Camp Wellstone, Seattle, June 16-18

Last year I had the privilege of attending Camp Wellstone, an intensive, three-day training program for candidates, campaign managers and citizen activists. Obviously, the instructors did something right, because fellow classmates Darcy Burner, Randy Gordon, Debi Golden, Eric Oemig and others went on to launch campaigns of their own… while thankfully, I didn’t.

If you fancy yourself having a future in progressive politics here’s your chance to go to camp. Progressive Majority is bringing Camp Wellstone back to Seattle, June 16 to 18, featuring three different tracks:

Candidate. This track covers the fundamentals of campaigns, including fundraising, field organizing, campaign plan and budget writing, volunteer recruitment, GOTV, and media relations. Please email Edie Gilliss, our political director, at if you would like a slot in this track.

  • Campaign Management. This track covers campaign fundamentals from the perspective of those who make it happen. Participants learn the skills that are essential to putting your candidate or team in the best position to win.
  • Citizen Activism. This track presents ideas and tactics to strengthen issue-based organizing and to develop the capacity of grassroots leaders to build a base, advocate within legislative bodies and build sustainable organizations. This track is recommended for individuals who are interested in moving a particular issue agenda forward.
  • Last year’s camp filled up fast, so if you want to learn how to kick conservative ass, sign up today.


    1. 1

      Green Thumb spews:

      Kevin Cairns @ 1:

      It’s one thing for you to use dishonesty as a basis of your electoral strategy, but it’s quite something else to project your sins onto your opponents. Admit it — like Karl Rove, you ENJOY slinging mud. How often do you giggle like a school girl at your campaign strategy sessions?

    2. 2

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      Left Turn, YOUR military experience????????? Yes, I thought so. About the same as Goldysteins. Zero, nana………….Just another Democrat parasite whiner…………………………..

    3. 3

      RUFUS spews:

      Camp wellstone huh. I heard that thier “How to turn a funeral into a political rally” program is top notch.

    4. 4

      LeftTurn spews:

      Still waiting to hear when Janet S will have the oil well drilling in her backyard and when she’s going to talk her kids into enlisting so they can go to war in Iraq.

      By the way, it’s been three years since Bush used our tax dollars and delayed the return of hard working troops so he could stage his Mission Accomplished photo opp. More than 2200 additional US servicemen died since then.

    5. 5

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      18, MTR, So………..Roger Rabbit is just another parasite Democrat? OK……….I see your point.

    6. 7

      For the Clueless spews:

      Someone has to have no shame, right?

      Right! The (un)SP crowd revels in their shameless wingnuttiness.

    7. 8

      Lee Atwater spews:

      re 17: Being against behemoth corporations who drag us into illegal oil wars and get our kids killed for nothing is not anti-American.

      No bid contracts to Halliburton is un American and the vice president is a treasonous worm!

    8. 9

      Lee Atwater spews:

      re 12: Antonovich? Is he from the Antonovich’s that came over on the Mayflower — or some later branch of the Antonovich family?

    9. 10

      rhp6033 spews:

      To: eponymous coward at # 3:

      Gee, that was a great article. I really regret not having read it earlier, when it was written. It explains in detail the Republican strategy in the governor’s election challenge. It also shows how Bush’s 2004 strategy was predictable: get the “Swift Boat” veterans out spread lies about Kerry’s military record (which was previously Kerry’s strength and Bush’s weakness). But after reading about Rove’s history of dirty tricks, I am more convinced than ever that the 60-Minute memo was a plant from Rove, designed to intimidate any of the major mainstream media from ever again questioning Bush’s military record. The quick ability of conservative blogs to point out the difference in fonts in the memo was just too convenient- in only a few hours the mainstream media were attacking Dan Rather, rather than Bush. They were lucky – they got Rather as well, a symbolic victory for them.

    10. 11

      Progressives, the new Marxists spews:

      Yeah, you can say “Thankfully” again. Goldy, you were so far to the left at Camp Wellstoned that you made Darcy Burner look like Ann Coulter. So yeah, we are all lucky not to have anyone like you running for office.

      Not that you’d have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning any office. All your opponent would have to do is put up site with a few links to your posts and comment threads and all of the voters would think he/she was running against a twelve year old Beavis who thinks swearing is so cool, heh, heh … heh, heh.

      So what exactly did you good little commies do at Band Camp Wellstoned last summer? I’m sure it would make us all laugh to hear you tell stories about how you and the other campers plotted to take back America from the neocon boogeymen. Please, give us some real dirt.

