BREAKING NEWS: DeLay indicted!

CNN is reporting that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been indicted by a Texas grand jury on one count of criminal conspiracy.

From the AP:

A Texas grand jury today charged Rep. Tom DeLay and two political associates with conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme, an indictment that could force him to step down as House majority leader.

DeLay attorney Steve Brittain said DeLay was accused of a criminal conspiracy along with two associates, John Colyandro, former executive director of a Texas political action committee formed by DeLay, and Jim Ellis, who heads DeLay’s national political committee.

The indictment against the second-ranking, and most assertive Republican leader came on the final day of the grand jury’s term. It followed earlier indictments of a state political action committee founded by DeLay and three of his political associates.

The Austin American-Statesman gives some great background on the case, in a story published before the indictment, but I think Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo best sums up what this means for the Republicans:

So let’s see.

House Majority Leader Indicted for Criminal Conspiracy.

Senate Majority Leader the target of an increasingly serious probe of potential insider trading.

Rumors of October Rove indictment in the Plame case.

Is this a problem yet?

Um… yeah.


  1. 2

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You can indict a ham sandwich.
    I’m no fan of Tom DeLay….never have been.
    But he certainly deserves his constitutional right to respond.
    Is that difficult for you LEFTIST PINHEADS who are always so worried about individuals CIVIL RIGHTS to comprehend???
    Or are basic Civil Rights only guaranteed for those who subscribe to LENIN’S philosophy???

  2. 5

    windie spews:

    umm Irrelevant…?

    What does civil rights have to do with ANYTHING here?

    Is Goldy some governmental power that him reporting this is a violation of civil rights?

    Oh wait! I forgot! You’re just a troll-bot. I think yer script needs a bit of adjustment. You’re responding to the wrong keywords.


    Anyways, its time this criminal bastard started getting his comeuppance. Another reason to hope for the nation!

  3. 6

    herbalizer spews:

    FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  4. 8

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Oh goodie … it opens the door to investigate and indict all those libs… Hello Ms Pelosi, you have been served! Hello, Mr Reid, Ms Boxer, Mr Leiberman, Mr McDermott, Mr Berendt…

    Be careful what you wish for, little fringies.

  5. 10

    windie spews:


    Unlike you, I want every person thats actually committed a crime (meaning not just in insane rightwing imagination, ala “Bill Clinton murdered 200 people!”) to be dealt with.

    Of course it doesn’t matter to you at all, simply being more rightie “But look at the Democrats!” smokescreen.

    I’m kinda hoping Delay cuts a deal… Then we’ll really see the fur fly! (Just think of the list of people he could take down with him, if he thought it was in his best interest…)

  6. 11

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    windie whacko–
    In your glee and joy to see DeLay indicted, you have obviously forgotten that he does have a RIGHT to respond. This is a basic CIVIL RIGHT. DeLay has denied that he committed any crime. Do LEFTIST PINHEADS now believe in guilty by indictment with no opportunity for defense????
    Hmmmmmmmmm….who are the real Nazi’s windie????
    Have you shaved your PINHEAD yet?

  7. 13

    screwSEAN Hannity spews:

    When the RIGHTY assholes DEFEND these scumbags…they prove that they should be kicked squarely in the face.

    Yes..give the man his legal rights…but don’t let this bastard and the NEOCONS “CHANGE THE LAW” to protect his stupid ass. His actions (ILLEGAL) allowed the redistricting of parts of Texas, allowing MORE asshole Republicans to STEAL THE VOTES, thereby allowing more right wing dickheads to make MORE unfair laws.

    You RIGHTY PINHEADS are the ones who need to get a clue. While I was typing THIS response…stupid ass Trent Lott JUST SAID that you can indict a ham sandwich.

    Stupid says as stupid does as stupid IS.

    Burn Delay…..the house of cards is INDEED coming down…as I and many here predicted years ago.

    There are about 15 CRIMINALS in the current BushCo administration and if you disagree with that….eat a dick!

    Oh…and SCREW SEAN HANNITY…what a dick!

  8. 14

    windie spews:


    Jesus. Name me one public personality who had an indiction against them who was given ‘a right to respond’ before it was reported on by commentators and the press…

    seriously sad.

  9. 16

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    I wasn’t defending anyone, rugrat.

    I was issuing a warning to all you gleefull fringie idiots – if they can, and have, gone after Delay, does ANYONE in their right mind think it will end there?

