Could I please have those five minutes back?

So… Joni Balter kinda-sorta admits that Washington is not a battleground state… and then expends 740 words pretending it is. And we learned what from this column?

You know, the main downside to reading the Seattle Times online for free, is that I can’t demand a refund or threaten to cancel my subscription.


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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    So why are you still reading her columns?

    Yeah, I know, you feel obligated. But I stopped years ago, and look – it hasn’t hurt me one bit!

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    What we learned, I think, is that Joni wants the campaigns to buy ads here. Too bad for her employer that the only buys they’ll make (if there are any at all) will be on TV.

    On second thought, it’s good for all of us if newspaper magnates don’t buy up TV and radio media outlets.

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    ewp spews:

    Prediction, we won’t see much or any of “maverick” John McCain in WA state over the next few months. The only person who thinks WA may go for the GOP is Dino Rossi, and I think he has to maintain that delusion to keep from crying himself to sleep at night. McCain will not be driving large numbers of people to the polls in WA state, and unfortunately for Rossi, McCain has no coat tails. In fact it’s possible that McCain at the head of the GOP ticket will result in fewer Republicans voting in the governors race than four years ago. McCain is Bob Dole redux.

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    Who knows if that will happen this time?

    Wait… is she really asking me?

    How do I submit my guesses? Is there a pool going or is this more like a trivia contest? Or does she not know?


    Obama has spurred Obama-mania, if turnout at February caucuses is to be fathomed and understood.

    is redundant and just ridiculous.

    70% of over around a quarter million people said Obama. There, it is understood AND fathomed! Woo!

    Damn, that was easy. This is the best quiz ever!


    By November, after a little Swift-boating by Republicans and some mistakes of his own — he has the absolute worst taste in pastors — he will be a mere mortal.

    Seems like either Joni hates Jews or just hasn’t been paying much attention.

    What do I win?

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    rhp6033 spews:

    “Sen. John McCain ought to stop by and tell us exactly what role he played in the big Boeing tanker deal — you know, the one that ended up going to Europe’s Airbus.”

    Fat chance. My best guess is that he will have a carefully controlled rally in Eastern Washington, and then drop into a private fundraister in Medina just long enough to collect some big checks.

    That’s the one trip where McCain might want to bring Bush along. If McCain travels with Bush, and Bush schedules at least one “official” event (perhaps a stop at McChord Air Force Base), they can get the taxpayer to write off a lot of the expense of the trip, and the added (heavy) security will ensure that no protesters or reporters get within hearing, visual, or even telephoto distance of him. They will be talking to the 20% who still think Bush is doing a fine job, so Bush won’t be as much of a liability for him – providing he can do it without any pictures being taken of the two of them together.

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    Truth Teller or Something Else spews:

    Sure, we’re a battleground state… it’ll be close as to whether McCain can get 40% or not. I predict Obama will just miss, only getting 59.5% of the vote. But, it’ll be exciting to watch those late returns from King County pushing him towards the 60% mark.

    Is that the sort of column you write when you have no freaking idea what to write about???