Burner’s momentum moves WA-08 into top 14 competitive races nationwide

As reported yesterday on Slog, the Rothenberg Political Report, a highly respected and non-partisan political newsletter, upgraded Washington’s 8th Congressional District race between incumbent Rep. Dave Reichert and up-and-coming challenger Darcy Burner from “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up/Tilt Republican”… ranking it as one of the 14 most competitive races in the nation.

That’s right, WA-08 is more competitive than high profile CA-50, in which the much ballyhooed Francine Busby is fighting to succeed the recently convicted Duke Cunningham.

Burner had been maligned by Republicans (and ignored by some Democrats) as a “third tier” candidate with little chance of defeating Reichert, but the “Burner Buzz” (not to mention her impressive fundraising performance) has opened eyes in the other Washington. Locally, the GOP echo machine has graduated from snidely dismissing Burner’s candidacy, to ineptly attempting to smear her.

And in what is surely bad news for Republican hopes to retain control of the House, Burner isn’t the only unheralded Democrat displaying unexpected strength:

While Democrats have failed to recruit the top tier candidates that they would like in places such as Arizona 1, Pennsylvania 15, Missouri 6 and Iowa 2, they have broadened the playing field elsewhere and recruited enough credible lower first-tier/upper second-tier hopefuls to win the House if the Democratic wave is big enough in November.


We believe that the House definitely is “in play,” and the key to whether Republicans can maintain control is whether they can discredit individual Democratic challengers who otherwise would be positioned to win. We are increasing our estimate of likely Democratic gains from 5-8 seats to 7-10 seats (they need to net 15 seats for control), with a bias toward even greater Democratic gains.

Of course, all this horse race analysis means zilch if we don’t all do the hard work necessary to help the Dems take control… and locally, that means helping Burner win in November.

The political pundits now all agree — Burner can win this race — but only with your help. If you haven’t already volunteered or contributed, do it now, for if the Republicans retain absolute control in DC, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves.


  1. 1

    headless lucy spews:

    re 52: Our main goal at this point is to convince our timid Democrat “representatives” to be fighters. If it was just you and me ,Jaybo, I would do everything in my power to hurt and damage you — and you know that. I’m not claiming I’d necessarily win, but it would be a Pyrric victory for you at best.

    When our Democrats finally realize we are ready to dump them unless they show some gumption, then we’ll have our party back.

  2. 5

    headless lucy spews:

    But I’m voting for Cantwell anyway, so don’t get your hopes up this time around. Every Republican screw-up in the next two years will be one more nail in your paty’s political coffin.

    We are going to bring the corporations to heel. You will see.

  3. 6

    Daddy Love spews:

    So there are not enough refineries to distill our crude oil that THAT’s why gas prices are high (or so say the wingnuts EVERY spring when refineries schedule their maitnenance downtime).

    If this is true, and refinery capacity has not changed, how can spikes in crude oil prices affect prices? That is, what precentage of the price of a gallon of gas is affected by refinery cpacity as oposed to crude oil price? Please be specific and quantifiable in your answer, as opposed to the vague, hand-waving calumny that characterizes most righty comment on this topic. Oh, and I know the answer, so be right.

    If refinery cpacity is stretched to the limit, does this not loically mean that incrasing the supply of crude oil CANNOT increase the supply of gasoline? Then why drill in ANWR? I am for the moment ignoring the ten-year delay before ANWR crude hits the market.

  4. 10

    Green Thumb spews:

    There’s nothing to rescue. Face, it, anti-Goldy — your Republican Senatorial goose is well cooked.

  5. 11


    Maybe the protesters didn’t read Goldy’s post “Maria Cantwell is not pro-war“???

    If they had, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been down there demanding to speak to the Senator…regardless, you can’t help but think Cantwell doesn’t appreciate all of this negative publicity. Maybe that’s why she has press releases at gas stations; unfortunately that PR stunt was too little too late.

  6. 15

    headless lucy spews:

    re 14: Given the state of this nation and the world after Junior has just put the cherry on top of the Conservative Disaster this country has suffered ( going all the way back to John Adams ), I cannot figure out why you would want the GOP to win ANY political race — unless you have a death wish for yourself and everybody else.

    When all the walls come crumbling down it will give me small comfort to say : “I told ya so!” But you’ll be blaming it all on Bill Clinton anyway.

    You and I don’t live in a democracy, unless you consider corporations to be “persons” with civil rights. That’s the real battle: to take this world back from the corporations and the rich bastards who hide behind them.

