Dave Reichert’s $500,000 of free TV advertising

Via Open Left, Democratic consultant Blair Butterworth explains Dave Reichert’s half million dollars in free (ie, illegal) TV advertising, and how this scam works.


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    Who needs to raise money anymore these days. Just get credit on air time near the end of the election cycle, and worry about paying for it after the election is over.

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    proud leftist spews:

    And, I thought Sheriff Dave believed in abiding by the law. Shoot, another illusion shattered . . .

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    Tom Foss spews:

    The real and fundamental problem is that the penalty for flagrantly breaking the campaign finance laws is just a slap on the wrist and becomes a cost of doing business. The BIAW, the Repubs, and Rossi are all one and the same and feel free to ignore the law. Now Reichert has joined them.

    The FEC can be a bit more serious but hey, if you win, raising the dough to pay this off is as easy as can be. Especially if you are in Congress, or you are in the Governor’s mansion. And this money can be raised outside of campaign limits.

    This is what happens when you believe Government exists to benefit you and your cronies. That is the approach for the modern repub party.

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    This is the Republican approach: abuse the rules, break the law and worry about the consequences after it is too late for it to matter on the outcome.

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    uptown spews:

    Sherriff Dave’s internal polling numbers must be bad for them to even bother running more ads at this point in time. Most people stop listening to ads after the first hundred times.

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    Jack spews:

    Blair Butterworth is well paid by Bruner as a consultant.

    There is no scam, Riechert is paying as the ads run.

    The Bruner folks need to find a real issue. Public gives a shit. Way over the real voter’s interest level.

    Buy the way, credit arrangement and loan are two different plans, well understood by any business person.

    If the polling is breaking for Bruner, finally, go to work on why and increase the margin … hey, how simple can that be?

    Quit giving Richert free media.

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    zapporo spews:

    Seven grumbling posts already without a shred of substantiation from an admittedly democratic party consultant.

    I’m just shocked that the HA minions provided no proof.
    Simply shocked.

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    Breadbaker spews:

    Meanwhile, the banner ad atop your site is a Reichert ad that links to “Constructionvotes.com/Reichert”. A very odd feeling.