Candidate Answers

Here are all of the answers we got for the primary:

Sec. of State:


Nobody answered

36th District:

46th District:

Once again, I emailed the same questions (per position) to all of the Democratic candidates in these contested primaries, and gave them as much space as they wanted to answer. I think we got some interesting ones. Sadly, this time more candidates didn’t answer than did; I don’t normally endorse because who cares, but I’ll say since they were the only people in their races who bothered to answer, the official Carl Ballard endorsement goes to Drew and Tarleton. If they have any sense they won’t put it on any literature. Any candidate who reads this and feels bad is free to get in late, I guess.

So, going forward, is this something you guys would like to see in the general or future elections?


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    oldmtnbkr spews:

    Great questions, and very illuminating to be able to compare candidates’ responses. Thanks, Carl!

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    Liberal Scientist is a a dirty fucking hippie spews:

    Thanks, Carl.

    I gave Gael a good long look, and I was down to her, and Noel Frame in the 36th.

    I’m going with Noel – I just think she’s more clearly leftist, and her experience with Progressive Majority leads me to think that she’s a political fighter – something I think we desperately need. She’s also pretty unequivocal about the need for an income tax – again, a politically risky but correct stance.

    I’ll be crestfallen if that child Brett Phillips gets elected. He is so transparently running on his father’s cred, with financial backing by his father’s supporters – it just reeks. Like I said before, he might be a great guy, I’d just like him to prove it first with a little experience somewhere outside of Larry Phillip’s shadow.