Dino Rossi… you got played!

No doubt Dino Rossi, Luke Esser and the solemn gatekeepers of public decorum in our corporate media are patting themselves on the back right now, after the state Dems switched the soundtrack on their Rossi/BIAW video in response to bullshit complaints that it was anti-Italian. (Jesus… when did Republicans get so PC? Oh yeah… when it suits their purpose.)

Here’s what the Dems’ Kelly Steele emailed the TV news programs last night around 10PM, after they made the switch:

As promised, the WA State Democrats have changed (not pulled, as previous wire stories indicated) our video regarding Rossi and his relationship with Olympia’s most powerful special interest lobbying group — the BIAW — who are Rossi’s designated attack squad and continue to pour millions into false and misleading attack ads against Gov. Gregoire.

The new video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIjkx0ScWPw

The video was in no way meant to allege or imply that Republican Dino Rossi or his extremist, right-wing developer allies have ties to the mafia or organized crime, nor did we intend to offend anyone, which is why we changed the song. We were happy to err on the side of sensitivity in response to a very reasonable criticism/observation by Mr. DiJulio, regardless of his political motives.

Yeah, well, as I emailed Kelly, I still think he’s a pussy for backing down like this (Kelly… my cat’s got bigger balls than you do… and he was neutered as a kitten), but it’s interesting to note that the end result of this mini manufactroversy is that the actual message in the Dems’ hitherto obscure web video has reached a much wider audience than would have been possible without the Republicans’ help.

About 24 hours after the video was released no more than a few hundred people had viewed it on YouTube, most of them via my post here on HA. But between the time Postman breathed life into the story and the time the state Dems changed the soundtrack a few hours later, the YouTube counter had flipped past the 2000 mark. And that’s on top of the tens of thousands of viewers who saw extended clips on the TV newscasts last night… viewers who I’m guessing found Rossi’s cozy relationship with the BIAW more disturbing than the Dems’ choice of musical accompaniment.

So Rossi, Esser, DiJulio et al… thanks for getting the message out, and for free. We couldn’t have done it without you. (Chumps.)

As for the new soundtrack, I don’t know what the tune is, but it sucks by comparison. You can view the revised video here, or as I public service, here once again is the original video, which I had the forethought to download from YouTube and upload to my own account as a public service:


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    rhp6033 spews:

    Back in the 2004 election challenge, the Republicans had a pretty clear PR strategy. They didn’t put forth all their arguments at once, and then spend the next few weeks debating whether they were true or not. Instead, they had a daily press release, dribbling out allegations so that each day the media was spending it’s limited time reporting the new charges, and not having time to investigate & debunk the ones which were released yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that.

    It had the added advantage, for them, of using the “death by a thousand cuts” to damage Gregoire, and also encouraged the media to start referring to the King Co. Elections Dept. as “scandal-plagued”, or the election itself as “controversial” – as if a false allegation, by mere repitition, ultimately becomes accepted as a fact (a strategy Goebbels embraced heartily).

    So we are beginning to see the Republicans try to use the media in the same way in this election. First they attack the Native American gaming compact, and imply some corruption. Then they get the Times to release the list of the governor’s donars, again implying (without an iota of proof) that there must be some corruption involved. Yesterday we have the mini-controversy over the BACKGROUND music on a You-Tube video.

    I suspect that they plan to keep up this strategy for the next several weeks. The Seattle Times seems quite willing to accomodate them. But quite frankly, if this is the BEST they can do, they are REALLY having a tough time finding ammo to throw at Gregoire. At best, they are trying to diminish the stench of Rossi’s BIAW links by setting the ground for saying “…but the DEMOCRATS are corrupt, too!!!!”.

    Time to get back on the street. I’ve got about eighty homes in my subdivision HOA. I’ll make sure all of them know how the Republicans plan on winning this election – by presuming that the voters are ill-informed and easily manipulated. Eventually the media will be embarrased when they repeat the Republican charges without prior investigation.

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    Richard Pope spews:

    I thought both of the soundtracks sucked — including the first one. I don’t subscribe to HBO, and I had no idea about The Sopranos or the soundtrack to that show. By itself, the orginal soundtrack seemed totally out of place. I can only conclude that the original song was chosen because it was from The Sopranos, and not because the song had any independent merit. I don’t think this was a deliberate ethnic insult by the video’s creators. On the other hand, I believe a substantial portion of the Italian heritage community genuinely felt the original soundtrack was an ethnic insult.

