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E.

Please join me in tipping a birthday mug to “N in Seattle,” who turned 57 years old young old today, and to the memory of the late Walt Crowley who was a friend to liberals and taverns everywhere.

Not in Seattle? Liberals will also be drinking tonight in the Tri-Cities. A full listing of Washington’s thirteen Drinking Liberally chapters is available here.


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    busdrivermike spews:

    Hey are you guys going to raise your glass when Maria Cantwell votes yes on Kyl-Lieberman amendment No. 3017, the building block amendment for a war with Iran?

    Remember, you voted for her warmongering ways. Suckers!

  2. 2


    Oh hell, how did you remember that?

    Given this shout-out, I assume that I’m not paying for anything I drink tonight. Which means I’d better make sure I get there early…

  3. 3

    SeaBos84 spews:

    happy b-day N.


    IF you’re not getting older,
    THEN you’re dead.

    Stick with Door #1.


  4. 4

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    So buscrasher mike, how would McDickbreathgavick vote on this?

    Maria voted to give our troops as much rest time between tours as tour time. How would McDickbreathgavick have voted on this one? Oh, yes. Alongside all the corpse creators in the GOP of course. You don’t need no stinkin rest! Now go set some traps, and snipe anyone who looks at the booty! Innocent, guilty, we don’t care.

    Maria does not vote perfect, but compared to the total sellouts to Bush’s corpse creation machine, she isn’t all that bad.

  5. 5

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    There is only one vote that counts, and it is the one that will not be taken unfortunately. The vote to impeach these animals. After impeachment, we could start working on prosecuting all their enablers.

    Better hope a Democrat doesn’t take the White House. Imagine a real Attorney General prosecuting real criminals, instead of just going after political foes.

  6. 6

    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    I think that Cheney knows the only thing that will keep his lying ass out of prison, or away from Nuremburg will be WW3. He is doing all he can to start it, but the military is pushing back.

    Instead of starting another war, why don’t we just donate Dick “There is no doubt” Cheney to any one of our enemies for “Interrogation” eh?

    Since he loves torture so much, I know he wouldn’t mind suffering a little. He fought so bravely in Vietnam!

    What medal did he earn? Oh yeah. The most deferment medal of cowardice right? He, like most Republicons, have better things to do than join up…..

  7. 7

    Mike Web spews:

    There is only one vote that counts, and it is the one that will not be taken unfortunately.

    Hey all is not lost. If the democrat congress’s approval rating rises 39% to 50% there maybe some hope. Well on second thought… yikes.

  8. 9

    A concerned Democrat spews:

    DOOFUS is being an idiot again. The fact that a year ago today congress’s approval rating was at 42% and not 11% was just a coincidence DOOFUS. No wonder your a dumbass repub.

  9. 10

    YLB spews:

    Dumbas Doofus, Dumbass “Dan”, Dumbass Butt-sniffing Dog.

    All of those have a nice ring and capture Doofus’ brain-damaged personality to a tee.

  10. 11

    FricknFrack, Seattle spews:

    Not sure anyone posted this somewhere, but it was pretty fun to watch:

    http:// thinkprogress.org/2007/09/25/blackburn-focused-more-moveon-ad-than-troop-deaths/

    (tried to split up the webaddress, so it doesn’t crank endlessly)
    Blackburn focused more on MoveOn ad than troop deaths.

    Yesterday on MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson show, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) repeatedly condemned the recent MoveOn.org ad about Gen. Petraeus. But when host David Shuster asked her for the name of the last soldier from her district killed in Iraq, Blackburn faltered. Schuster informed her of the soldier’s name and added, “When was the last time a New York Times ad ever killed somebody?” Watch it:

  11. 12

    A concerned Democrat spews:

    Do you think the NY Times would give a cut rate to a soldiers family if they wanted to advertise? And if so would they print it on the busiest day? Hmmm.. just wondering.

  12. 13

    Puddybud spews:

    Facts Support My Positions says: So buscrasher mike, how would McDickbreathgavick vote on this?

