Don’t let righties freep the KC Conservation District election!

Believe it or not, today is election day — one of those weird little King County Conservation District elections — and once again, our friend Stefan is trying to freep it.

There are only four polling places countywide, and you must vote in person between 11:30 am and 7 pm today. Stefan is pushing property rights advocate Bobbi Lindemulder… so that should be reason enough to get out there and vote for Kevin Raymond. Raymond is a land use attorney and former chief of staff to KC Executive Gary Locke; he is endorsed by Ron Sims, Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine.

This is, as I said, a weird little election, and it will likely be decided by a couple of dozen votes. So if you’re anywhere near a polling place today, stop in and cast a ballot:

  • City of Seattle City Hall. 601 – Fifth Ave Seattle, WA
  • King Conservation District. 935 Powell Ave Ste D SW Renton, WA
  • King County Fairgrounds. 45224 – 284th Ave SE Enumclaw, WA
  • Snoqualmie Valley Senior Center. 4610 Stephens Ave Carnation, WA

The KC Conservation District has a $6.1 million budget. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it supervised by people who actually believe in conservation?


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    zbigreddogz spews:



    Don’t worry, consider it a ‘moral victory’, like your victory in the Ohio special election.

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    Farmer Fred spews:

    Re 23: Looks like Stefan was right on this one. Imagine, a farmer who deals with land use everday winning over a urban King County lawyer. I’m shocked! Of course, I’m probably gloating to soon as Deano uncovers another 300 lost ballots or so for his D lawyer friend.

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    Ken In Seattle spews:

    Shouldn’t the 10 bucks ya have to pay to get within walking distance of the poll site (downtown) be considered a poll tax?

    I will drop by and refill my voter registration forms on the 5th floor while I am there.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    If the wingnut candidate is counting on Stefan to get out her vote, we have nothing to worry about, because only three people read Stefan’s pathetic little blog and he’s one of ‘em. The others are two little old ladies in nursing homes who vote by mail.

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    Another TJ spews:

    The KC Conservation District has a $6.1 million budget. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it supervised by people who actually believe in conservation?

    Now, that’s just crazy talk.

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    I walked into Seattle City Hall today and proudly cast my vote in the Conservation District election. Surprisingly, there was a line of about 10-15 people waiting to vote when I arrived. Saw two people I recognized — Scott White, chair of the 46th District Dems, and Wyatt Wood, a member of the e-board of the 36th.

    One of the election officials indicated that this election is carried out like this because of some long-ago law requiring it to not be done at the same time as a primary or general election. As for being all in-person with no provision for mail-in ballots, it’s probably a matter of cost. Imagine sending out all those ballots and getting just a couple percent (if that) back. Still, if turnout rises, as it apparently has done this time around, maybe KC Elections will open more polling places.

    I showed my voter registration card as ID. If I hadn’t had that, any standard picture ID would have been fine. Most people had their driver’s licenses at the ready. One of the officials used a laptop to check every single person against the voter file.

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    For the Clueless spews:

    19 – BOZO – you’re a fine American. Bush is breaking the law – unlike Nixon, we don’t know who he’s eavesdropped on and all you want to do is laugh at people who care about such things.

    I don’t how you live with yourself. You’re pretty pathetic.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Do you actually believe Bush has a group of people spying on the likes of you????

    I suppose you are nervous about someone knowing how much you spend and what you purchase @ SAFEWAY so you don’t use a SAFEWAY CLUB CARD either!
    Bush is lurking clueless…..just waiting to see what Coupons you use to buy TOFU with!!
    What a friggin’ KLOWN!

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    Jimbo spews:

    So you think we should put an envro-lawyer vs a life time farmer. And your reason for this is?

  10. 11

    For the Clueless spews:

    Hey BOZO! Look what’s conservatism has come to – it’s OK to break the law! Why don’t you and the extra chromosome crowd at (un)SP just lynch Bridges and storm the Capitol in Olympia with your precious Glocks in hand! Put Dino in!

    Just say you’re fightin’ the war on Gas Taxes and car tabs over $30!

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    headless lucy spews:

    re 11: …because he’s a reprobate or a masturbator?

    Janet: Did you know that God says in the Songs of Solomon that he will: “…lift up your dress and expose your shame!”

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    For the Clueless spews:

    Hey Janet S – I’m going to pay off Jim McDermott’s fine with the money I get from suing Bush for spying on ME without a warrant!