    Do you not see the can of worms this opens for ALL POLITICIANS?

    We all saw the lists of infractions by members of both parties when this Delay thing 1st broke… and after they made their sanctimonious speeches, we all saw Pelosi, Reid et. al scurrying to cover their own asses with late declarations, press releases and apologies.

    This ain’t over with JUST Delay.

    We’ll be anxious to see the same corrupt politician glee when it’s one of your favored liberals.

  10. 17

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I never said the indictment shouldn’t have been reported.
    I am saying the LEFTIST PINHEADS in their glee have mistaken an indictment with a conviction…..and you LEFTIST PINHEADS are quick to convict without allowing DeLay his day in Court.
    Reporting is one thing…indicting is one thing….convicting is much, much different. Perhaps someday you LEFTIST PINHEADS will be indicted for something. Hell, look at your comrade who was just convicted for burning down the McDonald’s in the name of ALF and ELF. He had an extensive trial…was found guilty. We do have a system of Justice that allows Justice for all. It sounds like you LEFTIST PINEADS want to change that to “Justice for all LEFTIST PINHEADS….and no one else”???
    Predictable response from LENIN’s USEFUL IDIOTS.

  11. 18

    Swift Boat Vets For Universal Healthcare spews:

    thank you God.

    May the Democrats have the wisdom to let the Delay House ‘o’ Flapjacks burn to the ground.

  12. 19

    windie spews:

    @17 thats just silly.

    Nobody is saying he’s in jail yet.

    The fact that he was even charged, and has stepped down as house leader is a huge victory. The idea that they’re not immune to the law, despite their best efforts is heartening.

    I understand you now, its a classic straw man argument. Invalid, sure…. but at least we know where you’re coming from.

  13. 20

    PROUD American Woman spews:

    I am a PROUD American Woman who LOVES what America IS and stands for. I did NOT vote for the current president, so he is certainly not MY president. He was appointed ILLEGALLY by the Supreme Court, and then he STOLE the 2004 Election thanks to Ohio HENCHMAN Kenneth Blackwell. If you disagree with those facts….please kill yourself.

    Now I see Ann Coulter on Fox right now defending DeLay.

    I would give my eye teeth – eat my hair – live a life of celibacy – just to watch that bitch go down in a scandal of flames. She is an embarrassment to thinking women everywhere. How DARE she RANT about ‘feminists’. She’d be barefoot, knocked-up, and cleaning a toilet if it wasn’t for Liberal women of the previous generation. If I bumped into her on the street – you’d see me on the evening news – pulling the hair out of her head and slamming her horse face into a fire hydrant…

  14. 21

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I believe this will open the door for many other indictments.
    Frankly, I don’t think that is at all bad.
    Perhaps our system needs a good shake-up and a heavy dose of PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY at long last.
    I believe people enter politics with the best of intentions. However, they often become corrupted and co-opted by their supporters, bureaucrats and just plain old lust for POWER.
    That is why I am not a member of either political party and why I voted for Ross Perot.
    Unfortunately, you will see the Dems circle the wagons with the R’s on this. The Dems have their own skeletons and dirty laundry which will be aired….PROUD is right.
    So where does that leave We The People???????
    I think we are in for very, very rough times…..domestically.
    Anyone who publicly cast stones at DeLay better make sure his/her house is in order.
    I just saw Rep Harold Ford (D) from Tennessee. I like Ford….he is very articulate. However his response was EXTREMELY measured….as it should be. He simply said both Party’s have their rules and will follow them. He gave ZERO comment on the merits of the indictment.
    What you will see is the normal Dem attack dogs in safe Districts and States like Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson, Conyers, Kennedy, Kerry et al in charge of SHRILLNESS. The vast majority will be very measured….as most Republicans were prior to Clinton’s impeachment hearings. With Clinton, the press and talking heads had a field day….elected officials were extremely measured. The same thing will happen here.
    Will DeLay be convicted??? Let’s look at the evidence from both sides, the cross examination and a trial. If DeLay is convicted, the Dems will rightly have a field day with this. However, they will also be on trial.
    I think Americans are disappointed, disgusted and fed-up with both Party’s. A PUBLIC airing of dirty laundry is actually way overdue.

  15. 23

    Another TJ spews:


    I would welcome sanctions against each and every member of Congress who violated the various ethics rules, including lobbyist paid trips. However, Delay has not been indicted over his travel rules violations. The indictment alleges that they conspired to violate Texas election codes. So, this particular investigation does indeed end with DeLay (in a manner of speaking).

