Via Publicola:

Supporters of Seattle Port Commission candidates Rob Holland and Max Vekich charge that supporters of his opponent, David Doud, have been reporting every link on the Reform the Port organization’s Facebook page as “abusive,” which results in an automatic removal of the links. “It’s just seventh-grade stuff—it’s not like that’s going to win an election,” Reform the Port supporter Heather Weiner says. Reform the Port is not formally affiliated with either the Vekich or the Holland campaign.

That kinda shit is just plain petty, but unfortunately it’s happening more and more all the time. For example, it’s become a common practice to issue bogus takedown requests to YouTube, sometimes prompting YouTube to pull one’s entire library of videos, with little recourse. (It’s happened to me, which is why I now post to multiple accounts.)

Politics is a contact sport, and that’s okay, but dirty tricks like this threaten to ruin these online services for the rest of us. Shame on Doud and his supporters.


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    Echo Hill spews:

    The attack on the Facebook links, the race-baiting push poll and the ACORN-related distortions being sent around by Doud’s supporters are desperation tactics. It appears Doud and/or his supporters have concluded he can’t win by saying who he is or what he wants to do at the Port. These tactics are another sign he shouldn’t win.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I think all HA’ers ought to pay very close attention to your words here..
    cuz when it comes to pettiness, Goldy has no equal!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Echo Hill–
    Obama & his trolls have overplayed the race card…pure & simple.
    ACORN is a criminal organization getting Public Funds…that needs to stop.

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    bj spews:

    And most of Doud’s endorsements are from Republicans. That should tell you all you need to know.

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    Cyinical @2,

    Yeah, well, even if that’s true, I’m defacing no web site or service other than my own, rather than ruining Facebook and YouTube for the rest of you. That’s the difference.

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    ArtFart spews:

    @1, @3 Uhhh….Whatever ACORN’s virtues or vices (which are in fact debatable), what in any way does it have to do with the qualifications of someone to run the Port?

    Or is it simply that ‘winger candidates for anything can’t find much else coherent to talk about?

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    BeerNotWar spews:

    One complaint can cause a link to be disabled? You know who should design these sites? Game designers. You NEVER give that kind of power to any user. It is GOING to be abused. If there is any means for a bad actor to be slapped by other players it has to be set up so it can’t be abused. For example, if you want to kick someone out of a game of Battlefield a supermajority vote is required. Only true douchebags get kicked that way.