Did Pam Roach out Jim West?

In other inconsequential news… it’s no secret that fellow Republican State Sen. Pam Roach doesn’t much like Spokane’s future former mayor, Jim West… and now we know a little bit more about the reasons why. According to The Spokesman-boy love-Review, West made an inappropriate sexual comment to Roach about her then 18-year-old son Dan. (Question: are there appropriate sexual comments a man can make to a boy’s mother?)

Roach told The Spokesman-Review that West was kneeling by her desk in the Senate chamber in about 1990, conferring on a piece of legislation, when he saw her 18-year-old son, who was working as a tour guide in the state Capitol.

“West told me, ‘I want to do to your son what no mother would want to know,’ ” Roach said. “He then got up and left.”

Hmm. I’ve seen Rep. Dan Roach (R-Bonny Lake) in action in the Legislature, and I’d like to do to Dan something Pam wouldn’t want to know… though my fantasies mostly involve removing him from office.

Disgusted with West, Roach said she told fellow Republican Sen. Ann Anderson about the encounter. Roach said she also later told her son. Dan Roach, who is now a Republican state representative from Bonney Lake, confirmed West’s comment through his mother.

Anderson, now a lobbyist for Central Washington University, recalled the incident, but said her friend West told Roach, “Pam, you have a nice-looking young son.”


I suppose Roach might have gotten the wrong impression after West proceeded to pull down her son’s pants. No wait… the article says it was as a scout leader that West allegedly would “‘pants’ the boys”, not as Senate Majority Leader.

Anderson claims that she and Roach recently discussed the incident before the current controversy over West broke. Which raises a question… when exactly did Roach relate this story to the Spokesman-Review? Two different sources have previously suggested to me that Roach may have actually tipped off the paper to some of the allegations against West. I don’t like printing rumors, and since my sources at the S-R denied it, I chose to not to run with it myself. But in light of this new information, one can hardly blame me for speculating on the possibility.

So Pam, if you played no role in exposing West, I apologize. But if you did, well then, I suggest you take credit where credit is due. But either way, please don’t shoot me.


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    thehim spews:

    “West told me, ‘I want to do to your son what no mother would want to know,’ ” Roach said. “He then got up and left.”

    If he leaves the governor’s office, at least there will be a job at NAMBLA waiting for him.

  2. 3

    thatPrick spews:

    Somehow I have a feeling Pam Roach is the wrong person to hit up if you want a mother to supply her son for homosexual services!

  3. 4

    thehim spews:

    Uh, mayor’s office I mean… sorry, I’m a little off today thinking about governors and whatnot…

  4. 5

    thatPrick spews:


    That’s understandable. Spend 5 minutes listening to the Republicans, and you can no longer tell the difference between mayor and governor, or Spokane and Olympia, or down and up.

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    harry poon spews:

    I’m surprised that Mr. Cynical hasn’t weighed in on this topic. Aggressive closet gays seems like a subject he knows something about.

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    chardonnay spews:

    Is everyone working in Olympia related to each other? I mean please the Govs office alone is unethical. Mommy Gov and hubby (?) now daughter.
    But hey, where is Crissy this week? Oh that’s right, Gregoire is having a two-day retreat (yesterday and today) – all agency division heads are meeting with her in Lacey (can you imagine the $$ in that room – at our expense!). They are meeting to discuss her legacy – go figure? What a waste!!! WHY NOW — AND WHY TODAY & TOMORROW? She must need some real support with the start of the trial. Everyone is forced to stroke crissy’s ego or else you will perish.

  7. 9

    chardonnay spews:

    Goldy is on KVI w/Stefan
    deep breath Goldy, I know Stefan is your hero.

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    Mr Cynical's Hand spews:

    Hey, let’s not smear NAMBLA with Jim West — he’s the kind of guy who threatens to give pedophilia a bad name!

  9. 12

    zapporo spews:

    Do I detect a bit of Mr. Cynical envy in this thread?
    Cynical wannabes?
    Cynical enviers?
    Ha! – This is indeed funny.
    The lefties secretly longing to be cool, sophisticated, and as well spoken as the conservatives.

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    thor spews:

    Did Pam vote for West as Majority Leader? Are there any other unmarried closeted guys on the GOP side of the Senate who are gay that feel needs for cover in their districts? Is that why the GOP Senate locked down together on the gay rights bill this year – despite several GOP senators wanting to vote yes?

    Here’s what I don’t get. Why would seemingly smart people risk so much for such lousy sex? West is giving homosexuals a bad name. Surely the only time sex can be even reasonably worth the effort is when its consensual. If there’s going to be sex in politics, can we have a rule that its at least good sex?

    To all pols in the closet having bad sex: there’s far better sex available. Its consensual. It need not happen in cars in parking lots. No minors involved. Be sure to be safe. It is not necessary to hire people on the public payroll in order to have sex. And it typically helps to come clean about your sexual orientation – if you want to have sex with someone legitimately it usually helps when like-minded people know you’re available and it would dramatacially improve your sex life.

    Oh – and there are thousands of homosexuals in this state who aren’t nearly as interested in shopping on-line for sex with people 30 years younger than them as they are interested in living full lives. My sense is the vast majority simply want their rights to work, buy a home, get insurance and settle down together.

    No gay person I know is gay like Jim West. But lots of republicans I know are republican like Jim West.

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    Homo Ffectional spews:

    NO!!! I DON’T think the Democrats want him!!! I don’t think even the “Sex Party” just north of the border wants him at this point…