    What we’re talking about here is part of a large-scale enterprise on the part of DeLay and others to engage in what are essentially money-laundering operations. Unless you’re referring to something else entirely, no Democratic congressional leader has been accused of anything remotely similar to the behavior that led to DeLay’s indictment.

  16. 24

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    PROUD Gal–
    Pleeeeeeeeease! You still have the insanity plea at your disposal. The National Association of Gals (NAG’S) will certainly jump in on this with your ferocity. You will overplay your hand and end up splitting whatever is left of your clan.

  17. 25

    Ivan spews:


    I love watching you squirm, you piece of shit. When your head explodes, maybe we can get video.

  18. 26

    Mark spews:

    PAW @ 20: “She’d be barefoot, knocked-up, and cleaning a toilet if it wasn’t for Liberal women of the previous generation.”

    Actually, if you look up the history of women’s suffrage, you will find that the Dems only gave it because they thought women would vote lockstep with their husbands and against blacks. They were wrong and then tried to revoke the right. REPUBLICANS were the ones defending women’s suffrage.

    As for the rest of your post, you are a poor example to women everywhere. Hell, you’re a poor example to ADULTS everywhere. And you just prove my point (from an earlier thread) that the Loony Left is devoid of ideas and filled with blind rage.

  19. 27

    windie spews:


    we’re wandering somewhat offpoint, but I think you need to be reminded again that those Democrats you’re talking about are almost ALL republicans now. The GOP handily took over the responsibility for Racism and Sexism from the mid-late 60’s on.

  20. 29

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’m no fan of DeLay’s and I’m not a Republican….Libertarian.
    I actually LOVE seeing elected officials on all levels held accountable PUBLICLY for their actions. Too many years of “Circle the Wagons’ by both entrenched Party’s. I voted for Ross Perot….TWICE!
    If the facts prove DeLay guilty in a Court of Law, I’ll be the first to call for his head.
    However, as a Libertarian, I know government at all levels (including the District Attorney in Texas who indicted DeLay) also needs checks and balances.
    Indicted is one thing. Convicted another.
    We have too much government at all levels. Bureaucrats are running local, State and Federal governments. Look at the Washington Dept. of Ecology and Timber/Water/Salmon issues. They have usurped power not given to them by law.
    EVERYONE on the Left and Right need to open their eyes. While we are bickering, those in power and bureaucrats are FUCKING US TO DEATH!

  21. 30

    The Original John spews:

    Wingnut talking points:

    Blame the Liberal Media
    Everybody Does It
    Prosecutor is a Democrat
    An Indictment Is Not A Conviction
    Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster
    Ted Kennedy
    They hate Tom Delay for his freedom.
    This only emboldens the Iraqi insurgency
    The Grand Jury is in its last throes

  22. 31

    proud leftist spews:

    Indicting DeLay is an important step toward restoring civility to our political process. Convicting him would be a major leap. DeLay is the worst of what we have in Congress–a man whose only vision is the triumph of his party, regardless of the impact on national interest. DeLay sees no value in even having a loyal opposition. His brain is too small to accommodate debate. Though I’m on the left, I want my views challenged and then challenged some more. DeLay has no patience for those who would disagree with him. Getting his ilk out of leadership positions could lead to honest and meaningful debate in Congress about issues. There are certainly some out there (too many of whom post regularly on this blog) who do not see a place for reasoned and dispassionate political dialogue, but who only want ideological homogeneity in government. DeLay’s indictment must sadden them. As for the rest of us, man, I think shutting down the shop early and opening up the taps is one helluva fine idea.

  23. 32

    righton spews:

    If only he could hire Carville and Begala and Podesta; then he could trash his opponents and survive this…

  24. 33

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy’s filter is working overtime today!
    I can call Goldy a fucker and it goes right thru.

  25. 34

    Richard Pope spews:

    Ronnie Earle, the Democrat District Attorney in Travis County, Texas, has a track record of pursuing frivolous politically motivated charges against Republicans.

    Back in 1993, Earle procured an indictment against Kay Bailey Hutchison, who had been Texas state treasurer prior to her election to the U.S. Senate in the 1992 election. This made big news at the time and was used to crucify Hutchison and the Republicans.

    The case went to trial in February 1994. The parties went through jury selection, and the jury was impaneled. Then Earle suddenly decided not to pursue the case, not present any witnesses, and not offer any evidence. The jury promptly acquitted Hutchison of the frivolous charges.