    Overall, I would have to score this controversy as an advantage to Rossi. Maybe the video has been significantly more publicized, but it is not a new theme in the election. Presumably, the voters would otherwise know that the BIAW strongly supports Rossi, just like they would know, for example, that certain unions and Indian tribes strongly support Gregoire.

    The new factor brought into play here is the Italian heritage community. Presumably, Gregoire had at least 40% to 45% support among that ethnic community, maybe even around 50% or so. If a significant portion of that community believes Gregoire or her supporters are guilty of anti-Italian ethnic slurs, then that would likely cost Gregoire support among people who would have otherwise voted for her. And it would likewise tend to cost support among non-Italians who are also offended by the perceived ethnic slur.

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    Ethnicity is a funny thing — in a way. It is perfectly understandable to have teams named the Minnesota’Vikings’ or the Cleveland ‘Indians’. But many would find it distasteful to have to root for the Chicago Polacks, the New York Jews, or the New Jersey Negroes.

    Is the mere mention of some races or ethnicities inherently ‘racist’? If it is, it shouldn’t be. Propss to George Carlin for the comedic observation on sports teams

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    vigilante @5,

    You’re shitting me, right?

    A) Nice job dispelling that Italian mobster stereotype; and B) Congratulations on learning how to use the phone book.

    It’s just hard to take seriously the vague threats of somebody who hides behind a pseudonym and an Amsterdam based anonymizer.

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    YLB spews:

    The new soundtrack isn’t too bad. It conveys the same basic message.


    Just listen to the guy talk. He’s a total deceptive sales job. He can’t say Gregoire’s name. He’ll never refer to her as the Governor. His “plans” are fantasies and the rationales for the fantasies are outright lies. He’s counting on voters to believe his bullshit and reject the newspapers or anyone else who calls him on it.

    He’ll spew these lies with a smile on his face because it’s worked for him in the past.

    He’s backed up 100 percent by BIAW who almost makes sleaze look good by comparison.

    As for the media, always count the Blethen Times out, they’re 100 percent behind this fraud along with BIAW.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    9 YLB

    Rossi thinks HE’S the Governor. A clever reporter could get him to say it.

    …with credit to A Few Good Men:
    ” I think he wants to say it. I think he’s pissed off that he has to hide behind all this.”

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    Steve @10,

    WordPress tracks the IP from which comments are posted, and I can look these up to find a general geographic location. For example, your IP clearly shows that you are commenting from Seattle.

    However, there are services out there that allow you to mask your IP so that it cannot be traced, a couple of which are based in Amsterdam. So when I see somebody commenting on my local blog from Amsterdam, it’s usually safe to assume that they are using an anonymizing service to hide their identity. It’s pretty cowardly.

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    YLB spews:

    10 – It’s a service that’s hides your true ip address. Without an anonymizer it’s pretty easy to trace where a poster to a blog originates using a traceroute kind of utility.

    The asshole in 5 could be posting from BIAW headquarters but because he used an anonymizer, all we know is that the post can only be traced back to Amsterdam.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Larry Hunter, the supply-sider who helped put together the economics passages in the Contract with America and served as chief economist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (and who now backs Barack Obama):

    “The Republican Party is a dead rotting carcass with a few decrepit old leaders stumbling around like zombies in a horror version of ‘Weekend With Bernie,’ handcuffed to a corpse.”

    Does that make John McCain the corpse?

  10. 17

    Steve spews:

    @13 “For example, your IP clearly shows that you are commenting from Seattle.”

    Interesting. Close. At work I actually post from Bremerton, but I think we’re routed through a Seattle-based server in the Seattle office, which might explain why you’d say Seattle. I would imagine that, by what you say, you would also be able to tell which are the few posts I make from my home in Union.

    @14 “The asshole in 5 could be posting from BIAW”

    Yeah, probably Mark Musser hinself. Hmm, maybe Brad Spears. Both are known commie-fascists. What’s with these right-wingers and projection anyway? Can’t they control themselves? Or do they conciously fear to let it be known who they really are and what they really believe. Geez, I reckon that I already know the answer to that one.

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    Jim, (a genuine musician) spews:

    Is that you down the street with the Deeeno sign in the front yard?

    Come on over if you have the guts.

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    Christine spews:

    It’s going to be a close race for Governor
    The Democrats will do anything to keep the seat.

    Lets review Christine (keep counting til I win) Gregoire’s (and the demcratic legislature’s) performance.

