Catholics for Marriage Equality

In our secular, democratic country, it probably shouldn’t matter that a large group of Catholics is taking out an ad saying they support marriage equality. You can be any religion and support any law based on the merits. But since the hierarchy is making a push, it seems fair for a large group of laity to push back.

The names of more than 1,000 Catholics will appear in a full-page newspaper ad Sunday endorsing Washington’s marriage equality law.


The advertisements of Catholics in support of same-sex marriage will appear in the Herald of Everett, The Seattle Times, and the Yakima Herald-Republic.


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    wharfrat spews:

    When a kid gets born the state provides a birth certificate providing for identity and a bunch of legal rights and responsibilities. The kid’s parents or guardians can decide if they want the kid baptize or otherwise inducted into a religious org. Why is it so difficult to apply the same to marriage. Get your legal rights and responsibilities via a standard contract at the courthouse and get your religious stuff at church.