Dear Senator Murray;

Thank you for opposing a sanctions bill against Iran at this time. While we don’t know the future, it’s important to give negotiations a chance to work, if we want to find a long-term fix to Iran’s nuclear problem. While most of the hard work remains, it would have been hard to imagine getting this far, even a year ago.

If future negotiations fail, there will be time to impose new sanctions. If we have to go back to more belligerent actions and rhetoric, at least let us say we did what we could to have real peace.

And hopefully these sorts of negotiations will lead to advances on human rights and other issues where we differ with Iran. Being able to sit at the table and make real progress can often lead to more sitting around the table and making more progress.

Thank You Once Again,

Carl Ballard

You can write Senator Murray here if you want on this or any other issue.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Aw shucks, does this mean the GOP won’t get to start another war they can’t finish?