Do Pam Roach’s Laws Apply to Pam Roach?

I assume this bill that Pam Roach introduced is just her acting out (h/t).

(1)State employees shall be truthful and forthright when providing information or answering questions related to the scope of their employment, the performance of their duties, and the operations of the agency at which the state employee is employed.

(2) State employees shall be truthful when providing information of any kind.

Oh, see, those state employees who accused me of losing my temper at staff, and the witnesses were clearly lying. Why I’ll write a law that gets them fired if they keep saying things about me. Yeah that’s it.

Senator Roach is probably unaware of the first rule of holes. I mean, given her caucus abandoning her for some time, given the settlement, and given the second case, it’s pretty clear who was lying in that case. I don’t think you’d have even had much disagreement among Republicans until they needed her to make a majority.

Or, perhaps she’s just looking forward to a time when she can ask who moved her roses. And the state employees will have to tell her the truth. Maybe, I guess.

Or come to think of it, she can ask all the state employees who leaked the second report of her abusing staff. If any of them know, they’ll have to give it up or risk disciplinary action. In any event, I’m sure this law will be bad news for whistle-blowing government employees. If that’s a feature or a bug of the law, you can decide for yourself.

One last thing, I see one of the few co-sponsors is Rodney Tom. Makes you wonder if “prefers Democratic Party” counts as not being “truthful and forthright when providing information or answering questions related to the scope of their employment,” when he goes and caucuses with the GOP and votes for their budgets.


  1. 3

    rhp6033 spews:

    What I can’t figure out is how somebody like Pam Roach stays in office. Does she not face any serious challengers?

  2. 4

    tensor spews:

    Wow, that lying, self-serving bag of bitter bile still blights us? How’d she survive the auto-dehydration of continuous bawling after teh geyhs all gots married?

    As for mystery of continuance in office, all of her critics are eeeeevviill Seattle libs who hate Jeebus. Also, doling out free meth might buy some votes, and dealing drugs may well be high amongst her family values.

  3. 5

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Will this law require discreet state employees to reveal what they really think of their bosses?

  4. 6

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Take a trip to Enumscratch and talk to a selection of local yokels and you will understand how she continues in office. Must be something in the water that contributes to ‘Roid Rage.
    I’m not sure if her sonny boy is still sucking at the public teat, but he’s another prize example.

  5. 7

    don spews:

    That Roach kept her mouth shut after Jim West made lewd comments about her son on the floor of the house way back when says it all. Only after West’s predilection for young boys was revealed did Roach decide to open her mouth to tell the world she knew all along. Disgusting.