“Didier…?” That’s French, isn’t it?

Speaking of conservative Republican hypocrisy, check out the Seattle Times’ profile of Tea Party senatorial candidate Clint Didier:

A former NFL player turned farmer, Didier has repeatedly called the federal government “a predator.” He vows to oppose the “Marxist utopia” he says Democrats want to create — “where everyone is taken care of from womb to tomb.”

But Didier himself has cashed in on one big government aid program. He has received nearly $273,000 in federal farm subsidies since 1995, according to a database of U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidies maintained by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

In fact Didier’s entire way of life, and that of his parents, was made possible by that federal predator and the massive irrigation and hydro-electric projects that came out of the New Deal era. “Without water from the Grand Coulee, we would be nothing more than a desert,” Didier acknowledges, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to stop government from making the kind of investments that might lift other families out of poverty.

It’s amazing. Nobody has benefited more from government investment and subsidies than farmers like Didier, yet come tax day, all they can do is bitch.


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    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Good catch.
    The Grand Coulee dam certainly looks like some experiment in Marxist utopia building.

    There’s gotta be a group some where that wants to blow it up.
    Perhaps they can endorse the French guy’s run on the implicit understanding he intends to remove this unholy monument to Marxist utopia.

    Find that group Goldy. :-)

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    Michael spews:

    Now that there is a good post!

    He’s also big on bashing the very brown people he employes on his farm. Don’t like illegals, don’t employ them.

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    ArtFart spews:

    It’s probably worth pointing out that Didier previously worked in an industry that’s notable for extorting gigantic subsidies from every community in which it has a franchise.

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    cheese-eating surrender monkey spews:

    Clint Didier (one of HA’s chicklets calls him Clit Diddler) totally succeeds as a poster boy for the French Disease or the French Pox: Allow Euro Socialism to get into the food chain and the water supply and pretty soon we all come down with the trots.

    The Farm Bill has been a Frenchified French-fried affliction since 1933. In early years, in a time of Great Depression hunger, it rewarded fat cats for not farming and pushed the poor, mostly black, off unused land.

    In later years the Farm Bill paid Sam Donaldson for roping goats.

    In 1996 Republicans tried to wean fat-cat farmers like Donaldson (and Didier) off the government nipple, but they were too far gone on socialism to survive withdrawl.

    And the worst part is that — whether we’re Tea Partiers or Libertarians or Libs or Republicans — we’re all socialists now. Newsweek told us so. That’s the alleged “news” mag that tried to cash in on Obama by sucking his arugula. That’s the “news” mag that’s so deep in Obama’s tank that it’s tanking. But maybe socialist Obama will nationalize it or shoot it up with a stimulus bailout.

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    Mark Centz spews:

    Damn you ArtFart, beat me to it. But not just communities are getting taken, but those corporate luxury boxes attended by overtaxed corporate suits and their families and hangers-on are deducted as entertainment expenses from their federal income taxes, trickle-down strongly encouraged by Uncle Sam to create service employment for their attendants.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Let me get this straight – not only does he have a name which assorted vandals can’t help but deface on the yard signs (no political motivation need be present), he also was a “tight end” in his former occupation.

    So much for the women’s vote.

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    Troutski spews:

    And the same fellah will tell you that he is a self-made man, pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, and is a rugged individualist.

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    Mark1 spews:

    Who cares. At least he works for a living unlike Goldy and many other H.A. happy Libtardos.

    I just wanna know why one-sided Goldy hasn’t yet posted a thread about Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal yet.

    His antics and embellishments mimic the almighty twice-beaten Ditzy Darcy Burnout.

    (hears crickets chirping….)

    Perhaps another Schrammie award? :)

    Good day all.

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    Daddy Love spews:


    Yes, Blumenthal. A man whose every minor slip of the tongue has now been uncovered thanks to Linda McMahon’s millions of dollars of oppo research. Fear and smear, when you don’t have policy, platforms, or programs.

  10. 12

    Daddy Love spews:

    Dammit, I already AM using an avatar.

    Ok, then, why doesn’t it let me log on? Is that up and running yet?

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    Alki Postings spews:

    I have to subsidize this whining gits “rural lifestyle” choice. He only HAS a business because the government provided rural electrification, rural irrigation, rural telephone/internet access (subsidized by extra fees on those of us in the city), rural highways and interstates to move his farm products (again mostly paid for by the majority of us in the cities). This jerk, and most people living the rural “lifestyle” are living their lives from the money the city folks provide. They’re not living ala Daniel Boone, hunting off the land and making their own clothes and building a log cabin from hand. They want all the 21st century convenience, but still want to PRETEND they live by themselves “off the land” with no help from anyone else. What jerks. My money pays for your rural “lifestyle” so grow up and stop whining.

  12. 14

    John spews:

    @ 11 A man whose every minor slip of the tongue

    Claiming to serve in Vietnam on multiple occasions when in fact he had obtain deferments is a minor slip of the tongue?