    1. Gave Boeing a 2.4 billion tax cut (Including a property tax exemption and an ongoing 40% reduction in B and O tax,) ostensibly for 3000 jobs that never appeared (maybe 1000 jobs were created that’s 2.4 million per job). What about all the OTHER businesses in this state that must pick up the slack?
    2. Raised the cost of government 50% over 4 years (with no appreciable improvemnet in quality of life or services [in fact many things are worse e.g. ferry system and highway system])
    3. Gave away extended gaming rights to the indians for free!!! The legislature we had a deal in place that would net the state over $140 million each year which she canned. Heck some states (like Conn. get almost half a billion form their indians.) I am sure future tax audits will show that she got/will get more than just campaign contributions from the tribes. Hell Rep Prentis made it a FELONY to play online poker because it competes with tribal gaming.
    4. Set asside 16 million for children’s health care that in it’s first year cost 45 million with over half going to illegals.
    5. Pushed Light rail on us and now even Ron Sims and former Secretary of Trans. McDonald are against expanding.
    6. Created a sanctuary state that encourages illegals to migrate here and then gives them more benefits per capita than legal citizens of this state. Most illegals do not pay any taxes other than sales tax. About a THIRD of our prison population are not citizens. Does this tell you something?

    I could go on and on on the irresponsible spending of the powers that be. They have enough money to fund thir pet projects but must levy new taxes to preserve our parks and services that matter to the general population. I don’t see the governor or the legislature looking after the people of this state (unless they are illegals)
    It’s time for a change! (not just for governor)

  13. 20

    Jim, (a genuine musician) spews:

    Daddy Love:
    Don’t be so mean to corpses. Grampy’s running mate will be Reagan’s casket (including remains), which he will drag around to fundraisers on this little cart.

    It’ll make Grampy McGeritol seem young.

    Or something.

  14. 22

    Steve spews:

    @19 “It’s time for a change!”

    To what? A commie-fascist coddling SOB like Rossi? Spare me, please. Quit trolling and do something you’re good at, like voter suppression and election fraud.

  15. 23

    Christine spews:

    7. Took Washington state from a 2.2 billion dollar surplus to a 2.4 billion dollar deficit. Which means they must tax us even more.

  16. 24

    Richard Pope spews:

    Christine @ 19

    You are TOTALLY WRONG on assigning the blame for the $2.4 billion Boeing tax cut. This tax break (HB 2294, 2003 Laws 2nd Special Session Chapter 1), was passed when Gary Locke was Governor in a special session of the state legislature held on June 10-11, 2003:


    Christine Gregoire had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Boeing tax break legislature.

    However, Dino Rossi, as a member of the state Senate, voted IN FAVOR of the $2.4 billion Boeing tax break.

    Since the $2.4 billion Boeing tax break is your TOP ISSUE in the upcoming Governor’s race, you should consider SWITCHING YOUR SUPPORT from Rossi to Gregoire.

  17. 25

    Christine spews:

    My list was not listed in order of importance.

    That’s your assumption. We all know about people who assume.

    And while it’s true that Gary Locke was gov. BUT I cited the Legislature as well when I asked for change.

    Most of the state Legislature that was in office then are STILL in office.

    The Gov and Legislature took Washington state from a 2.2 billion dollar surplus to a 2.4 billion dollar deficit. This means your taxes will go up even more to meet the shortfall.

    As I said:

    It’s time for a change.

  18. 26

    rhp6033 spews:

    Christine @ 19:

    So, is Rossi campaigning for Governor by coming out against the Boeing tax break? Is he saying that she should have done nothing, and taken the chance that the 767 would have been built in South Carolina, Alabama, or any one of the other locations which were in the competition?

    Does he really want to go before the thousands of Boeing workers in this state and tell them that when their jobs are on the line, he will tirelessly protect … the right of Boeing to outsource?

    Why don’t we ask him? And when he doesn’t answer, let’s ask him again! And again!

    Oh, and by the way – good luck with that one.

  19. 27

    Auburn's Finest spews:

    75,000 Boeing workers in Washington State. What was the final margin in the last Gubernatorial election?

    All of C@.19’s immigration statistics are completely made up.

  20. 28

    rhp6033 spews:

    By the way…..

    The DJIA lost another 350+ points today, closing at 11,453.42. Bad news included reports that Libya will cut oil production to offset any increased production by Saudi Arabia, and the President of OPEC stated that he thought prices would reach between 150 to 170 p/bbl this summer. In addition, there was bad news on the automotive, high-tech, and financial sectors of the economy, as well as a GDP report showing growth at less than 1% annual rate (BEFORE the bad news of the past month is calculated in).

    So as of today’s closing, the “Bush Economy” has grown an average rate of 1.09%. Investors in the DJIA would have done better to put their money in federally-insured savings accounts – assuming that the federal government still has enough money to stand behind that insurance promise.

