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    spyder spews:

    Tommy Lasorda could never have been Tommy Lasorda on the East Coast; he was every bit an LA celebrity for an LA team. If the battle between Juan Marichal and Johnny Roseboro had been relegated to NYC, it would never have made the impression it still does in some circles. No, never would i wish the bums had stayed in Brooklyn.

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    SeattleJew spews:

    You GOTTA be kiddin! ARod left Seattle for moolah! Once they paid for his gold plated jock strap all they could afford was a farm team.

    A Rod went to NewYawk .. to be a YANKEE,
    He is givin up lotsa moolah,
    Cause he wants to be more than a poobah.

    A Rod is a goin to be a Teamie,
    Perhaps with less of the Green,
    Cause he wants a Champ to be seen!

    Duck duck there is guano flying,