    @12 Dammit, I already AM using an avatar

    Just a second confirmation that you’re a dope.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 13: I’ll repeat what my mother taught me about why she became a Democrat.

    In the 1930’s, one of FDR’s New Deal programs was the Rural Electrification Program (or cooperative). At the time only those in cities or towns had electricity, it was very rare to have electricity more than a mile or two out of town. The private utilities claimed the right to provide electricity to those areas, but postponed it indefinately because it cost more money to string the wires there than they would collect in revenue in the near term, and providing electicity to cities was a lot more profitable to them.

    But when the federal government stepped in with a program to provide electricity to the rural areas, they let up a howl. First of all, they wanted to keep the right to a monopoly in the rural areas indefinately, even if they didn’t want to serve them anytime soon. Secondly, they feared that once the federal government showed that electricity could be provided at a much lower cost than the utilities were charging, there would be lots of complaints and they might have to reduce their rates in the cities, as well.

    So when contractors started digging holes for poles and stringing line on government contracts, the utilities responded by hiring thugs to run them out of town, by force if necessary. But the farmers who would be affected were not intimidated, and they organized to protect the crews who were stringing the wires, and some made it clear to the utility owners that further problems would result in consequences to them, personally.

    Anyway, my mother well remembers that the utilities owners were all Republicans, and that a Democratic President and Congress were the ones who eventually brought electricity to their south Alabama farm.

    (Unfortunately, the program didn’t extend to sewer or septic services. I remember visiting my grandmother’s farm when I was young, and going to the bathroom at night involved shoes and a flashlight).

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Speaking of Tea Partiers:

    My old home-town newspaper is reporting that at the Republican Lincoln-Day Dinner, they are requiring speakers to fill at least two tables with pre-paid guests (cost is $2,000). The purpose of the dinner is to allow candidates to speak, after which there will be a straw poll. One of the candidates has refused, claiming that it would be fiscally irresponsible of him to use his donar’s contributions in such a way.


    Which leads me to wonder:

    (a) If the Republican Party is so ascendent in this mid-term election, then why, in this very red-state area, do they force speakers to buy two tables worth of seats in order to make sure enough attend the gathering to pay the bills?

    (b) Is this particular candidate really declining to speak due to fiscal issues, or becuase (1) he can’t raise the $2,000 required, (2) he didn’t plan to attend anyway because he didn’t want to end up last on the straw poll, (3) he didn’t want to associate with known liars, (4) he hoped his refusal to attend would generate more in publicity appealing to the Tea Party base than his mere $2,000 could buy, or (5) all of the above?

  15. 18

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Well, Didier wasn’t worth a shit in the NFL, and he’ll be the same in politics. Who wants to bet that as soon as the primary is over he’ll run third-party as a Teeper spoilsport?

  16. 19


    I hate to facilitate thread hijack, but I’m compelled to correct John @14, who said:

    Claiming to serve in Vietnam on multiple occasions when in fact he had obtain deferments is a minor slip of the tongue?

    Unlike Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and just about every Republican asshole you can think of, Richard Blumenthal did serve in the military during the Vietnam War. His minor slip is saying in instead of during. As in:

    “I served our country during Vietnam”.

    or, using in correctly:

    “I was a sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve in the Vietnam War era”.

  17. 21

    dave spews:

    @19 Unlike Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and just about every Republican asshole you can think of, Richard Blumenthal did serve in the military during the Vietnam War. His minor slip is saying in instead of during.


    Nonsense. He obtained at least five deferments over a five year period until the last was in jeopardy. Then, according to the NYTimes, “he landed a coveted spot in the Marine Reserve, which virtually guaranteed that he would not be sent to Vietnam.”

    Moreover, over the years he had a pattern of either mis-stating his record or never correcting it in third party profiles. The most recent – hardly a slip – was only the last of a long history.

  18. 22


    Dave @ 21,

    It seems like the NY Times quote you give directly contradicts your claim.

    “Moreover, over the years he had a pattern of either mis-stating his record or never correcting it in third party profiles. The most recent – hardly a slip – was only the last of a long history.”

    Sounds like you’ve been listening to way too much Wingding talk radio.

    And if you chose to continue this off-topic conversation, please take it to an open thread. I will delete further comments on this topic in this thread.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    I think that’s my first deletion–but it probably isn’t.


    Back to Didier–what’s he going to say when Patty Murray points out to voters how much he took in from the millions she has obtained for our state?

    Probably “Wolverines!”

  20. 28

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Seriously, Goldy? That kinda blows. No more Mike The Mover for (insert political office here)? :(

    What about write-ins?

  21. 29


    Didier had said that he would run even if Rossi was in the primary hunt. Goldy may take that bet but I wont. The Times was trying to clear the path. I think Dino may just run… if anyone has the Times’ ear its Rossi.

  22. 30

    ArtFart spews:

    Does Mr. Didier have people working for him on his farm. (Ain’t much of a farm if he doesn’t.) Has he made sure, shall we say, that their papers are all in order?