Candidate Questions

I think as the campaign season kicks into swing, I’m going to ask candidates for various offices questions. But I’d like to hear from the folks here. So far, I can think of some things I’d like to ask Seattle, King County, and Port candidates. If pressed, I could probably reasonably ask some things of some people running for mayor in some of the ring cities and some of the bigger cities in the area, or Seattle School board. But it’s an odd year, so nothing statewide. And I don’t know what local issues exist outside of the Puget Sound area.

Basically, while I have preferences that I’ll probably express pretty strongly about some of those positions between now and November, I want to ask questions that are more openended and to ask all of the candidates the same questions. So I’d email, say, 3-5 questions to each candidate per position and post them unedited here in some predetermined order on a predetermined date.

So is there anything you’d like a semi-popular Washington State political blog to ask of anyone?

Here are basically what I have so far, I’ve kept them vague for the most part so far so people can flesh out ideas in the comments without me saying here’s the question ahead of time:

Seattle City Council:

  • Something about the Viaduct, probably cost overruns
  • Something about police, preferably including accountability and safety
  • Something about faster Internet across the city
  • What is the city’s role in education and public transportation given how important they are to the city, but that other agencies are tasked with them?

King County

  • Something about Metro service
  • Something about services in general since the voters rejected Proposition 1 last year

Port of Seattle

  • Something about how people run on reform, but it doesn’t seem like much has been done.
  • How can the Port create jobs in the region?
  • How can the Port reduce pollution/greenhouse gases, etc.
  • Something about parks*

* I know that sounds strange to ask park questions about POS, and not the other 2 agencies. And I’d be happy to ask King County and Seattle candidates about their parks if y’all want. But on any given day, I’m much more likely to use their parks than anything else from the Port. Also, the only time a candidate has come to Drinking Liberally and convinced me not to support them was when I asked a Port candidate about parks and they said “that’s not really my issue.”


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    Michael spews:

    For the city council I’d ask about moving the parks board to elected positions, rather than appointed ones. Seattle’s about the only city around that still has an appointed parks board.

    I know cruise ships have shore-power hookups when they’re in port, which is a big help for air quality, not sure about container ships. If container ships don’t have shore-power, I’d ask about getting going on that.

    I’d look to see if there’s big maintenance backlogs with all three. If there are, I’d ask about getting going on fixing up the crap that needs fixed. The longer it gets put off the more it will cost in the end. And there’s not exactly a shortage of folks that could use the work.

  2. 2

    randroid spews:

    I think all Seattle, King County, and Port candidates should be to give their positions on
    granting fetuses the same rights as born people at the moment of conception?
    will they cut all taxes on the rich?
    will they cut any and all social services that do not benefit the rich?
    will they advocate that all underlings carry guns?
    will they cut any and all regulation on corporations?
    will they support any and all regulations on non rich people that the religious right demands?

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    I would begin with electoral reform:

    1. City

    Who do “you” represent? The at large system is a mess. Large areas of the city … south of SODO and Downtown are unrepresented.

    2. School District and City

    Why are unpaid citizens trying t run the SPS? Why not bring the SPS into Seattle and run it with an appointed board of regents?

    3. King County Council

    Why do we have one? The council controls a tiny part of the KC budget .. most is either mandatory (sheriff) or controlled by professional agencies (Port, Metro).