  7. 16

    Richard Pope spews:


    How much have the courts awarded to Stefan from King County in attorney fees and monetary penalties for alleged public records law violations to date?

    [ ] 1. $0.00
    [ ] 2. $0.01 to $0.99
    [ ] 3. $1.00 to $4.99
    [ ] 3. $5.00 to $9.99
    [ ] 4. $10.00 to $20.00
    [ ] 5. Over $20.00 but less than $50.00
    [ ] 6. Over $50.00 but less than $100.00
    [ ] 7. $100.00 or more

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 4/25/06@ 11:53 pm

    WHAT IF STEFAN HAD BEEN AWARDED EXACTLY $50.00? You don’t have an option for that. (5) only goes up to $49.99. (6) starts at $50.01.


  8. 18

    Richard Pope spews:

    Stefan, you have twenty (20) minutes to post evidence refuting post #42 above. If you fail to do so, your silence will be taken as an admission of the truth of the above statement.


    Roger Rabbit, Interlocutor

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 4/25/06@ 11:54 pm

    Well, the 20 minutes is up, and we haven’t heard from Stefan – so, that settles that.

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 4/25/06@ 11:55 pm


  9. 19

    Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

    Fuck you, Trolls.

    Fuck you evil corporate media.

    Fuck you porous minded Kool Aid drinkers.

    I hope you enjoy the coming Dark Days.

    Commentby Donnageddon— 4/25/06@ 10:30 pm […………………………………………………………………….Er, Don, Not a good day? Time to end the pain and put the Glock up you nose. Trust me, Don, you will feel better. Don’t think, just do!! Best regards, JCH]

  10. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Richard Poop seems to be having trouble spelling “Roger Rabbit.” Even though he graduated from law school, Richard is an illiterate, too!

    In fact, I think I know how Mark the Redneck Welsher got stuck with a $500,000 child support debt. Let me guess who his divorce lawyer was. Hey Richard — did you by any chance represent …

  11. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “I think that is Klake’s thesis.” Commentby Donnageddon— 4/25/06@ 11:33 pm

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other, they’re all the same.

    Wingfucks have no originality, not a one of them; they’re all spoon-fed the same tripe, then spit it all over the kitchen.

  12. 23

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So, Stefan — I know you read this blog — WHY aren’t you going to share the proceeds of your lawsuit against Dean Logan and King County Elections with the generous donors to your “legal action fund” who paid for the lawsuit? Are you keeping it all for yourself because you can’t hold a job and need the money,* or just because you’re a selfish prick?

    * For new HA readers, Stefan worked less than one day as a $9-an-hour temporary county employee last fall. He refused to follow his supervisor’s instructions, and walked off the job in a huff — quitting without giving two weeks’ notice — because he wanted to tell the employer how to run their business and they wouldn’t listen to him.

  13. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Yo” is a contraction of the word “yahoo” (as in “trailer park yahoos”) and is properly spelled Y’o.” Y’o, like most wingers, can’t even spell his own fucking name.

  14. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    You see, Clarence Thomas is just another CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVE:

    “When you cut right through it, right-wing ideology is just ‘dime-store economics’ – intended to dress their ideology up and make it look respectable. You don’t really need to know much about economics to understand it. They certainly don’t. It all gets down to two simple words. ‘Cheap labor’. That’s their whole philosophy in a nutshell … cheap-labor conservatives are defenders of corporate America – whose fortunes depend on labor. The larger the labor supply, the cheaper it is. The more desperately you need a job, the cheaper you’ll work … if you are a wealthy elite – or a ‘wannabe’ like most dittoheads – your wealth, power and privilege is enhanced by a labor pool, forced to work cheap. …

    “The ugly truth is that cheap-labor conservatives just don’t like working people. They don’t like ‘bottom up’ prosperity … cheap-labor conservatives believe in social hierarchy and privilege, so the only prosperity they want is limited to them. They want to see absolutely nothing that benefits the guy – or more often the woman – who works for an hourly wage. …

    “Cheap-labor conservatives support every right-wing authoritarian hoodlum in the third world.

    “Cheap-labor conservatives support foreign assassinations, covert intervention in foreign countries, and every other ‘black bag’ operation the CIA can dream up, even against constitutional governments, elected by the people of those countries.

    “Cheap-labor conservatives support ‘domestic surveillance’ against ‘subversives’ …

    “Cheap-labor believers in ‘freedom’ think it’s the government’s business if you smoke a joint or sleep with somebody of your own gender.