    This politically motivated prosecution created a bit of backlash which helped the GOP in the 1994 elections, especially in the State of Texas. Earle helped provide the energy and indignation that put George W. Bush into the Governor’s mansion in Austin.

  26. 35

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Doggonit!!! I was hoping you would wait a few hours before pointing that one out. I love seeing the LEFTIST PINHEADS frothing and salivating with only partial information! Certainly the Prosecutors “motives” are relevant and we will see his Hutchison debacle publicized… free-ride for anyone. Delay, Earle or whoever is pulling Earle’s “strings”.
    Dangit Richard…
    Oh well, these LEFTIST PINHEADS will pretend Earle has no past track record or even be the slightest bit skeptical of the charges. If Earle indicts….DeLay is GUILTY. No trial necessary. Earle is the Prosecutor, Judge and Jury!!!
    Right?? W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!

  27. 37

    The Original John spews:


    You don’t bother pointing out that Earle has put away more Democrats than Republicans. Yes, yes, anyone who breaks the law should pay the price.

    DeLay is as dirty as they come. The prosecutor will of course have to prove it in court but it’s pretty obvious to anyone who bothers to open their eyes.

    Cynical @ all

    Well, well, HA has its own Glenn Reynolds just decorated with more exclamations and words in caps!

    Not Republican? Puhhhleeeze….

  28. 38


    Richard @ 34
    you left out a key detail: the judge threw out Earle’s smoking gun. Without that, there was no case, so of course it fell apart.

    You also fail to mention that he’s indicted more Democrats than Republicans since taking office 20 years ago.

    You also fail to mention that 12 citizens of Texas indicted Tom DeLay, not Ronnie Earle.

    Good try though.

  29. 39

    proud leftist spews:

    Pope @ 34
    A single example of a prosecution of a Republican hardly constitutes “a track record of pursuing frivolous politically motivated charges against Republicans.” Moreover, your use of the word “frivolous” is political spin, not a legal term of art. In fact, because a grand jury, a panel of fine Texas citizens, determined that sufficient evidence of criminal conduct existed on Hutchinson’s part that prosecution of her was appropriate, Earle’s prosecution of her was by definition not frivolous. Earle has a history of going after the powerful of both parties, a rarity nowadays. The fact that he is a Democrat does not, by any means, mean that he cannot credibly go after DeLay.

  30. 40

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The reason Earle has prosecuted more D’s than R’s in Texas is simple….A much higher % of Texas Democrats are obvious crooks than Texas R’s. As a statistical analyst, you will probably be able to figure that one out. The “good old boy” system left over from LBJ is quite arrogant in Texas and has been. Like in Louisana, “the good old boys” hijacked the willing Democratic Party.

    Earle’s track record will be put under the microscope. It seems like you LEFTIST PINHEADS are going from attacking DeLay to defending Earle. Have any of you looked at the charges? Are you prepared to look at the facts.

    I do not like DeLay. He strikes me as arrogant…like Gingrich. When DeLay and Gingrich were incredibly popular with the Contract with America…they started believing their own headlines and acting stupid. Consequently, they lost a lot of politcal capital. Hey, Clinton was really right in there with these guys…don’t kid yourselves. A little play-acting in anger buy…..Clinton bought into the Contract, NAFTA, GAT and rammed them home.

    Earle definitely has an axe to grind with DeLay. Clearly their is some level of political hatchetry in the timing of this. Why didn’t it happen months and months ago???? What NEW information has Earle collected that now results in an indictment????

  31. 41


    cynical @ 40
    well, so you’ve moved away from the canard that Earle is politically motivated. Even if one accepts your rather absurd premise that the minority party in Texas is somehow more corrupt than the people with actual power, all that means is that Earle goes after corrupt politicians. Which means what for DeLay, exactly?

    Why it didn’t happen months ago, is because DeLay’s lawyers argued that election law has to be tried in the home district of the defendant…and the DA in DeLay’s district is a GOP lackey. The conspiracy charge is a state charge that Earle is free to submit. But again, let’s return to the truth here: CITIZENS OF TEXAS have indicited Tom DeLay, not Ronnie Earle. Some of them might even be…gasp…Republicans.

  32. 42

    spyder spews:

    “Will DeLay be convicted??? Let’s look at the evidence from both sides, the cross examination and a trial. If DeLay is convicted, the Dems will rightly have a field day with this. However, they will also be on trial.”

