Debate is a Strong Word for These

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the format of the presidential and vice presidential debates this year. As usual, they don’t really feature a strong back and forth or the chance to get into the minutia of these things.

They will be a better chance to air their points than ads and press releases, so I suppose that’s something. Still, they won’t have to have more than 2 or 3 minute’s knowledge on any topic to sound intelligent. That’s a shame. So many people watch the debates. Even if they haven’t decided the outcome of many elections recently, it’s still an important part of our democracy, and it’s sooooo watered down.


  1. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wages are adulterated. Products are adulterated. Education is adulterated. What isn’t adulerated these days? Everything is.

  2. 3

    ev spews:

    Here is one huge issue for the debates. The source of leaks on National Security Issues risking lives!
    David the Devil Axelrod is now changing his mind about the White House being the source. Of course the White House is the source Axelrod you fuck.

    Watch for yourselves. Listen to Axelrod.

  3. 4

    Liberal Scientist is a a dirty fucking hippie spews:


    See Libby, Scooter.

    (“David the Devil” – that’s cute, in an infantile sort of way)

  4. 5

    Steve spews:

    @3 Yeah, let’s put the neocons back in charge. Great idea, you dumbfuck twit. Why do you hate America so damned much? And why are you so fucking stupid? Did you get dropped on your head as an infant or something?