    “Cheap-labor conservatives support our new concentration camp down at Guantanamo Bay. They also support these ‘secret tribunals’ with ‘secret evidence’ and virtually no judicial review of the trials and sentences. Then they say that liberals are ‘Stalinists’.

    “And let’s not forget this perennial item on the agenda. Cheap-labor conservatives want to ‘protect our national symbol’ from ‘desecration’. They also support legislation to make the Pledge of Allegiance required by law. Of course, it is they who desecrate the flag every time they wave it to support their cheap-labor agenda.

    “… just what do these guys consider to be ‘tyranny’. That’s easy. Take a look.

    ‘Social spending’ otherwise known as ‘redistribution’. While they don’t mind tax dollars being used for killing people, using their taxes to feed people is ‘stealing’.

    “Minimum wage laws.

    “Every piece of legislation ever proposed to improve working conditions, including the eight hour day, OSHA regulations, and even Child Labor laws.

    “Labor unions, who ‘extort’ employers by collectively bargaining.

    “Environmental regulations and the EPA.

    “Federal support and federal standards for public education.

    “Civil rights legislation. There are still cheap-labor conservatives today, who were staunch defenders of ‘Jim Crow’ … federal laws ending segregation were ‘tyranny’, but segregation itself was not.

    “Public broadcasting – which is virtually the only source for classical music, opera, traditional theatre, traditional American music, oh yes, and Buckley’s ‘Firing Line’. This from the people constantly braying about the decay of ‘the culture’. The average cost of Public Television for each American is a whopping one dollar a year. ‘Its tyranny I tell you. Enough’s enough!’ … ”

    And so on. For complete particulars, go here: http://www.conceptualguerilla......php?id=103

  15. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Clarence Thomas was born too late. If he had been born in, say, 1820, he might have provided historical credence for Puddy’s thesis that blacks owned slaves.

  16. 28

    Donnageddon spews:

    I think that is Klake’s thesis.

    But no matter, they are all the same Neocon Symp HateFirst mentality.

  17. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    We need justice with “a proven fidelity to the Constitution in the mold of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia” like we need kerosene lamps and buggy whips.

  18. 32

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Thanks for my calling attention to the typo, Richard! Now if only I could get some of the corporations I own stocks in to make similar errors — you know, send me $34 instead of $24 when cutting my dividend checks.

  19. 33

    Donnageddon \"Channeling\" PuddyBud spews:

    “No Stuck on Stupid Donnaddummygon! Jesus meant for people to be like camels with no chance to pass through the eye of a needle!!!! He wanted people to hate foriegners and kill them!!! READ your Bible!! You will See!!

    But I never expect a DONK to realize that Jesus was a NYSE analyst who favored oil over security!!! Just like a DONK DUMMY!!! You do not know that Jesus hated ARABS!!!

  20. 34

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Republicans in D.C. say Scott McClellan’s replacement will be Tony Snow, a right-wing commentator currently working for Fox Network who has sometimes criticized Bush (for what, I’m not sure — too liberal?).

    In other words, not much will change at Bullshit Central.

  21. 35

    Donnageddon spews:

    “Bush’s response to the gas crisis has been to warn Americans to expect a tough summer, vow that price gouging will not be tolerated and try to promote energy alternatives that will take years to get to consumers”

    Now there is leadership!!

    WHhat a fucking KLOWN!

    When Bush blows his nose does oil money squirt out his ass?


  22. 37

    Michael spews:

    All I can say is, if Darcy is one of the most competitive Democratic candidates in 2006, the Republicans can look forward to 2 more years in control.

  23. 44

    Puddybud spews:

    Democraps don’t lie?

    You know you Democraps are against civilian ownership of guns, but you won’t admit it. Why did John Frenchy Kerry show himself with his buds in September 2004 as the great white bwana (hunter) hunting with his shotgun? Look at the crime rate in Australia: http://www.rense.com/politics4/gungrab_p.htm

  24. 45

    Puddybud spews:

    I chuckle at horseless looselips, who asserted that Headstart Programs helped Inner City Minority Families. When confronted on this assinine assertion, what did horseless looselips do? Hh went mute.

    So looselips tell me you non-church going freak, you believe in the Koran? What are you doing now the wrestling season is over?

  25. 47

    headless lucy spews:

    re 93: You fart, Puddwhack, and then wait fruitlessly for some schmoe’s reBUTTal.