    I don’t think so. The wealth generated by this corruption, particularly in terms of the contributions to the legal defense fund, will provide for some fairly powerful attorneys. They will plead this out to some very minor misdemeanor rather than risk public disclosure of evidence that may convict others down the road. There are some big fish out there, with very powerful connections unwilling to have Tommy boy testify about many matters.

  33. 43

    Mr Wood spews:

    You Lefty AssHoles sound like a bunch of FAGS!!!!! Why don’t you all go to the nearest mens room (thats a laugh!) and drum up another conspiracy.

  34. 44

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Just pause for a brief counterpoint:
    Chairman Benkiser Calls for Ronnie Earle to Resign
    Press Releases: May 20, 2005

    Austin Today’s Houston Chronicle exposes the true partisan nature of Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, who headlined a fundraiser for Democrats where he focused his remarks on his politically motivated investigation of Congressman Tom DeLay.

    DeLay has yet to be contacted regarding Earle’s long running probe, but that hasn’t prevented Earle from trading in rumors of his investigation to solicit media attention both locally and nationally.

    “Ronnie Earle’s unabashed partisanship in speaking at a Texas Values in Action Coalition (TEXVAC) fundraiser proves Earle’s motivations have nothing to do with truth or justice, and everything to do with electing Democrats and attempting to bring down the most effective House Majority Leader in modern history,” said Tina Benkiser, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

    Outside observers have also stated that Earle’s appearance raises a lot of questions about his motives. “It may help Tom DeLay establish his case that Ronnie Earle’s investigation is a partisan witch hunt,” stated Richard Murray, political scientist with the University of Houston. Larry Noble, head of the Center for Responsive Politics and a former FEC lawyer said, “It clearly fuels the perception that his investigation is politically motivated. It was probably not a wise move.” (Michael Hedges, Houston Chronicle, 5/19/05)

    On its website, TEXVAC calls itself an “organization dedicated to electing Democratic candidates in North Texas.” It also points out that its co-founder, Ed Ishmael, was a “leader in the Howard Dean presidential campaign, as both an organizer and major fundraiser.” (TEXVAC Website,, Accessed 5/17/05)

    Fred Baron, former head of Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) and John Kerry fundraiser is listed on the group’s advisory board. Besides his long ties to national Democrats, Baron is well known for a remark he made years ago concerning the trial lawyer lobby’s influence over the Democrat Party, “I picked up my Wall Street Journal last night … and what did I learn? ‘The plaintiffs’ bar is all but running the Senate.’ Now, I really, strongly disagree with that, particularly the words ‘all but.’” (Fred Baron, Mealey’s Asbestos Bankruptcy Conference, 6/3/02)

    “This proves once and for all that Ronnie Earle is a hypocrite on a political witch hunt. He willingly allowed himself to be the marquee attraction at a $25,000 a person fundraising dinner for the very type of organization he claims to abhor in order to further his crusade of political destruction against Tom Delay and the Republican Party. For Ronnie Earle to say with a straight face that he is an unbiased prosecutor is laughable. Ronnie Earle’s political motives are transparent. He is tainted and he should resign,” Benkiser concluded.

  35. 45

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Ronnie Earle’s loose lips

    You will continue to find mixed reviews on Ronnie Earle. However, Earle has made some very PUBLIC statements about DeLay that would raise anyone’s antenna about possible political payback.
    Prosecutors are not immune from being prosecuted themselves…especially in the court of public opinion.

  36. 47

    s-choir spews:

    re 2: Cynical: Your whole little Tinkerbell fantasy of right wing rectitude and power is all about to explode in your face like so much pixie dust.

    “Welcome to the jungle!

    Won’t you come on in?”

    Montel Williams

  37. 48

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Thank you for your well-reasoned insight….as usual.
    No specific criticism….just a blanket stupid FUCK.
    rujax is the Posterboy for the LEFTIST PINHEADS.
    Whenever someone throws a little cold water on them during an “aroused circle-jerk” by pointing out there are 2 sides to a story….they go beserk ala rujax.
    rujax’s tombstone will surely read:
    Here lies rujax
    He died PISSED OFF and incoherent!!

  38. 49

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Motel Williams????
    Didn’t he go off the air for several years after many shows about his wonderful wife and kids…..then he got busted for an ugly affair….and divorce???
    That Motel Williams.
    ps…I know his name is MONTEL…I just heard him called Motel because that’s where his ruse ended.

