Catholic politicians in the USA

I’m watching a forum on C-Span from February of this year. It’s moderated by Tim Russert and includes former RNC chief Ed Gillespie, Democratic advisor James Carville, and columnists E.J. Dionne and Peggy Noonan.

You can watch it here.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I like James Carville. He’s smart, knowledge, and has a good perspective on our nation’s challenges and problems — all of which can be solved by removing Republicans from office.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The REAL Reason PSE Customers Waited Longer to Get Power Back

    “Let me be the first to congratulate Puget Sound Energy for its courage and foresight in abandoning the local-office concept, reducing [the number of] actual employees and relying on ‘outside contractors’ for most construction work [‘Lack of linemen slows job of restoring power,’ Local News, Dec. 21]. Of course, this was ballyhooed as an attempt to ‘spread the savings on to our ratepayers,’ but was actually union-busting …. — Stephen Morris, SeaTac”

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    whl spews:

    If James (Skull-a-tor) Carville is a Democratic advisor, who is he presently advising? Who is listening to the talking skull? He wanted Dr. Howard Dean trashed as the DNC chair. They told Carville to piss off. He wanted Rep. Rahm Emmanuel retained as the DCCC chair. They told Carville to piss off. Wow. What an impressive advisor. Oh, you can still be an advisor even if no one listens?

    Maybe the bloggers in the Pacific N’west can send Carville a series of e-mails explaining that 1992 is like so LAST century.

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    skagit spews:

    I agree about Carville. I liked him at one time and I’ver read his books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Great sense of humor.

    But, married to Matelin, he is compromised although he’ll never admit it. Also, he’s so trying to manipulate Hillary into the Dem’s slot. It is obvious. I am a Dean admirer and like his fifty-state strategy. Carville is butting in where he’s no longer helpful.

    He’s a smart guy and I’ve seen the panel before . . . and I like him. But, I hope he stays home this time or follows the lead of people less vested in Hillary.

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    whl spews:

    whl @3 vis-a-vis Lapin @ 4: Rethuglicans usually offer us persons known as accomplices or “un-indicted co-conspirators”; with an occasional counselor-at-law or special counsel thrown in & some random references to “reverend” or “fellow,” commonly with leadership credentials for an institute or foundation bandied about in loose affiliations with the names.

    It seems that the word “advisor” is usually only associated with the word “spiritual” when used by rightwingnutz, GOoPerz, Busheez & fundagelicals. Dudes & dudettes who hear the voice(s) of god(s) rarely need or accept other forms of advice–from anyone.

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    Libertarian spews:

    Be leery of anyone who says God talks directly to him or her. These people think this imagined one-on-one relationship to the Supreme Being gives them the rigth to run you life.