    Keep waiting!! Just stay there and wait…

  26. 49

    Puddybud spews:

    Scary Harry the Voter Advocate: Read the Koran, but given your track record, you can’t read!

    Regarding jobs and their creation go to Monster or other jobs web sites and look at the quality and pay grades of these jobs!!! If you don’t invest in yourself then you are getting menial jobs!

    Rabbit Pellet was claiming WalMart in China was a Bush creation! I had to disprove another Pellet lie! Pellet asserts so much crap it can’t be left for human consumption let alone moonbats like you Harry Voter Advocate whom hang on every word written by Pellet!

    If democraps don’t want religion forced down their throat, why do you force non-Christian religions down my throat? Why do you support the teaching of Koranic principles in my child’s school system but all sysmbols of Christianity MUST BE REMOVED?

    So you want to raise taxes. You live in FUWA. Let Hilary or John Frenchy Kerry or another national democrap like Scary Harry Reid or Nancy New Face Pelosi say it on the national stage! There will be screaming ans gnashing of donk teeth!

  27. 50

    voter advocate spews:


    There is no secret about the Democrat’s intention to roll back the Bush tax-cuts. How many of them have to say so before you understand that.

    By Republican logic that is called a tax increase, so you’re wrong by your own definition.

    We’ll happily raise taxes on thr >$150,000 crowd, as we cut them foe the working class.


    Talk of a peace dividend went away when the profigate spender, GSB, turned buget surplus into unprecidented deficit — a pattern of Republican presidents.

    There is little doubt that Pentagon spending is buying many weapons systems that are ill suited to the actual threats to US security and that the Pentagon budget is bloated and un-auditable, as was proven ten years running when the auditor general of the DD was unable to certify their books. You liars had to change the law to do away with the audit to hide that little fact. Chuck Spinney reported that for over twenty-five years, until he retired.


    Democrats aren’t anti-religious, they don’t want the religions of others shoved down their throats.

    The ban on late-term abortions could have been passed anytime the Republicans would have agreed to exceptions for the life and health of the mother. A point that the courts had used to strike down all anti-abortion laguage in previous laws.

    There are no fans of these abortions, only those who will not endanger the lives of women for a political gain.


    Democrats said that the primary beneficiaries of the tax cuts were the rich. We certainly knew that the checks from the government were an effective stunt, I know I spent mine quickly, still 39% of tax cuts have gone to the top 1%.

    They were supposed to ignite the economy with their windfall, But the tax-cutting policy is a failure in regard to job creation. 2 million jobs were created in 2005, 3.5 million jobs short of expectations that were set in the PR for Bush’s tax cuts. Though estimates say job growth is 3.1 percent in a normal year, jobs grew by only 1.5 percent in 2005.

    The Democrats constituency are mostly wage earners, so the stock market is so nuch smoke and mirrors for us.

    No jobs = failure.


    Bill Clinton was a virulent free trader, remember NAFTA. Many rank-and-file Democrats disagree, but the Party is all for it.

    So, you may not like the facts, but Democrats aren’t lying about what they want to do.

    From your track record, you’re probably lying about the Koran, too. But, I don’t care if you are or not.

  28. 53

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’d love to keep discussing this with you, puttybutt, but I have to go to work — you know, go fuck some female bunnies! Later, you unpatriotic America-hating fascist fuckstick.

  29. 54

    Puddybud spews:

    Thanks Pellet for the compliment. I’ll use my lunatic moonbat decoder ring. It replied: “Puddy you are always right!”

  30. 56

    Puddybud spews:

    Harry the Voter Advocate, comment on my assertions above? Better yet do you agree with the Koran’s interpretation of Biblical history? I’m waiting…………

  31. 57

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Democraps don’t lie?

    Democraps are hoping the economy goes into the tank, as they continually say this is a bad economy. Why then are the NASDAQ and the NYSE going north instead of south? Just look at the latest economic commentary by Goldy’s Northwest Division of Lunatic Moonbats. They want everyone to be miserable because they know it’s the only way they can win elections but they won’t admit it past FUWA.

  32. 58

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Correction to preceding post: YOU gave it to them. “You” being Republicans. This is strictly a GOP show, Democrats had nothing to do with it. All the CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES and BIG DEFICIT SPENDERS are in YOUR party.

  33. 59

    Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

    Meanwhile, the just released radio Winter Book [Jan-Mar 2006] from ARBITRON shows AIR AMERICA in New York City losing more than a third of its audience — in the past year!

