Cell phone poll: Kerry 55%, Bush 40%

Polling firm Zogby International reported the results of the first nationwide text messaging poll, finding that young, cell phone users favor Kerry 55% to 40%.

Much has been made about the fact that traditional polling may underreport support for Kerry, because it does not reach voters without land lines, who tend to be young and urban. While the Zogby poll shows overwhelming support for Kerry in this demographic (18-29 year-old likely voters), it is not clear what, if anything, it says about the traditional polls. Zogby points out that the results are almost identical to those for 18-29 year-olds with land lines.

What is clear is that if young voters — many of whom will be voting for the first time — turn out in large numbers, they will decide the election in Kerry’s favor.


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    Josef spews:

    Yeah, well they would have been thoughtful to do one for this state.

    The only 2 things for sure are I-892 dead and Rob McKenna (RMK) State AG. Probably also that Sonntag will keep his job.