Bush family suffers tragic loss

My sincere condolences to George Bush and his extended family for the tragic loss of such a dearly-loved and close family member… King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.


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    Thomas spews:

    You left out some Presidents….like all of um going back to Ike. Including all Parties by the way for you revisionists out there.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I suspect the whole Bush family secretly yearns for a monarchy in the U.S.A. — guess who they want the royal family to be? (Can you just imagine our foreign policy in 2025 being made by Queen Jenna? “Omigod, the Queen is drunk again!!!”)

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    Goldy Loves Terror spews:

    I agree with you on this one Goldy. I don’t give a damn about the leaders of any government that doesn’t respect individual rights. A monarchy in Saudi Arabia is just as illegitimte as a Dictatorship in Zimbabwe. We should assasinate all these assholes and call it good. And the friendship with the Saudis (who are huge supporters of terror) has indeed been a low point of our Middle East relations.

    And if they die on their own, so much the better. Can’t wait for Castro to kick the bucket. That should be soon.

    But the knee-jerk Bush Hatred aspect of your post is as usual, comical. If we win again, in 2008, you’ll make that Republican into a demon too. And that person will be the focus of all the hatred, and it will be just as laughable. But keep it up, it all only serves to further marginalize the Democrats.

    What we really need is a leader with enough balls to declare a predetermined set of soft Muslim targets that would be nuked if there were ever a nuke detonated here in the US by terrorists. Just tell ‘em with a big press release, the coordinates of Mecca are plugged into a few ICBMs already. If terrorists detonate a bomb here, Mecca goes up in a mushroom cloud, it’s their problem for Muslims if they provoke this action.

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    For the Clueless spews:

    @ 7

    What a whack job you are. Jeff B. perhaps?

    Things didn’t turn out so well for you all at (u)SP over the election contest. Losers and whiners.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Good grief, a Republican preaching to Goldy about “demonizing.” What’s next — Republicans for gun control?

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    GBS spews:

    I think everyone here, Democrat and Republican alike, should step back and take a deep breath. After all we’re talking about the passing of a human being. Can’t we just let our political ideologies take a break for one day and mourn the passing of King Fahd for what it is? A King and leader of a nation, a man who is entrusted with the care of two of the holiest sites in all of Islam. For the Bush family this is a very big loss to them, too. King Fahd was a person who is very close to the Bush family in many ways: politically, militarily, personally and, of course, in business. Most importantly, for the Bush family, King Fahd was the original financier of the modern day Bush crime family and today marks a period of mourning in which they will take very long time to recover. We should all join in one voice sending our condolences to the Don of the Bush crime family, George W. “Git-R-Done” Bush.

    OK? Can’t we all just get along for one day?

    May Allah Bless you, Dubya, and your entire crime family during your time of grieving and loss.

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    Gary spews:

    Your “sincere condolences” are just as authentic as your pinhead reasoning. Go watch farenheit 911 4 or 5 more times, you might just brainwash yourself into believing that crap.

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    rujax206 spews:

    So what’s the odds the pissant president, who can’t be bothered to attend funerals of the brave ones he sent to die in an immoral war, goes to the state funeral of the BCF benefactor.
    What a jackass.

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    thomas spews:

    they don’t have state funerals in Saudi Arabia, but thanks for playing….eeeeeehhhhhh…..next.

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    thomas spews:

    but then you would need to know something about Wahabism to know that…my fault, please continue with your ignorant rant.

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    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    So what’s the odds the pissant president, who can’t be bothered to attend funerals of the brave ones he sent to die in an immoral war, goes to the state funeral of the BCF benefactor.
    What a jackass. -Comment by rujax206— 8/1/05 @ 7:55 pm

    Dear jackass pissant, let me explain something so your pathetic little pea brain can absorb it.

    The president has a job.
    It’s called running the country.

    For sake of arguement let’s say he decides to please a pea-brained little jackass named rufus… rujax… whatever, he decides to attend funeral of a slain soldier.

    How does he decide WHICH slain soldier he will honor without slighting or hurting the families of those whose he can’t attend?

    Shall he attend them all?
    Will you approve of his dedicating 100% of his time hopping from funeral to memorial? You won’t have a problem with the cost in manpower? jet fuel?

    Do you see the stupidity of your remark yet?
    Do you see the stupidity of your whole way of thinking yet?

    Or are you just struck stupid by your hatred of the man.

    I doubt you have the inner courage or moral fortitude to even answer that TO yourself.

    What a jackass.

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    msc spews:

    While it’s true probably that Demos and Repub alike have kissed those bloated saudi rings, the Bushes just, well, did it with such excitement.

    Same as when the Bushes sidled up to the Nazis and IB Farbin during WWII even after it became illegal to do so. It didn’t bother them that it was always immoral. That never stopped them.

    They don’t give a shit about country. They are not patriotic or maudlin folk. They are only interested in the people in so far as we pay on that big debt they’ve amassed in our names and that funnels all our labor into capital for them and their friends.

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    rujax206 spews:


    Among all the “thoughtful” moronic right wing posters here…you are the best and biggest asshole! And THAT is really quite a distinction here.

    So tell me, when the smirking chimp takes his 50th vacation…who’s running the country? Oh yeah, it’s a “working” vacation. My ass. I suppose you’re like that jerk Assrocket at Powerline who thinks c+Augustus is some kind of misunderestimated genius.

    You know, I was willing to give the clown a break…2000…we ran a shitty campaign blah blah. Then the actions of these cretins started to show what they were really up to. Turn the greater USA into a bigger model of Texas…where corruption, influence and cash are king and fuck you if you ain’t got none. Then 9/11…and the dope was paralysed reading a fucking kids book ’cause he didn’t have a “handler” to tell him where to go.
    Then they used the tragedy to invade some dumbass dictatorship instead of going after and catch the REAL perps (like the Brits just did). And they’ve been playing politics with it ever since…every time bushy’s in trouble…9/11, 9/11, 9/11.

    Whatever…spout and fume all you want you idiotic belligerant tool. I DETEST all of them. Bush is a deserter, a coward, a spoiled child of privelege, a mental midget, and no more fit for the job of leader of the free world than you are. Cheney is an amoral degenerate misanthrope, Rove is the filthiest political op since Lee Atwater…I think I’m gonna throw up just thinking about it.

    So fuck you back, jackass.

    More likely you’re