    Among all listeners 12+, it was a race to the bottom for AIR AMERICA and WLIB as mid-days went from a 1.6 share during winter 2005 to a 1.0 share winter 2006

  34. 60

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Hey Anti-Goldy — if you like MTBE in your drinking water so much, why don’t you just cut out the middleman (water), and drink it straight? C’mon … are you a man, or a mouse???!!

  35. 61

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Time for a fact check! Oil companies have been closing SMALL refineries (because they’re inefficient) and expanding large, efficient refineries. Thus, while there has been a drastic reduction in the NUMBER of U.S. refineries, overall domestic refining CAPACITY is INCREASING — and has been since the early 1990s.

    Rightwing claims that the U.S. is losing refining capacity because of environmental regs are

    B U L L S H I T

  36. 62

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Good to see you are fact checking before posting. Now how has Bush elevated the gas price again?

  37. 63

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “THAT WAS UNFAIR! YOU SAID STEFAN HAD 20 MINUTES, AND YOU ONLY GAVE HIM ONE MINUTE!” Commentby Richard Pope— 4/26/06@ 12:37 am

    I lied! So what? Republicans lie every day.

    I lie about little things that don’t hurt anybody — i.e., giving Stefan 1 minute instead of 20 minutes to respond to my post.

    Republicans lie about big things that hurt everybody — WMDs in Iraq, the true size of the federal deficit, who actually gets the $700 billion of public money spent on “prescription reform,” whether illegal and unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping is being conducting against thousands (possibly millions) of law-abiding American citizens, whether the U.S. government is torturing people and running gulag camps, etc.

    No comparison, Richard. Roger Rabbit’s little lies are nothing. The GOP’s big lies are everything.

  38. 64

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    46 (continued)

    Furthermore, if Republifucks can lie about big stuff, why can’t I lie about little stuff? Huh?? Why should Republifucks have a monopoly on lying? If they can lie about big stuff, we ought to be allowed to lie about little stuff! Republifucks want a monopoly on every fucking thing.

  39. 65

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit’s lies are like rolling back the odometer on a used car by 100 miles … Bush’s lies are like stealing the whole fucking used car lot and the real estate under it, too.

  40. 66

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit’s lies are like telling an ugly female bunny she looks like a movie star. Republican lies are like Kevin Carns’ robocalls pretending to be the sheriff’s office, or Mike McGavick telling voters he’ll do something about kids not having health insurance.

  41. 67

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Democraps don’t lie?

    Democraps have to lie to the American People. If Democraps told the truth about what they really want the people would throw them out on their ear.

  42. 68

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Just no comparison there, Richard! And you’re bitching about MY little lies? How come we never see you posting anything about the Republifucks’ VAST, HUGE, COLLOSAL, GARGANTUAN, KING KONG lies? Fucking hypocrite!

  43. 69

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The foregoing information came from the official web site of the U.S. Energy Department, which is run by the Bush administration.

  44. 73

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Democraps don’t lie?

    Most Democraps are like Donnageddon, anti-religious! I think most Democraps are agnostic thinkers, but they won’t admit it. Most people in America say they are religious. Most people are against late term abortions and against partial birth abortions. Democraps lie about this too and won’t admit it!

  45. 74

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Does he really owe a $500,000 child support debt?” Commentby Richard Pope— 4/26/06@ 12:41 am

    That’s what he claimed, but frankly, I think he exaggerated. If you divide $500,000 by 18 years, that would be over $2,300 per month, and Washington’s support schedule just doesn’t go that high, no matter how much MTR makes! We know from other evidence that Mark the Redneck Welsher is a liar — he promised Goldy he would contribute $100 to Cantwell’s campaign if he lost a certain bet, and he FUCKING DIDN’T PAY!!! So, he’s probably lying about his child support, too.

  46. 75

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Michael — would you like to put your money where your mouth is? Say, $100? Paid in advance into escrow, so you can’t welsh like MTR did.

  47. 76

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Democraps don’t lie?

    Democraps say it was a tax cut for the rich. To Democraps, someone rich is anyone making a decent living. Again I post http://www.ntu.org/main/page.php?PageID=6 for the Pellet Brain’s consumption! Once you clear the FUD, anyone who paid taxes, got a tax cut. Did you keep yours Pellet Brains?

