DREAM Act Came True

Last night The House passed the Senate Version of the WA DREAM Act (or whatever the Senate calls it) and so now it will go to Governor Inslee to sign into law.

The legislation would make state need-grant money available to undocumented college students, young people who came to Washington with their parents and in many cases have lived all their lives in the Evergreen State.

The 75-22 House vote came after 14 months of tension and maneuver.

It is a testament to the hard work of a lot of people that this got through the logjam that is our legislature. When the Senate passed their version, I thought that this might help pry loose some other popular bills that are dying in the Senate. So far, no. I still hold out hope for the Reproductive Parity Act and other bills that the legislature would pass if only they could get to the floor.


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    Pete spews:

    It’s worth noting that a lot of Senate bills that can’t “get to the floor” are stuck in the Rules Committee. Which is chaired by “Democratic” Lt. Gov. Brad Owen (D-War On Drugs), with, as vice chair, “Democrat” Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-Turncoat). And, of course, fellow turncoat Sen. Rodney Tom controls the committee assignments, another major bottleneck.

    The Tea Party crazies are basically running the show in the Senate now, but these three are right there with them. And they each play pivotal roles in helping to make the Senate the graveyard of good legislation.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    B-b-but Brad Owen is a Spanish knight, so it’s all in the name of the white horse he rode in on!

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    Ekim spews:

    Having grown up over in Eastern Washington in one of the RETHUG WELFARE counties, I know a few of the undocumented workers. (To be more precise I suspect they are undocumented but I don’t ask.) They are a hard working group who work the fields and put in long hours. And they get shit wages. Most white folk won’t/don’t work that hard or that cheap. (I worked farm labor during the summer as a kid for pocket money. But that was different. I did not have a family to support.)