    Two and a half more days like today’s performance in the stock market, and Bush will leave behind a NEGATIVE DJIA growth over the seven years of his presidency.

    Reminds me a bit of a joke from the 1980’s:

    First Man: “Do you know how to you make a Texan a millionaire?”

    Second Man: “I don’t know. How DO you make a texan a millionaire”?

    First Man: “Well, you start with a Texas billionaire”.

  21. 29

    YLB spews:

    19 – Wow. Nice list of BIAW talking points to debunk.

    Cut and paste by a “blog warrior” for Rossi.

  22. 30

    rhp6033 spews:

    By the way, I presume a lot of Rossi supporters figure they can do without the Boeing vote. “There all union leaches who vote for the Democrats anyway”, they will say.

    But they are wrong. There are lots of times when I am at various places at Boeing, and I will see television in break rooms or customer lounges tuned to Fox News, or hear workers with radios tuned to right-wing talk radio stations. Let’s face it, Boeing isn’t the U.S. Justice Dept., and workers there come from all over the political spectrum.

    Moreover, aside from the union-represented mechanics and engineers, there are LOTS of non-union workers at Boeing. Those Boeing workers who are expecting to get that stock performanc incentive payout based on Monday’s closing stock price are non-union. (But guess how THEY are going to feel about the current state of the stock market?). And, of course, there is management. And some of the 767 supply-chain work is being “domestically” out-sourced to non-union workers in a separate company with warehouses located in Everett.

    So, Rossi supporters, go ahead and spit in their eye, if you dare.

  23. 31

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    I heard that several of the big wigs at BIAW have felony records. Wow – what a great bunch of guys to hang out with Rossi!

  24. 32

    Christine spews:

    Obviously Gregoire supporters are in denial.
    I can back up my points. My detractors can not!

    No one has defended the Governor’s override of the tribal compacts that the legislature had negotiated. These compacts would have netted the state $140 million a year. BTW do the tribes pay taxes? No state gas tax, no state sales tax.
    Yet we build the roads that the gas and the goods they use are delivered on. I’d say the non-tribal citizens are getting screwed.

    The children’s health care bill introduced by Judy Clibborn 41st district was initially budgeted for $16 million. After the figures of what it really cost came in it really cost 45 million. More that half ($25 million) went to illegals. And there are a lot more citizens than illegals. Again Washingotn citizens got screwed.

    Additionally, according to the GAO 27% of the prison population are non-citizens. We need only to look at the recent shooting of a woman on the UW campus, the rape of a woman in eastgate,the murder of a police officer, and the kidnap and murder of a 12 year old girl last July 4th by illegals as evidence of the mounting problem.

    As for the Boeing issue, READ WHAT I SAID.
    I am not against Boeing !!!

    They said that building the dreamliner in Washington would generate 3000 ADDITIONAL jobs.
    in fact it has generated about 1000.

    No current jobs in Washington were threatened. They would still employ all the people that they do. This was the increase that never came. at 2.4 million per job, There should have been binding conditions on those tax breaks. Lousy negotiating in my opinion. Thank the Democratic Legislature for that one. I’d say we got screwed.

    As for my statistics on illegal prison population. See

    And if you don’t believe that, how about the Government accounting office?
    According to an April 7th, 2005 General Accounting Office (GAO) study entitled, “Information on Criminal Aliens Incarcerated in Federal and State Prisons and Local Jails” [Report # GAO-05-337R] prepared for the Congressional Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims:

    “27% of the total population in all U.S. prison systems (including city, county, state and federal) is composed of criminal aliens.”

    It also points out that illegals cause 25 murders a DAY. Do the math! Illegals caused 9000 deaths in the US last year. In a single year more than DOUBLE what the WAR has cost over 5 years. Again we are getting screwed.

    All I’m saying is that while illegals have seen an increase in handouts to them, the general citizenry in Washingotn has seen no benefit from the last four years. Can anyone point out how the quality of life in washington has improved due to the governor or legislature?

    I can back up my points. My detractors can not!

    Let Steve @ 22 back up his statement.

  25. 33

    Kristine spews:

    Much amusement was had when I recognized the new Rossi ad tune as the theme track from the series “Six Feet Under”. Guess the reds haven’t figured that one out yet. ;-)

  26. 34

    Steve spews:

    @32 “Let Steve @ 22 back up his statement.”

    You must be one of those commie-fascists from the BIAW. I notice most of the hate was missing from your May newsletter. Someone come down on your ass?