  48. 77

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “China became an oil importer in 1994. For 2006 Biggest Oil importers are:

    1.) United States
    2.) China …

    Commentby Puddybud— 4/26/06@ 8:39 am”

    Yeah, well how do you think that came about, pudding brains? Possibly running up gargantuan federal deficits and then selling the paper to China had something to do with it. Maybe encouraging companies like Wal-Mart to transform the U.S. economy into a “Made In China” model did, too. Yep, I think Bush’s BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG SPENDING, BIG BORROWING and ANTI-UNION, ANTI-WORKER, ANTI-AMERICAN, CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVE policies have something to do with it.

  49. 78

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Why is China suddenly soaking up oil like a sponge? Where did they get the money from? WE GAVE IT TO THEM, that’s where. It came straight off the printing presses of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (a.k.a. the mint).

  50. 79

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Of course Democrats lie. I did just last night. I told Stefan he had 20 minutes to reply to my post, but only gave him 1 minute. So? What’s the big fucking deal? You bastards lie every time Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity opens his mouth! Everything Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld says is a fucking lie! As for Scotty McClellan, he has a nose longer than Baghdad Bob’s! And you’re complaining about MY petty, little, insignificant lying? Fuck you!!! If I have to tell an ugly female bunny she looks like a movie star to get laid, I will!!! It’s a necessary lie, required to perform my job function, which is — MAKING MORE BUNNIES!!! So go fuck yourself, and when you’re done fucking yourself, go fuck a camel, or a goat, or one of these: http://www.msu.edu/~nixonjos/a.....-unger.jpg

  51. 80

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Democraps don’t lie?

    Democrat’s want to scale back our military superiority, calling it the Peace Dividend, but they won’t admit it. Some of far most lunatic libruls do admit that but Chucky Schumer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi immediately disavow this! If they did people would say “There they go again!”

  52. 81

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: Democraps don’t lie?

    Democrat’s want to raise taxes, but they won’t admit it. Only certain ASSHeads here admit to it but this is FUWA and we know it’s a blue state so you CAN speak your puny minds.

  53. 82

    headless lucy spews:

    Well, the idiots in New York elected a Republican Billionaire mayor and another retrograde Republican as Governor — what do you expect!

    New Yorkers are morons.

  54. 83

    Hillary [JCH]Clinton spews:

    While the media continues to blame the big oil companies for gouging U.S. motorists as they collect record breaking profits, the windfall profits raked in by the government in the form of energy tax revenue actually dwarf the oil companies’ jackpot.

    The press sounded the alarm last year when the largest U.S. oil company, ExxonMobil Corp, announced profits of $36 billion. But according to the Tax Foundation, the biggest price gouging profiteer was the U.S. government, cashing in to the tune of $54 billion in oil and gas taxes.

    “Tax collections on the production and import of gasoline by state and federal governments are already near historic highs,” the think tank says. “In fact, in recent decades governments have collected far more revenue from gasoline taxes than the largest U.S. oil companies have collectively earned in domestic profits.”

  55. 84

    headless lucy spews:

    There isn’t enough spin left in the world to explain record oil profits and price-surges as not being the price gouging that they are.

    And price gouging IS illegal. We just need someone with the balls to enforce the law.

  56. 85

    Daddy Love spews:

    Then again, if refinery capacity and the crazed enviro-whackos (read; people who don’t want their children drinking and breathing toxins) who have irrationally blocked them are the bottleneck in our fuel “crisis,” then why as recently as ten years ago were oil company documents brought to light by our Congressional oversight agencies that sharply and clearly contradict this notion? I am referring to Texaco saying in 1996 that “the most critical factor facing the refining industry on the West Coast is the surplus refining capacity, and the
    surplus gasoline production capacity” and Chevron documents quote inductry analysts warning in 1995 that ‘the most critical
    factor facing the refining industry on the West Coast is the surplus refining capacity, and the surplus gasoline production capacity.” The report concludes that “major oil companies pursued efforts to curtail refinery capacity as a strategy for improving profit margins; that competing oil companies worked together to subvert supply; that refinery closures inhibited supply; and that oil companies are [thereby] reaping record profits.”

    Gee you mena it ISN’T the environmentalists, but rather scheming, colluding oilmen who are driving refining capacity down? Who woulda thought?

  57. 86

    Puddybud spews:

    Horseless looselips said: “We are going to bring the corporations to heel. You will see.” – Commentby headless lucy— 4/26/06@ 9:10 am

    So horseless, are you going after the Shaw Group (Chairman a big donko contributor) and Loral Corp. (sold US rocket telemetry to Chicoms), big donkocraptic donors for your “bring the corporations to heel” bullspit?

