Burner & Goldmark need your contributions today!

The second quarter fundraising period ends tonight at midnight, and Darcy Burner is still $7,000 short of her goal. The further we put her over the top, the easier it will be for Burner to raise money in the third quarter, and money has become more important to this race than ever now that Dave Reichert has Karl Rove and President Bush pulling out all the stops on his behalf.

So please give now, directly via Burner’s website, or through my Act Blue page. And while you’re at it, be sure to drop a few bucks into the campaign of 5th Congressional District Democratic challenger Peter Goldmark.

Goldmark is the real deal. Let’s help give him a real chance at winning in November.


  1. 1

    REP Pat Kennedy [D-Bitchslap the Black Security Guard At LAX] spews:

    LeftTurn………Is your contribution kind of like Larry Ellison’s multi million dollar pledge to Harvard?

  2. 3

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    you must have gotten distracted with your small brained/short attention span rabid…

    “The only thing that’s certain is that Scheurer finds himself missing several thousand precious signatures just ten days before the filing deadline.”

    “If you’re in the Chicago area, and believe that voters should ultimately decide elections, you can send a message that these kinds of games are unacceptable by going to Scheurer’s rally on Sunday and helping him make up those missing signatures. The Rally’s at noon at the Lake Villa Public Library, 1001 E. Grand Avenue in Lindenhurst. “

  3. 4

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    LMAO… 8 little posts and monopoly money from NoLeftbrainandmissinghisLeftnut… poor little dimwit darcy the disappointing and MIA sacrificial donkette…

  4. 8

    LeftTurn spews:

    Put in another $50 knowing that it’s one thing I can do that the right wing traitors can’t do a fucking thing about.

  5. 9

    LeftTurn spews:

    Oh yeah and then there’s Prescott Bush who was practically Hitler’s right hand man and Papa Bush who was eating lunch with Osama’s dad when 9.11 went down.

    Some family!

  6. 10

    REP Pat Kennedy [D-Bitchslap the Black Security Guard At LAX] spews:

    “In your case, yes. You have too much money for your own good.”

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 6/30/06@ 3:06 pm […….hehe, Democrat “guvment” hacks KNOW how much money those in the private sector should have. Some of us might have “too much”!! Hillary and RR will “redistribute” this error!! Karl Marx would be proud!!]

  7. 11

    LeftTurn spews:

    Laura Bush killed a guy. The Bush Twins are whores. Jeb Bush’s daughter is a dopper like her uncle Baby Bush who’s a coke user, drunk driver, draft dodger and AWOL coward.

  8. 13

    REP Pat Kennedy [D-Bitchslap the Black Security Guard At LAX] spews:

    REP JCH “Pat” (You are not worthy of the name Kennedy)

    Commentby Commander Ogg— [……..hehe……NOT WORTHY of the name Kennedy? What do I have to do? Kill? Rape? Drive drunk? Knock the shit out of a CONN school girl with a 6 iron? Just “axe” Mary Jo’s family if “I’m not worthy”!! Ogg, you are one of the Democrat blind sheep who will vote for the scum Kennedys for decades! Classically funny!]

  9. 16

    Henry Burner wants his mommy back! spews:

    I want my mommy back! All those nasty wibrals aw taking my mommy away! They use wangwage dat gwandma says should wash out my mouth! Mean old wibrals. I want my mommy! She never spends any time with me. I am being negwected. And wook at di pwace. There is wabbit poop all over – ich! I want a cwean house, cwean diaper and a hot meal. My mommy is negwecting me.

  10. 17

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Are the Dems Committing Vote Fraud?” Commentby howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS— 6/30/06@ 4:30 pm

    Ass, do you EVER read what you link to? (Don’t answer that; you’ll only get yourself in deeper. Here’s what the commentary you linked to says:)

    “There’s no evidence linking any of this directly to (Democratic Rep.) Bean, or to the Democratic leadership.”

    NO EVIDENCE — that’s what it says — NO EVIDENCE. Do you know what NO EVIDENCE means, Ass? No, I didn’t think you did.

  11. 19

    Living in the 8th spews:

    Left Turn, have you heard about the Kennedy family?? Do we need to make a list?

  12. 20

    Puddybud Michael Kennedy spews:

    Damn LeftTurd: Papa Bush who was eating lunch with Osama’s dad when 9.11 went down. Some family!

    Commentby LeftTurn— 6/30/06@ 9:18 pm –

    This comment demonstrates how little leftturd ventures from the daily kos crowd. If you look back through the Internet leftturdy, bin lardass’ father was dead many moons ago. Prescott Bush hung around Averill Harriman, who was a know Nazi sympathizer. Our great cuzin Joe Kennedy Sr. was a real nazi sympathizer and had to resign his ambassadoral post over it.

    This is almost as funny as the turdy one saying I had daughters her imaginarily slept with. What a donk dingleberry!!! Not only are your post worthless in comment (no facts), your posts are worthless in humor. At leas some librul moonbats make you laugh. All the turdy one does is provide the toilet paper to flush him into the spinning water hole.

  13. 21

    Puddybud Michael Kennedy spews:

    And leftturdy if you look through the Internet, there is NYS infrastructure named after Prescott Bush’s friend Averill Harriman. So history treats Bush’s friends pretty dipshit. Yes you are a dipshit turdyone!

  14. 23

    PBJ spews:

    Microsoft apparently does make a distinction between and executive and a general manager, program manager, team lead, engineer, technical specialist, lead geek or janitor. They list executives on their web site:


    For someone who was merely a Program Manager (which cannot even be verified at that) or whatever title her apologists are using to explain her false claim, to call herself an executive is quite a promotion indeed.

    From her own website:

    “Darcy grew up in a military family. She worked hard in school, graduated at the top of her class and put herself through Harvard. After graduation, Darcy worked for 12 years in the high tech sector – including as an executive at Microsoft.”


  15. 24

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    By the way, Burner exceeded her fundraising goal easily. – Commentby Another TJ— 7/1/06@ 8:59 am

    Good! Maybe now she’ll have enough gas money to get her butt out of seattle and into the 8th so she can attempt to give us a reason to vote for her.

  16. 26

    Green Thumb spews:

    Proud, you’d never consider voting for Burner regardless of what reasons were presented. That’s because you are an unthinking, right-wing, ditto head.

    I’ve never seen you consider any argument on this blog that deviated the slightest bit from Faux News. You are merely a mouthpiece for whatever the Bush-DeLay-Norquist-BIAW gang tells you to say. If you have any independent thinking capacity whatsoever you have squelched it, perhaps to earn a paycheck as a professional troll.

    That’s why moderate voter should be highly skeptical about ANYTHING that you say.

  17. 27

    skagit spews:

    #15 . . . That seems to be the difference between conserves and dems . . . dems have a conscience.