    Does facts live in that head?

    McGavick is not in a position of power. Who cares? Moe-ron!

  13. 14



    “Naomi Wolf’s Call to Patriots — Today’s Echoes of Goebbels, and the Fragility of Liberty. Wolf Talks with BuzzFlash About Her Profound Sense of Urgency That Our Constitutional Democracy May Soon Fall to Tyranny, as She Details in “The End of America” —
    A BuzzFlash Interview”

    Good interview with this young author!

  14. 16


    Bush’s UN Speech Full of Fone-eh-tick Pronunciations for World Leaders
    September 25, 2007 1:52 PM
    ABC News’ Ann Compton and Jennifer Duck report: Never before has the White House released a draft version of the President’s speech to the annual United Nations General Assembly.
    But this year, a glimpse of how the President sees his speeches was accidentally placed on the UN website along with the speechwriters’ cell phone numbers.

  15. 17

    busdrivermike spews:


    So Maria Cantwell is better than Mike McGavick, because she voted to give our soldiers more break time between shifts at the corporate war machine?

    You have have me there. I stand upbraided now.

    You must sleep well at night, knowing your vote is prolonging the war. And you will happily plod your ass down to the voting booth to vote for Hillary, because she is “electable”.


  16. 18

    Puddybud spews:

    Stupid Choir – So you can pronounce those strange long country names? Congrats you are a “genius” (in your own mind).

  17. 20

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    s-choir @ 19:

    Actually, you can, but please be safe and wear a condom, and make sure your partner does as well.

  18. 22

    Puddybud spews:

    JSA: Now that’s funny. Stupid Choir can have it “his” way. He can be the “meat” in the middle of the two buns and we can call him “Burger King“!

  19. 23

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    Pud @ 18:

    There are at least two ways to look at this.

    Obviously, the President of the United States, like a lot of executives, does what can be described as “drive-by” speaking engagements. While I haven’t looked at his schedule lately, I’d presume he pops up at least six times a week or so to say something about something. Presumably, his staff would want him to be as well-prepared as possible when making these speaking engagements, including phonetically spelling out names of local personalities.

    This is not a drive-by in front of servicemen in North Carolina or farmers in Kansas. This is a speech in front of the UN. Bush is not verbally backslapping the head of the Wichita Grange or a major general at a base. He is referring to world leaders and crisis points I hope he gets briefed on once or twice a week. Presumably, he’ll do a rehearsal speech or two in front of friendlies prior to the cameras turning on.

    The fact that his speech contains phonetic spellings is either testament to how tightly his staff manages his message or how little attention he pays to making speeches.

    I don’t know what else it means. I gather Bush has a phenomenal memory for names, and preps for meetings with flashcards full of trivia about the folks he’s meeting (names of grandchildren, dogs, favorite vacation spots, etc.). I don’t like the man and truly think he’s a tool, but give him credit for intellect where credit is due.

  20. 24

    Puddybud spews:

    JSA: It was your side who made fun of the man when his mispronounced nuclear.

    So since this is an international stage, why not allow him to correctly pronounce some of those strange names? Can you pronounce those strange countries at first sight? Some of them are really hard. Even their leaders names can be tricky.

    Some people call him Usama Bin Laden others call him Osama Bin Ladin or Osama Bin Laden while others call him Usama Bin Ladin. And this is just the “liberal MSM”. Catch my drift?

  21. 25

    Puddybud spews:

    JSA: did you read the wire services?

    Looks like old MoveOn got charged the full $142K+ for their New York Times ad. I guess you have to blame it on some lowlife type.

    Waaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa

  22. 26

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to present messages 20 and 22 as a contrast between red and blue state humor.

    One is flip, urbane, and ambiguous.

    The other is blunt, crude, and directly insulting.

    Have whatever political opinions you want, but know that one of the roots of good humor is to leave a loose end that the reader can fill in on their own.

    If you need primers on humor without feeling like your dogma opinions are being compromised, read P.J. O’Rourke. The guy hates liberals with an uncompromised zeal and is still funny as hell.