  58. 87

    Puddybud spews:

    Rabbit Pellet said: “Hey Anti-Goldy, how’s the GOP energy policy of driving bigger vehicles and paying bigger subsidies to oil companies working out for ya? What was the pump price under Clinton again? 99 cents? Yeah, I think that’s right, 99 cents. Bush has managed to triple the price of gas in just 5 short years, quite an accomplishment, huh.”

    Pellet, again you write for the ages. Back then the Chicoms and the Indians were not importing oil at the rate they are now. China became an oil importer in 1994. For 2006 Biggest Oil importers are:

    1.) United States
    2.) China
    3.) Japan
    4.) Korea
    5.) India

    Then Pellet read :http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=5411 I hope you can comprehend the stuff. Now you’ll understand why China doesn’t want to upset their Iranian oil applecart!

    The price rises due to demand Pellet. Sure the oil companies are making big profits and they should be giving the consumer a break! Either you are ignorant (My vote) or you are just too stupid to know what you are talking about (My vote too). Maybe you should scratch your little cotton tail with the “invisible hand” Pellet!

  59. 88

    LeftTurn spews:

    You know the GOP asswipes are worried about Darcy. You can always tell how worried they are by how hard and how low they go to do the Rovian smear tactics. As she continues to scare Sheriff Davie, you will see the right get more desperate. All the while, they will be fighting on so many flanks that we’re bound to make SOME gains and if we can make enough, even if we don’t get control of the House or Senate, we can stop the GOP from turning America into Taliban West.

  60. 89

    jaybo spews:


    What an amazing propaganda piece!

    Trouble is you link to a site that has the following post;

    “Swimming Upstream: GOP Opportunities in the House
    By Nathan L. Gonzales

    Plenty of ink has been spilled about the Democrats, their recruiting, and their quest to net the fifteen seats necessary to gain the majority in the House. But Democrats may actually need to takeover sixteen or seventeen seats in November to compensate for potential losses of their own.

    In summary, the article raises the bar for democrats and seems to point to the remoteness of their political fantasies.

  61. 90

    voter advocate spews:


    It is pretty clear to mt that the purpose of linking to the article available for free from Rothenberg is to demonstrate that they are not a cheering section for Democrats.

  62. 91

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Roger is gonna be a RICH bunny! Especially if Republicans keep running energy policy in the USA! But probably regardless, because …

    … the world’s population keeps growing;
    … Chinese and Indians are becoming drivers instead of pedalers;
    … Mexico’s Cantarell field peaked in March 2006.

    Wait! SCRRREEEEEEECH!!!! What the hell is “Cantarell field?”

    The Cantarell Field is Mexico’s largest oil field, and is the second-fastest producing oil field in the world, second only to Saudia Arabia’s Ghawar Field (the world’s largest oil field). Cantarell produces 2.1 million bpd. In August 2004, Pemex, the Mexican national oil company, announced Cantarell production would begin to fall steeply in 2006, at a rate of 14% per year, and would be only 1 million bpd by 2008.

    According to Wikipedia, “The likely ramifications of this decline on world oil markets and downstream oil users are highly disturbing.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantarell_Field

    As recent events (and pump prices) have demonstrated, the world has NO EXCESS OIL PRODUCTION CAPACITY. With demand surging from 76 million bpd in 2002 to over 83 million bpd in 2005, and now bumping up against the maximum output ceiling of 85 million bpd, prices are rising simply because the world’s oil producers can’t pump enough oil to meet demand.

  63. 92

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    And come November, I bet it’s fed-up Republicans that are throwing away protest votes by the bushel.

  64. 93

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey Anti-Goldy — I’m looking forward to GOP candidates campaigning this fall on a platform of $4 gas! Should be fun.

  65. 94

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    According to Strategic Vision’s latest poll (April 21-23), Katherine Harris trails by 32 points in Florida’s Senate race, with incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson leading the Red Lipstick Witch by 56 to 34 percent. Harris polls more poorly than any of the other GOP candidates in the race. http://www.hedgehogreport.com/polls2006senate.php

  66. 95

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey Anti-Goldy, how’s the GOP energy policy of driving bigger vehicles and paying bigger subsidies to oil companies working out for ya? What was the pump price under Clinton again? 99 cents? Yeah, I think that’s right, 99 cents. Bush has managed to triple the price of gas in just 5 short years, quite an accomplishment, huh.

