Darcy Burner closing in on $600,000 cash on hand

While most of the rest of us are preparing to celebrate the new year by eating and drinking too much, Darcy Burner is spending the day glued to the phone, calling potential donors to ask them for their help in meeting her all important 4th Quarter fundraising goals, and according to Darcy she is tantalizingly close to meeting one key target: she’s just $10,000 shy of reporting $600,000 cash on hand. Where Darcy’s fundraising stands at the end of the year in relation to her opponent and other Democratic challengers will help determine how much early support she gets from the DCCC and other organizations, so if you haven’t already given, please give to Darcy before midnight tonight.

Of course Darcy’s not the only progressive challenger out there who needs your help to leap past their fundraising targets, so please consider giving to the full slate of Blue Majority candidates, and help us make 2008 a very happy new year.


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    Upton spews:

    Whats the point? Burner’s candidacy is a monumental waste of time and money. She lost, last time, in a Democratic year (2006) in a district that voted for Kerry in 2004.

    She doesn’t have a prayer. She could raise 600 million dollars and she still, barring a scandal, wouldn’t beat Reichert.

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    So…how does The Darcy do this?

    “Hi ya sailor…new in town?” or words to that effect?

    Instead of spending the holiday eve with her kid, she’s badgering people for $$$ on their holiday eve? Yikes! Talk about wearing out your welcome!

    The Piper

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    Don Joe spews:

    @ 2

    I’m not sure why you’re surprised by this. All she needs to do is aver that she would have pushed for impeachment of Bush and Cheney had she been elected to Congress in the last election.

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    That’s really astounding, and demonstrates just how hard she has been working to fund raise in a typically quiet quarter. As a comparison, she’s a half million dollars ahead of her record fundraising pace of two years ago.

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    dflnd;g spews:

    The darling of the darcypimp wasted her Christmas eve whoring for publicity and now her New Years eve whoring for dollars. That tells us volumes about her dedication to her brat. What a selfish bitch.

    Finally, an open fucking New Years note to the fuckers at fucking horsesass: I want to fucking thank you fucking bastards for fucking showing me how fucking cathartic it is to fucking constantly say ‘fucking’, You fucking pricks, especially you goldfucker, have fucking taught me to fucking lower my fucking blood pressure, fucking calm my fucking nerves in fucking dealing with my total fucking and complete fucking hatred of fucking Seattle liberals. Your fucking lessons in fucking anger management has been fucking liberating.

  6. 7


    dflnd;g – thanks for demonstrating exactly why we need to elect people like Darcy Burner who represent our values, and not people like Reichert who have supporters like yourself.

    I just donated again after reading your pathetic comments.

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    ArtFart spews:

    3 “All she needs to do is aver that she would have pushed for impeachment of Bush and Cheney had she been elected to Congress in the last election.”

    I wonder if she would have or not. Early in the last campaign, I had the opportunity to ask her about the likelihood of impeachment assuming a Democratic majority, and she said that notion was being softpedaled to “avoid scaring off the middle-of-the-road voters”. Whether that was her personal thought or what someone advised her to say, I have no idea. The way things have turned out, it’s all pretty moot. Nowadays, I’d be more interested in asking a candidate for the House whether they’d be in favor of impeaching Pelosi.

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    Great! I gave last night. Do I get an aliyah?


    I am not big on censorship, but some fo the offal above belongs in the crapper.

    We are getting together with Bill from DL for bubbly and cake at midnoght. It is my birthday as wlel as the annual feast of Yashk;s circumcision ya know!

    I gather you will be with your daughter? Sounds like the best NY possible! If she is old enough and you want to share some bubbles, you are always welcome here too.

    Lets make O8 a new era!

  9. 10


    Piper ..

    I hope you will drink some bubbly with us to celebrate both the brit millah of your savior (his circumcision) and the advent of O8 the first year of something better!

    As for Darcy, do you live there? If so, it may be worthwhile looking at her and Reichert in terms of issues. I am amzaed these days that often it is the dem who comes closer to that part of MY ideology that you and i share.

    Tell you what, I will take a serious llok at Dino IF you do the same for Darcy! How is that for an offer!

  10. 11


    To Piper et al ..

    How come it is OK to call Darcy a whore while you folks object to us describing Bush as a dimwit? Which is more polite?

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    Mark The Redneck-Goldstein spews:

    Sure was a terrible year for you moonbat democrats. Let’s review:

    Despite an all out attempt by the librul media to create a recession, it didn’t happen. Stock market is up 6.4% for the year. Interest rates are down and near historic lows, and unemployment is at its lowest level in 50 years. Inflation is nowhere on the horizon.