  39. 50

    s-choir spews:

    re 35: Well, what’s really important is whether he lied about a blow job. Right? Let’s spend 70 million tax dollars on that important question! Cynical, you’re a living definition of toxic waste.

  40. 51

    windie spews:

    hehe poor Mr. Irrelevant got bitchslapped so hard, he had to flee to a different thread, and to try to troll different people :D

    Cynical! If you believe hard enough, you can change the truth to something you like! Also, you can fly!

  41. 52

    Ed Marshall spews:

    Oh wizzell, these LEFTIST Pinheezees wizzle pretend Earle has no pizzy triznack record or even be tha slightest bit skeptical of tha charges yeah yeah baby. If Earle indicts….DeLay is GUILTY. No trial necessary . Aint no L-I-M-I-to-tha-T. Earle is tha Prosecizzles Judge n Jury!!!
    Right?? W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!

    The faith suddenly present in right wing America’s criminal justice system is astounding. At what point did the scales fall from the eyes?

  42. 53

    s-choir spews:

    re 49: The joke,Cynical, went completely over your head. I hoped it would. Many can now see you for the dense clown that you are. If you were in the circus, you’d throw real buckets of water at the audience — and never realize your mistake!

  43. 54

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    Senior republican politicians are crooks (no this isn’t Iran Contra, Watergate, Iraq WMD)…what’s the news?

  44. 55

    Richard Pope spews:

    Mr. Cynical @ 44 & 45

    Apparently Texas law has some very strong prohibitions against corporate or union funds being used to support state and local political campaigns. This seems to be the sort of law that Tom DeLay has been indicted for conspiring to violate.

    While I think the charges against DeLay are quite a stretch, comparing his fundraising organization to Texas Values in Action Coalition (TEXVAC) (whose $25,000 per person fundraiser that Ronnie Earle spoke at recently) is not exactly accurate.

    DeLay’s organization took a whole bunch of corporate funds. TEXVAC, on the other hand, doesn’t take corporate or union funds:

    I assume that corporations and unions in Texas pay their officials extra, so that they can make personal political contributions. Breaking the spirit of the law may make someone a hypocrite, but breaking the letter of the law can make someone a convicted felon.

  45. 56

    Ed Marshall spews:

    One way another Delay is probably finished.

    That wierd shuffle of the house leadership didn’t happen until Rove popped by. Grier was supposed to be a seatwarmer for Delay, and after the administration had a talk with congress suddenly the seatwarmer lost his chair. His strings are being cut.

    I wonder if there isn’t something even nastier waiting out there in the wings for Delay, like Obstruction of Justice in the murder of Gus Boulis or something.

  46. 57



    Listen Lardass…you got nothing!

    You CLAIM to be a libertarian and ALL you do is SLAM Democrats.

    You’re supposed to be associated with people who make their money off effective infrastructure, and you REFUSE to support it.

    A healthy middle class is essential for your ilk and your progeny to make profits and you REFUSE to do ANYTHING to promote and perpetuate it.

    You’re a fucking empty suit. You’re a stupid one trick pony. A REALLY stupid one trick pony! Pudless is so feeble he’s the only one around here who doesn’t see through your mind numbing bullshit. Your “me first-selfish society” crap. “Ooooohhh…don’t you MAKE me pay for something we ALL need! Why I just won’t stand for it. And pay workers for work? Outrageous! A living wage? Fuck You! You’ll work for what I’ll pay you and like it, you peon.”

    Go to fucking Idaho or the middle of fucking Montana or something. You’re just a moronic loser.

  47. 58

    yearight spews:

    What, exactly, is Delay accused of?

    What is different from what the dems in Texas do every year?

    In October 2002 the Texas Democratic Party did the same thing when it sent $75,000 to the DNC and received $75,000 back from the DNC the very same day. The Democrats transferred a total of approximately $11 million dollars in soft money from its national parties to fund Texas campaigns in 2002, compared to $5.2 million transferred by Republicans.

    Hang all of them.

  48. 59

    headless lucy spews:

    As punishment they ought to take away all DeLay’s money and force him to work for Halliburton in NOLA in the rebuilding effort( at an entry wage job, of course) for the amountof money that Bush recommends for everyone else.