  67. 96

    Green Thumb spews:

    Anti-Goldy, Cantwell WILL win the primary by a lopsided margin. In the general election, the Green candidate is about as bad as you can get (no Nader-style threat here). I suppose you can try to lower Democratic turnout by slinging lots of Rovian mud, but that may not work very well this year given the extraordinary intensity of anti-Bush sentiment.

    I realize that you can’t admit any of this. You’ve got a “job” to do.

  68. 98

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Stefan, you have twenty (20) minutes to post evidence refuting post #42 above. If you fail to do so, your silence will be taken as an admission of the truth of the above statement.


    Roger Rabbit, Interlocutor

  69. 99

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Well, the 20 minutes is up, and we haven’t heard from Stefan — so, that settles that.

  70. 100

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    How much have the courts awarded to Stefan from King County in attorney fees and monetary penalties for alleged public records law violations to date?

    [ ] 1. $0.00
    [ ] 2. $0.01 to $0.99
    [ ] 3. $1.00 to $4.99
    [ ] 3. $5.00 to $9.99
    [ ] 4. $10.00 to $20.00
    [ ] 5. Over $20.00 but less than $50.00
    [ ] 6. Over $50.00 but less than $100.00
    [ ] 7. $100.00 or more

  71. 102

    Donnageddon spews:

    Hey “anti-America” @ 22 How many attempts has any oil company made to make new refineries?

    0h, none?

    Why? Because they know they can ore effectivley rape the US by claiming “Refinery depletion”.

    Hmm… sounds, looks and is BULLSHIT!

    The Neocons are trying to out-Enron Enron.

    But guess what?

    The public has caught on. IT is BULLSHIT. And The US is not buying.
    Gas is expensive because, while Bush claimed he could just “jawbone” the Saudis into lowering gas… he can’t.

    Because Bush is a lame duck nationally and internationally.

  72. 104

    Donnageddon spews:

    The above helps anyone understand the asinine bullshit of “This’ll Help You”

    What a fucking waste.

  73. 105


    Wascally Wabbit, I wonder why gas prices are so high? Could it be that hypocritical enviro-whackos actually drive BIG FANCY GAS GUZZLING SUVs, too?

    Not to mention that they have made refining gasoline super-expensive? That’s right: “no more refineries in my backyard” = higher gas prices. Just like no drilling in ANWR = higher gas prices. Cantwell’s little PR stunt at the gas station was cute, but it won’t do a DAMN thing to bring down gas prices…just like almost every other thing she promises to do for voters–she can never provide what she promises!

  74. 106

    Donnageddon spews:

    Also from “This\’ll help you”‘s favorite site “Townhall.com”

    “With today’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court, President George W. Bush has fulfilled a promise made to the American people in 2004: He has nominated an exceptional jurist and scholar with a proven fidelity to the Constitution in the mold of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.”

    What happened to Harriet? Bush promised she was the “Most qualified candidate for the Supreme Court”!!

  75. 107

    Donnageddon spews:

    Thank you “his\’ll help you” @ 17 for being a “good” bad example of the wingnut minority that aims to destroy humanity.

    You are just another fucking white trash neocon symp.

    Are you proud?

  76. 110

    Donnageddon spews:

    On a Personal note: I have taken some time to think about our situation now. We are fighting a war based on Neocon lies. We have devestated Iraq. We are now threatening Iraq over a possible nuclear path that will take at least 10 years to be any threat, with nuclear attack.

    The economy is a shambles (Don’t think that the Bush Deficit is doing anything but forestalling and enhancing the disaster).

    And we have 32% of the population who are obviously insane.

    I can hear Nero fiddling. After every drop of patriot blood spilled for the USA, it only took BushCo, and some puddy-like minds to destroy the great experiment that was Democracy.

    Fuck you, Trolls.

    Fuck you evil corporate media.

    Fuck you porous minded Kool Aid drinkers.

    I hope you enjoy the coming Dark Days.

  77. 111

    Richard Pope spews:

    According to Strategic Vision’s latest poll (April 21-23), Katherine Harris trails by 32 points in Florida’s Senate race, with incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson leading the Red Lipstick Witch by 56 to 34 percent. Harris polls more poorly than any of the other GOP candidates in the race. http://www.hedgehogreport.com/polls2006senate.php

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 4/25/06@ 8:31 pm


    The Wabbit says that Bill Nelson leads Katherine Harris by 56% to 34%.

    Actually, Bill Nelson leads Katherine Harris by 56% to 24%.