    The vast majority of bills passed by the new democrats in congress were for naming buildings after people. Real important stuff. They failed to accomplish every one of their stated objectives for 2007. Approval ratings for this bunch of kooks are at all time historic lows which bodes well for them next year.

    President Bush’s surge strategy worked in Iraq. Despite the efforts of fucking idiots like Reid and Pelosi for us to surrender, GWB beat them too.

    Despite all the alarmist predictions by the Gawd of “Global Warming” Algore there were exactly zero hurricanes this year. So once again his prediction of “dire consequences” proved to be bullshit. Oh yeah… and the Cascade mountains here have a record amount of snow. But I’m sure you gullible fools interpret cold stuff like snow to be caused by heat.

    Fucking losers…

  12. 14


    You know what might be fun? If just one of you Darcy haters attempted to make a cogent argument for why Dave Reichert is doing a good job serving the interests of 8th CD voters? Huh? Can any of you actually defend Reichert?

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    k spews:

    Eloquent as usual Redneck.

    Think those interest rates have anything to do with the crashing mortgage market. That sure went well in ’07.

    The Democrats have been a bit of a disappointment. The record breaking pace of Republican filabusters, the Bush vetoes and the fact that for much of the year they did not have a working majority in the Senate certainly contributed.

    The lives lost and long term debt brought about by the Bush adventure will ensure he is remembered as one of the worst. Are you proud it has taken this long to seemingly bring some semblance of control to Iraq? And remind me again, why did we go in there?

    And oh yes, 2007, the year the Bush administration acknowledged climate change.

  14. 17



    How about making the case for replacing Dave Reichert? Other than The Darcy is as nutty in her political beliefs as the MoveOn/Daily Kus/netroots/HA Happy Hooligan cast of characters.

    That she couldn’t beat Dave Reichert in the bluest of blue elections tells me she approached the high water mark, and that was the aegis of her flood tide.

    Also, her absolutely ridiculous Huffington Post blog about one of the Demo Prexy candidate debates was simply stunning in its vapid and shallow nature. Fashion commentary??? Like, how valley girl was that???

    The Eighth Congressional District is centrist in nature, and efforts to prop up a very left-wing candidate and make her even lefter then the leftist left among all you lefties will backfire.

    A great example is Don Joe’s assertion that her pushing for impeachment will do the trick. Hey! I know lots of Democrats in the Eighth who are appalled by that prospect; Bellevue and Auburn aren’t Queen Anne or Capital Hill!

    Additionally, she keeps running against President Bush, who won’t be on any ballot in 2008. Increasingly, even on the national stage, Iraq is disappearing as a campaign topic – hard to argure the surge isn’t working in face of the facts that it is with December being the month with the lowest U.S. casualties since the start of the war – so without that, what’s The Darcy got left?

    That good for a start?

    The Piper

  15. 18



    I don’t quid pro quo my political beliefs. Additionally, I’m a Republican who believes in Republican values even as too many so-called “Republicans” in office have become RINOs.

    I live in the First Congressional District, which adjoins the Eighth, and I’m here to tell you, The Darcy isn’t as popular as you might think…and this word I get from Democrats.

    Increasingly, my sources tell me, is that she’s seen as captive of the hard left, and that if she’s to get anywhere, she needs to move right to pick up more of the center.

    I’m not particularly a huge fan of Dave Reichert since he’s more liberal than I would like, but I’d gleefully, joyfully, and vigorously support him any day of the week and twice on Sunday before I’d support The Darcy.

    This one of your comments: “I am amzaed these days that often it is the dem who comes closer to that part of MY ideology that you and i share.” Not sure I understand what you mean.

    BTW…I do want to wish you a very Happy New Year! The riposte and debate should never interfere with Good Will Toward Men! You have the integrity of your beliefs, and you’re not afraid to attach your true name to them, which is something I respect; good for you!

    Still…that The Darcy spends her New Year’s Eve dialing for dollars does bespeak a bit of sleaze. There’s a bit of hooker in every politician, isn’t there?

    The Piper

  16. 19


    Piper – If 2006 was the “bluest of blue election” years, then why is it Burner has raised almost $500,000 more at this point than she did 2 years ago?

    Perhaps 2008 will actually be bluer. Indications are that it will be.

  17. 20



    Because a fool and his/her money are soon parted?

    How else can you explain the attraction of Vegas?

    November 2008 is, politically, an eternity away; anything is possible, and it’s all up for grabs!

    The Piper

  18. 21


    The money trend is national Piper – but the point is taken: you think Democratic supporters are fools. That’s so upstanding of you. Fact is Democrats are out fundraising Republicans 2 to 1. Energy for the presidential race is all in the Democratic race, with none of the Republicans inspiring much enthusiasm from the base.

    2008 will be far bluer than 2006.