  23. 28

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    Pud @ 24:

    Quit with the “your side, my side” shit, at least when you’re addressing me. It’s fucking annoying. I am me. I am not on a football team. I do not get to make phone calls to the advertising desk of the New York Times, the campaign offices of Joe Biden, or anywhere else. I am (not directly) part of the Great Liberal Hollywood MSM conspiracy. I am not running for office, and do not plan to. I write here to be elucidating or at least amusing.

    You seem to have a tendency to personalize everything. You don’t really understand much about policy, law, or anything else. You understand Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are major-league dicks (I’d agree) and so by association, anyone who is not viciously, vehemently 180 degrees opposed to anything that comes out of their mouth is by definition, wrong.

    Let me get away from politics for a minute and talk about music. I love Miles Davis. I love his early period stuff on Blue Note. I groove on “In a Silent Way”, I think “Bitches Brew” is one of the most amazing records put out in the last 50 years.

    By most accounts, Miles Davis was at least at times a pretty awful human being. He was arrogant, abusive, a habitual drug user for a fair portion of his life, etc.

    I can separate Miles Davis the brilliant musician from Miles Davis the incredibly flawed human being. Try it some time. It’s good for your development as a human too.

  24. 29

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    Pud @ 27:

    Looks like 1930s all over again!

    Doesn’t look like a very flattering article to me. Was it the fact that it contained a more nuanced line than “Wow. Ahmadinejad, what a total dick!” that confused you?

    Besides, if you knew shit from shinola, you’d know Ahmadinejad holds very little power in Iran. The levers of power are held by the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khameni and the (appointed, not elected) Council of Guardians.

    Presidents of Iran come and go. During the 1979 hostage crisis, I recall the president was Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, an eloquent, cosmopolitan French-educated diplomat. The fact that such a cultured man headed up the (allegedly) democratic government did nothing to change the fact that what was actually going on in Iran was that a group of fundamentalist idiots under the direct instructions of Khomeni were slaughtering people in the streets, conducting a brutal war against Iraq (brutal largely for the Iranians, who lost an entire generation to the war, but, on the bright side, guaranteed four wives for every surviving man), and, oh yeah, held 52 Americans hostage inside the embassy, poisoning relations to the US to this day.

    I don’t like using words like “evil” because evil is a human trait, not an organizational one. That being said, the government of Iran under Khameni is about as close to evil as I would ascribe to an organization. Sometimes more reformist presidents come in, sometimes idiots like Ahmadinejad come in. The underlying government stays the same.

    And Khameni will never be seen in New York in your or my lifetime. Plan on it.

  25. 30

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    @ 24:

    Can you pronounce those strange countries at first sight?

    Yes, I can. In English and Mandarin. But I also don’t speak in front of the UN without a dress rehearsal or two.

  26. 33

    Puddybud spews:

    Sorry JSA: That’s the addressing method of ASSWipes.

    Deal with it!

    Oh… BTW… That’s great humor. Stupid Choir was fixated on Larry Craig above. So I dropped The Hammer!

  27. 34

    Puddybud spews:

    Also JSA: You legitimize him in the Middle East when you listen or meet or even have dinner with him. If you ignore him… he eventually goes away.

    I guess that’s lost on you too.

  28. 35

    Puddybud spews:

    JSA: Here is what your good friend wrote on ASSWipes:

    For the Clueless says:

    MTR – France has lots of “nukular” power. Wingnuts used to always point to France about “nukular”.

    It’s not the only one here but due to the deliverer… I rest my case.

  29. 36

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    Pud @ 34:

    I’m going to do a drive-by because it’s late.

    Ahmadinejad is a figurehead. A hood ornament. Totally completely useless.

    Nobody holds political power in Iran without Khameni’s say so. Khameni is not elected, seldom appears in public, and is accountable to nobody.