      But keep up the liberal dummy routine too, you do a great job of repeating the party line and running cover for the legitimate candidates. Someone has to have no shame, right?

    11. 12

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      An anti-war march in downtown Manhatten ends-up supporting peace, Communism and illegal immigration.

      The Columbia Spectator reports that “tens of thousands took to the streets” on Saturday calling for peace and withdrawal from Iraq.

      According to the Spectator, the following organizations rallied for the “Peace and Justice Festival”: United For Peace & Justice, the National Organization For Women, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Veterans For Peace, College Democrats, Campus Antiwar Network, and various other campus organizations.

      But, from what I read, the protest was much more anti-American than anti-war.

      One group’s banner read “Parents, teachers and students united to smash capitalism.” They shouted, “Exxon, Mobile, PB, Shell! Take your war and go to hell!” The Spectator notes that, “After yells, whistles, and drumming, they continued, ‘The only solution is a communist revolution!'” […………………………………………………………………Hey HA.ORG commie libs, How was the parade????? hehe, JCH]

    12. 13

      Mark The Redneck spews:

      JCH – You have to understand where Roger Rabbit is coming from.

      His lifetime of bad choices is now coming back to haunt him. Instead of getting a real lawyer job, he instead opted to take a lackey job with state gummint where there was guaranteed job security and no expectation of performance. In return, he received a low salary. He’d have us believe that he gave up the $200/hour rates that real attorneys get so he could serve humanity. I’m somewhat dubious of that claim.

      So now he’s whining that he has no fucking money at the beginning of his retirement. As inflation erodes purchasing power, he’ll be reduced to dog food in a few years.

      It’s too late for him to do anything about it now. So all he can do is bitch about his plight, and hope he can hand the bill to The Producers.

      Bottom line: Even a “third world Hillary Shit Hole” is better than what waits for him.

      Now we know…

    13. 14

      Richard Pope spews:

      “Obviously, the instructors did something right, because fellow classmates Darcy Burner, Randy Gordon, Debi Golden, Eric Oemig and others went on to launch campaigns of their own… while thankfully, I didn’t.”

      Maybe Goldy has a point. Two out of the four candidates listed above were planning to run this year, but have already pulled out of contention. The other two are well on their way to getting their butts kicked this fall.

    14. 15

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      SAN DIEGO — A van crammed with 54 illegal immigrants was detained Monday after the driver took them on a wild ride in the wrong direction on several freeways, ripping the van’s tires on spikes near the Mexican border. The blue Ford XLT 350 drove north over spikes in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 at the San Ysidro Port of Entry shortly after 3 a.m., according to the U.S. Border Patrol. [……………………………..More Mexican “victims” on their way to vote Democrat in 06 and 08!!!!]

    15. 16

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      Roger Rabbit: Hell bent Democrat doing his damnest to turn the USA into a third world Hillary Shit Hole.

    16. 17

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      Janet S = apologist for bullies, cheats, liars, thieves, thugs, torturers, warmongers, felons, and traitors

    17. 19

      Apache Fog spews:

      [JCH]: the champion of the little guy!!! Why, those darn illegals are preventing college students, people with no education and the elderly from picking cantaloupes and cleaning toilets!!!!

      You go girl!!![JCH]. We need someone with the gumption to make sure that Americans have plenty of access to jobs that do not pay a living wage. For instance, [JCH], what good would it do for a college student to work at a job that would not support him , let alone pay enough to save money.

      You are such a moron. You must be Kevin Carns because you are just like Karl Rove –minus the talent!!

    18. 20

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      1, 2

      Thank God Mr. Cynical is back, so we have Mr. Cynical to kick around again!

    19. 22

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      AKA Camp Karl Marx: A junior socialist school for pussy libs who can’t or won’t get a tax PAYING job in the private sector.

    20. 23

      Roger Rabbit spews:


      Spreading lies and false rumors to destroy a good man’s reputation and put his family through hell — just to win an election? (pause; deep breath) Somebody ought to … no, I won’t say it, but you know what I mean …

    21. 24

      Roger Rabbit spews:


      “And she is a few slices short of a loaf.” Commentby Janet S— 5/1/06@ 4:16 pm

      Janet — you’re the whole fucking loaf short of a loaf.