  19. 22

    ArtFart spews:

    “she keeps running against President Bush, who won’t be on any ballot in 2008″

    Seems to have somehow served the Republicans pretty well to have spent the last eight years running against Bill Clinton’s penis.

  20. 23

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 I don’t live in her district, but I gave her some money just to spite you. Darcy thanks you, piper!

  21. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 I think Cathy McMorris should resign from congress to be a stay-at-home mom. Cathy is neglecting her child. She’s a bad mom.

  22. 25

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 P.S., I hope you give yourself an aneurysm.*

    * Just kidding! Humor ripped off from Ann Coulter Jokes, LLP, no royalties paid — if she doesn’t fucking like it, she can fucking sue me!

  23. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I don’t know why that idiot thinks “fucking” is a bad word. Fucking = bunnies. What’s bad about that? We need more bunnies!!!

  24. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 The more you look at Dino, the worse he’ll look. Don’t overlook …

    1. His only qualification for supervising 100,000+ state employees is a college job supervising 1 part-time janitor.
    2. He worked for a broker who went to jail for robbing widows and orphans.
    3. After the crooked broker got out of jail, Dino couldn’t wait to work for him again!
    4. Dino has no plans for Washington, only a desire to bulldoze and pave over the entire state so his BIAW buddies can get rich (in the hope they’ll throw a little of it his way).
    5. Dino has the temperament of a 3-year-old. We need an adult, not a toddler, in the governor’s mansion.
    6. He’s a RepubliCON (nuff said).

  25. 28

    dsflkwem'fj spews:

    Fact is Democrats are out fundraising Republicans 2 to 1.

    SO FUCKING WHAT… it hasn’t helped in the past… it certainly didn’t help the darcypimps little darling last time around. You fuckers ALWAYS out-fundraise us… whoop de fucking do… sleazy politics PAYS… that doesn’t change the fact that Americans, in the LAST 10 BATTLEGROUND POLLS, identified themselves 2:1 as conservative over liberal… Ten straight Battleground Polls over more than five years, and the between fifty-nine and sixty-three percent of Americans, when given six different choices, four of which did not have “conservative,” chose to be identified as conservative. Only thirty-six percent of Americans called themselves “very liberal” or “somewhat liberal.”

  26. 29


    Piper …

    No you did not andwer the questions, you osted an awful lot of biblical text that did ot address the questions. The you went on t say it does not matter because after all you believe in what you believe. So, in regard to religion, facts do not matter just blind faith. OK?

    Now you tell me the same thing applies to your politics, you are something called a “Republican” and apparently are more interested in that appelation than in any facts. Isn’t this more blind faith?

    As for your calling Darcy a whore because all poiticians are whores, … I guess I am to respectful of politicians and whores to make such a stupid remark. I for one am greateful for those politicians who made this country possible .. even if in your bok, Washington was a whore.

    Lets go back to the offer, you associate Darcy wwith something called the hard left? What the fcuk is that? Last I looked the uS did not even have a socialist democratic party .. the centrist parties of most of the industrial world, much less something as hard left as the Swedish conservative party. What in hell do you mean??? On what real issue do you see Darcy as hard left as compared to mr. R??

  27. 30

    Upton spews:

    I’m a liberal, I would vote for Burner if I lived in the district, but facts are facts. Taking all the possible scenarios into account, the odds of her winning are so low, that her candidacy appears to be a classic exercise in futility.

  28. 31

    aine spews:

    I doorbelled for Darcy during the last campaign in a neighborwhood of people who might be classic dems, working class folks. Darcy was not just disliked; people seemed to have real hostility toward her. This concerned me and I raised some questions when I returned to campaign headquarters. I was told the “campaign experts” had this under control (whatever that meant). Apparently her poor reception in a classic blue collar neighborhood was more of a problem than her handlers imagined.

    I also saw her in person on several occasions. While initially personable, she ultimately comes across as a women driven by a desire for personal success rather than someone committed to priciples of democracy or with a vision for change. sort of like hillary.

  29. 32


    @31 aine

    I hope you call the DB headquarters and share this information. It seems to me that Darcy can win but she needs to play on the issue underlying a lot of the 2008 year … rationality.

    In a year where most folks feel safe that the radical right is not going back to the WH, I think most of the concern about R vs B, is confined to the part headquarters (anf Goldy’s sphere). The Independents will rule this year.

    How to get that vote is the challenge. Running vs. GW Bush will only work if the candydate can be seen as part of the new movement. DB needs to play herself as devoted t fixing the harm done by Reichert as a Bushie.

    DR is doing a good job of positioning himself as rational esp bt supporting the environment. DB should raise that aspect of DR. Instead, I would play on Reichert’s role in voodoo economics and the need to support investment in infrastructure, education, and transport if we are to keep MS and Boeing.