    Although I kind of like your idea of ignoring Iran and hoping they’ll go away, I don’t think that will work so well. Iran has oil. As nice as it would be if we could forbid them to sell oil, make that stick, and force them into bankruptcy, it’s not going to happen. We have fenced off Cuba and North Korea (for good reason, I’ll add), and Castro and Kim still hang around to cause us trouble.

    You have to engage Iran. You engage them with the full knowledge that they are a nasty, undemocratic regime with ill intent. Give them baby carrots when they behave, and beat them with the largest sticks you can muster when they don’t. Pray that one of these days the Iranian people figure out that without Khameni and the rest of the bad lot, life will get a lot better really fast.

    I wish there were a more clear-cut answer, but I don’t see it.

    p.s. Monk is cool, Mingus is cooler still, but Miles still rules them all. Deal.

  30. 37

    YLB spews:

    Oh mi Gawwwwd!!!

    If it isn’t PuddyLoser yet again going off on losermania about that figurehead nutjob running Iran or “our side”.

    Are you sceeered Puddy? Is it time for a little bombing to perk up your tired blood?

    Yeah I’m going to make FUN of that disaster of a chimp you voted for twice. If I didn’t make fun of the shithead I’d be crying for how he’s ruined my kids’ future.

    Speaking of which, when are you going to sign YOUR kids up for Chimpmeister and the neo-con’s future of ENDLESS WAR? Like never?

    Losing, losing, losing…. That’s your track record here Puddyloser and the future of all those who cling to your LOSER mentality.

  31. 38

    Puddybud spews:

    YLB is ignored above. Nothing said.

    JSA: When journalists and others from America engage him on our soil it legitimizes him. Soooooo, how can people call for the boycott of Iran and economic sanctions when you engage him, allow him a stage to spout off his propaganda?

    If the Columbia President confronted him with his rhetoric as said in Iran not just the Israeli pronouncements, it would have been better.

  32. 39

    jsa on commercial drive spews:

    When journalists and others from America engage him on our soil it legitimizes him. Soooooo, how can people call for the boycott of Iran and economic sanctions when you engage him, allow him a stage to spout off his propaganda?

    So if a nicer puppet like Mohammad Khatami was in New York, would that be better?

    I don’t see where this “legitimizes him” line comes from. The guy is a loon. His positions and attitude are so extreme that I doubt the presence of a reporter from Time or the NYT elevates his status in the eyes of his base. When he returns to Iran, he has the entire apparatus of the Iranian state to broadcast whatever he likes in plain, everyday Farsi to his primary constituency for the next 362 days.

    Do you think that he is building up a following of fans somewhere in the United States or Europe? I find this incredible. I don’t think you’ll be seeing Ahmadinejad T-shirts on the torsos of the fashionably left any time soon.

  33. 40

    YLB spews:

    I find this incredible.

    Everything about PuddyLoser is incredible – incredibly losing.

    How many people have asked if Hitler was standing right next to them, knowing what they know no – would they reach out and strangle him? Most of the time the answer is yes.

    But no… None of the neo-cons have bothered put a hair out of place on the sceery Iranian’s head. Know why?

    It threatens their wet dream of ENDLESS WAR! Not to mention all of them are a bunch of cowardly chickenhawks that have never served.

  34. 41

    Puddybud spews:

    YLB – The Clueless One: During the 1930s, too many in the news media failed to report accurately on the violent and racist nature of Adolf Hitler and his followers and Whackedmandinojab is following in his footsteps. There are many of his Farsi language based pronouncements from Whackedmandinojab only reported on us whom think right web sites. You don’t find them on the liberal MSM or Kos, Media Matters, etc. sites.

    But from your idiot commentary above you missed that.

    You also wrote:”But no… None of the neo-cons have bothered put a hair out of place on the sceery Iranian’s head. Know why?” – No I don’t. The next sentence makes no sense.

    Oh did you see your favorite candidates in last night’s debate said the troops would be there in 2013?

    Waaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa.

  35. 42

    Puddybud spews:

    JSA: I wouldn’t give Khatami the time of day either. There is one thing to talk to them. Their rhetoric is on the record from their internal speeches.