  13. 15

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I have some GREAT news for you….Bush isn’t spying on YOU!
    You overwhelmingly qualified for the Useless Piece of Shit Exemption! You also qualified for the Total Waste of Space and Clean Air Exemption too!!
    hey clueless….you aren’t paranoid WHEN THEY’RE REALLY OUT TO GET YA!!! right buddy??
    Why in the fuck would anyone waste time spying on you numbnutz!?

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    Cougar spews:

    Cynnical, do you think that GWB’s spying on US Citizens is ok? You also seem to know an abundance of ‘exemptions’. Which category did you fall into (literally)? 1) Drunk without a clue, 2)Shriveled shell of a person, or 3)Impotent Pricks Anonymous?

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    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Way to do your own research goldstein -the info posted 3 hours ago (9:58am v 1:28pm) at the far superior and doesn’t rely on “open thread because I’m too lazy to post” No wonder this site is in the dumper… even in blogging you liberals are welfare queens.

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    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -Awwww. The poor rich retired BOZO is paying 3.2 more cents a gallon for his gas. Awwwwww. Poor little rich boy. –

    What gives you the idea Mr. Cynical is rich, ftC? The guy can barely spell, barely communicate, and tends to be quite anti-social all the way around.

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    Janet S spews:

    Does your guy have the endorsement of that reprobate, Jim McDermott? Guess Jim won’t be handing out any campaign funds for awhile to his buddies.

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    Jack Burton spews:

    After going to all the above links, AND the links provided there, I cannot for the life of me find an EMERGENCY situation.

    Is the viaduct sinking? Yes?

    Is it an urgent situation? Apparently, for some, it is.

    ::Rolls eyes::

    This just reinforces my policy of NOT going north of Tacoma unless I’m getting paid.

  19. 23

    For the Clueless spews:

    BOZO @ 2 (still wanting Rome to be built in a day, very reality-based).

    Awwww. The poor rich retired BOZO is paying 3.2 more cents a gallon for his gas. Awwwwww. Poor little rich boy.

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    eponymous coward spews:

    Ohhhhhhhh, miraculously it has recently been declared SAFE. What happened, did the WSDOT give the AWV anti-biotics to help HEAL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, it passed the semi-annual inspection it gets, which you’d know, if you weren’t a right-wing loon.

    Here’s the press release. We’ll see if your tiny brain can get the important parts. I’ll help and bold them for you.

    EATTLE – Analysis of the Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection results from last weekend indicate a small amount of settlement has occurred on the Viaduct. An area that WSDOT has been monitoring has settled an additional 3/8 of an inch to a total of 4 ½ inches. The settlement is in the same area that WSDOT has been monitoring near Columbia and Yesler streets. No structural damage was found as a result of this settlement.

    “The Alaskan Way Viaduct remains safe for drivers,” WSDOT State Bridge Engineer Jugesh Kapur said. “We will continue to closely monitor the Viaduct to assess whether additional repairs are necessary.”

    WSDOT bridge engineers and inspectors will continue to monitor the Viaduct every three months and conduct full inspections every six months, as has been done since 2001.

    WSDOT has been watching the section near Columbia and Yesler streets. In 2004, WSDOT determined that if the columns in this area should settle a total of 6 inches, repair work would be needed. If WSDOT bridge engineers continue to see a trend of settlement prior to reaching 6 inches, repairs may be made sooner. WSDOT has completed the design for the work, but won’t need to begin that effort yet.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    King County…what????

    I’ll never understand this state. Every position, including the dog-catcher, has to be an elected position. I can’t figure out half of them on the ballot, and every other month there is an election of one type or another (school levies, etc.) Why don’t we just elect the major players, and let them appoint everyone else?

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Raymond is endorsed by land-robber Ron Sims you say???
    Raymond is a lawyer???
    All the more reason to vote Boobi Lindemulder.
    Someone who is an actual property owner may actual add an important voice to the mix. These Conservation Districts are notorious for use money to buy/steal property they really don’t need to buy/steal. There are different approaches to CONSERVATION that ought to all be represented.
    These elections are very, very strange.
    Some folks are probably not too likely to vote if they work….especially with the great Seattle traffic.
    This is DAY 140 of the Traffic Congestion Improvement Vigil—
    Traffic still sucks!!!!
    140 days since I-912 failed under the guise of Transportation Emergency’s with AWV. Ohhhhhhhh, miraculously it has recently been declared SAFE. What happened, did the WSDOT give the AWV anti-biotics to help HEAL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TAX, TAX, TAX. You boneheads always want to be in charge. Well you are 100% in charge in Washington and you obviously don’t know what in the hell you are doing!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the bad work you KLOWNS!