De Lurk Day

The comment threads are dominated by just a few people. Some are great, some are trolls. Some are somewhere in between. But there are a lot of people who don’t comment. So, here on a lazy Saturday is a chance for those of you who don’t comment or don’t comment much to say “hi.” Or don’t: who in their right mind would want to interact with some of the commenters. Comments from regulars will be deleted.


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    waguy spews:

    HA is on my daily list, along with Americablog, Atrios, Calculated Risk, Daily Kos and SLOG.

    Here’s a link that encapsulates how I feel about our nation:

    We’re #1

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    Enoch Root spews:

    I remember the good old says when Tim Eyman was only just beginning to be called a horse’s ass.

    I gave up on even reading the comments here, or anywhere, really. I’m also continually amazed that anyone pays any attention to comments at all. It’s only trolls and those being trolled. All noise no signal.

    Here’s a thought: If someone has something interesting to say, quote them in a new ‘blog post. Then I won’t have to read a bunch of asshole right-wingers whining about how reality doesn’t line up with their cherished beliefs (or at least whatever part of that they need to say to get a rise out of well-meaning liberals).

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    BigBrother spews:

    I just watch and I am everywhere…..

    No really, I have been reading this blog a couple of times a week for years. The only time I look at the comments is if its pointed out there is some particularly egregious or humorous in an update to a post. As a regular reader, it usually isn’t worth reading the comments (as a front page poster I can see it could be helpful). As for leaving comments, I emailed Goldy once when I had some information he might find useful other than that, this is my first comment. As a poster do you find it useful for someone to leave a comment even if it is just to say “I agree.”
    Even with Goldy stepping aside for his new gig, I still find it useful and informative to come here often.
    I guess even though the front page items are worth reading, it is just not worth my time and effort to get involved with some of the comment sillyness.

    Lurkers of the world unit.

    PS: Like waguy I DKos, AmericaBlog and the others, although I will have to check out calculated risk. Don’t comment at those places either.

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    back it up dude spews:

    um, if this is what non comemnters have to say, I don’t see the point in inviting them to comment.

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    Left Behind by the New Democratic Party spews:


    Seattle’s a good city, and worth fighting for- despite its constant attempts to make itself irrelevant…


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    kotzebue84 spews:

    It’s a beautiful rainy Sunday – no time to comment. I’m off to the Ballard Farmers market.

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    zzippy spews:

    Hmmm… I wonder if I’m regular enough to be deleted… or not.

    Jeff, I miss Goldy too.

    I love HA and Digby and Thom Hartmann, and I think that Daily Kos is too establishment for me. I think those at SP are simply idiots, and I read The Corner to see what the other side is up to — and for amusement.

    I have proven to my conservative Christian co-worker multiple times while driving to or from lunch or meetings that you can turn on Rush Limbaugh and catch him in a lie within 90 seconds, usually when he’s attributing motivations to some amorphous straw-man group called “liberals” or “the left”, but also in bald-faced lies often enough to help me realize that he’s scum. It’s also fun to point out Michael Medved’s inconsistencies to my co-worker as well.

    Carl/Lee/Darryl: I think of commenting many times (less so about the marijuana stuff), but then when I actually go to comment, because this single father with a more-than-full-time job is damn busy, all I can think of or have the time for is “Right on!”, and I don’t think that’s worth cluttering the comment threads with. I usually ignore the trolls who don’t have anything useful to add anyway.

    Oh, and I LOVE the Friday Multimedia Extravaganzas! I watch those videos throughout the weekend.

    One of these days I’ll make it to one of the Drinking Liberally gatherings; I love a good IPA and have never been to the Montlake Ale House. (I live on the Eastside, or whatever you Seattleites call it.)

    Regardless of whether you delete this comment or not, this regular reader appreciates your writings — keep up the good work!

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    Danny spews:

    Hello. Don’t spend as much time here as I used to account I hate too many of the trolls and regular commenters.

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    rujacksoff spews:

    Glad to see President Obama has lied to his supporters once again with his new Drill Baby Drill announcement. Still the idiots drool over him because he is half-minority. When will they wake up and start a 3rd Party like the Tea Party did?? Instead, you idiots continue to delude yourselves about this guy and will vote for him again no matter what he says or does.
    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa say the left-wing sheep!

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    leftai spews:

    Been reading this site for about 4 years.

    My latest thought:
    All the persons in congress, and the president keep talking about controlling spending and cutting budgets (mostly on the backs of those with no recourse, i.e., money, to defend themselves). BUT, no one in Congress, house or senate,or the White House is admitting any responsibility for the huge deficit and continued spending of more money than income, which of course only increases the deficit.

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    zzippy spews:

    @17: Speaking for myself only (not HA), only in your own mind.

    @13: The points that I’ve made on HA about the Seattle Times and Republicans are accurate and correct. My co-worker makes a big deal of his Christianity and is at the same time somewhat hypocritical when it comes to Christ’s teachings (which is not uncommon among the conservative “Christians” that I know), so I consider it relevant to mention.