    22. 25

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich said Tuesday that he will tell Congress that close to 100,000 children of illegal immigrants in the county collect $276 million in annual welfare benefits. Antonovich, who is in Washington with the Board of Supervisors, will meet with congressional representatives and provide information about the impact of illegal immigration on county services. […………………………………………………………………………..PAY MORE TAXES!!!!! PAY MORE TAXES!!!!!!!! hehe, JCH]

      What would a day without illegal aliens really be like? Let’s try to imagine it… OBGYN wards in Denver would have 24% fewer deliveries and Los Angeles’s maternity-ward deliveries would drop by 40% and maternity billings to Medi-Cal would drop by 66%. Youth gangs would see their membership drop by 50% in many states, and in Phoenix, child-molestation cases would drop by 34% and auto theft by 40%. Finally, Democrats would lose hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal votes. [……………………….More Democrat victim voters on the way!!! Turning the USA into Baja Norte!!!!!]

    23. 26

      RightEqualsStupid spews:

      I see that Miss Cynical is confused again. It’s the GOP camp where they teach lying and how to doctor shop while you’re at it! HE HE!

    24. 27

      Janet S spews:

      Looks like Goldy has learned well at the knee of the master. Anyone remember the last minute smear campaign against David Irons? Remember that there was no collaboration, no one would go on record for any of the accusations, except his mother? And she is a few slices short of a loaf.

      And he threatens to do it again to Reichert. I love the pious rantings against the repubs by those who practice the same, just on the other side.

    25. 29

      Mr. Cynical spews:

      You missed one of the Key Points taught at Camp Wellstone…
      Professional LYING!

    26. 30

      palamedes spews:

      Man, Mr. Cynical, that was so….deep.

      I’d stand in awe, but I’m just…just too moved by your insight.

    27. 31

      eponymous coward spews:

      Mr Cynical, I don’t see Karl Rove being brought in as a guest speaker.

      When his term on the court ended, he chose not to run for re-election. I later learned another reason why. Kennedy had spent years on the bench as a juvenile and family-court judge, during which time he had developed a strong interest in aiding abused children. In the early 1980s he had helped to start the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama, and he later established the Corporate Foundation for Children, a private, nonprofit organization. At the time of the race he had just served a term as president of the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect. One of Rove’s signature tactics is to attack an opponent on the very front that seems unassailable. Kennedy was no exception.

      Some of Kennedy’s campaign commercials touted his volunteer work, including one that showed him holding hands with children. “We were trying to counter the positives from that ad,” a former Rove staffer told me, explaining that some within the See camp initiated a whisper campaign that Kennedy was a pedophile. “It was our standard practice to use the University of Alabama Law School to disseminate whisper-campaign information,” the staffer went on. “That was a major device we used for the transmission of this stuff. The students at the law school are from all over the state, and that’s one of the ways that Karl got the information out—he knew the law students would take it back to their home towns and it would get out.” This would create the impression that the lie was in fact common knowledge across the state. “What Rove does,” says Joe Perkins, “is try to make something so bad for a family that the candidate will not subject the family to the hardship. Mark is not your typical Alabama macho, beer-drinkin’, tobacco-chewin’, pickup-drivin’ kind of guy. He is a small, well-groomed, well-educated family man, and what they tried to do was make him look like a homosexual pedophile. That was really, really hard to take.”

    28. 32

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      “From the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the collective response of the Diversity Is Our Strength crowd to the War on Terror has been to cry, “Racist!” The ethnic shakedown artists who have sued over every slight and hyped every faked claim of a hate crime are America-bashing enablers of the worst sort — and they are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.”

    29. 33

      Winston Smith spews:

      What about this no-bid policy for Halliburton and the fact that the VP’s stock is appreciating rapidly. That is the baldest and boldest theft from the American people. It’s just as bad as Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, doing business wit5h the Nazis throughout WWII and getting hundreds of thousands of our soldiers killed while he was turning a fancy buck.

      These are the people that Kevin Carns likes to work for — except Carn’s clients always lose.

      Carns is like Karl Rove except without the talent. How busy could he be if all he does is post insanity on HA all day?

    30. 34

      Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

      I am SO SICK of talking heads and columnists thinking that anyone who wants to put a stop to the torrent of ILLEGALS over our borders is some vigilante nut case. These are the same people who think Lou Dobbs is in “it” for the ratings and that the economic growth of this country is premier no matter what the other costs. There are a vast number of us, Republican Conservatives and middle of the road Democrats, who worry about terrorists and drugs and lawlessness coming across, our own citizens with minimal educations, and college kids who need the work being frozen out of jobs because Illegals are taking them for virtually no pay. WE are ending up paying…..our major hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy, our schools are flooded with so many non English speakers it is hard to get a rounded education, on and on. The first economic turn down guess who WE will be paying welfare to. Yet WE are the vigilantes, and sometimes even implied racists. These anything pundits don’t give a damn about the vast majorioty of the citizens in this country, and our politicians certainly don’t!