    He could at long last learn a real-world skill and at least find out how to ,well hammer……

  49. 60

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    There, there rujax….let it all out.
    Keep vomiting.
    Once it’s all out perhaps you will see the LEFTIST PINHEADS for what they are.
    I don’t just slam Democrats. Most of my friends are good old-fashioned Truman Democrats. They hate LEFTIST PINHEADS too!!!
    You seem unwilling and unable to understand the difference between a good Democrat……and a LEFTIST PINHEAD like yourself who hijacked the Democratic Party.
    Perhaps in your next life you will be a reasonable human being….or more likely, a slug.

  50. 61



    You got ANYTHING else, asshole?

  51. 62

    Ed Marshall spews:

    I don’t just slam Democrats. Most of my friends are good old-fashioned Truman Democrats. They hate LEFTIST PINHEADS too!!!

    If your friends are “Truman Democrats” who like Bush and apologize for things like Brown and DeLay you have imaginary friends, which while sad, doesn’t suprise me.

  52. 63

    IDGAF spews:

    How many of you left wing, dellusional, dysfuctional, divorced from reality LUNATICS (Yes that means you Rujax you pathetic, ignorant loser!) have actually read the “indictment? Hmmmmmmm?
    Funny how Delay isn’t even mentioned in documents other than being a defendant on the 3, yes THREE page indictment..This is gonna be laughed out of court faster than Rujax runs to the PO box to pick up his “benefits” check.

  53. 64

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    By God, I think you’ve got it!!
    Since you asked, there is one more thing—
    Have you consulted with your Spiritual Healer today??
    It appears you are even more out of balance than usual!
    Perhpas she can tap into your inner child and release whatever is binding you TODAY!!
    Whatsamatta rujax…did you eat some fowl TOFU?

  54. 66

    Richard Pope spews:

    Yearight @ 57

    Actually, the Texas Democrat Party did the opposite of what Tom DeLay and his folks are accused of doing.

    The Texas Democrats sent hard money from its individual donors to the Democrat National Committee. In turn, the Democrat National Committee sent soft money from their corporate donors to the Texas Democrats, which could be used only for general and organizational purposes, instead of direct candidate support.

    Tom DeLay’s folks sent soft money from their corporate donors to the Republican National Committee. In turn, the Republican National Committee made donations of hard money from its individual donors to various GOP candidates for the Texas legislature.

  55. 67


    Hey idgaf-

    How many WIDOWS did you fuck out of their PENSIONS today?

    How did YOUR insider trading go Mr. Important Capitalist Pig.

    Got any No-Bid Government contracts? No? WTF is WRONG with you?

    Loserman. Can’t get any of that free gummint money the rethugs are throwin’ around? Good eatin’ at the public trough, boys. Oil companies pullin’ in profits. WoooHooo!!!! Jes’ Laaak printin’ money! Swwwweeeeeeet!!!!!

  56. 68

    IDGAF spews:

    Hey Rujax…Take a few, deep breaths then call your psychiatrist right away! Your medicince is failing to prevent your profound brain dysfunction from allowing you to just appear as typical, socialist loser. Angry at the world and everyone in it because of your OWN inabilty to thrive and constant illogical, uninformed and stupid decisions that YOU, and YOU alone have made. YOU are the reason you are inconsequential and irrelevent.

  57. 69

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Apparently there is no limit to your insanity.
    I thought a person could only get so crazy.
    You are setting a record.
    I’ll bet you go to bed at night pissed off.
    How does that feel asshole??
    Your stomach is all churning and you just want to EXPLODE, right rujax??
    Did you take your Prozac this month???
    Perhaps you can use your welfare check and food stamps for a double dose parasite!

  58. 70

    yearight spews:

    torridjoe @ 63

    ‘what’s the documentation on the $75K being corporate donations? That’s the key.’

    I think the corporate sources have been identified, although they are not indicted. One key is whether the money flow was illegal under Texas law. Most legal commentary I have seen today indicates it is not, and not that it becomes OK, that the dems in Texas actually do more of it. The other real key is whether Delay conspired to break the law. Time will tell.

  59. 71

    IDGAF spews:

    SENATOR CHUCK SCHUMER had just finished his last sputtering of outrage at the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court when news broke that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which he chairs, had a small problem. Newsday and the New York Post both reported that the DSCC was in illegal possession of the credit report for Maryland’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. Two of Schumer’s staffers, Katie Barge and Lauren Weiner, used Steele’s Social Security number to fraudulently get his credit history.
    The DSCC expects Steele to run for the Senate seat which Democrat Paul Sarbanes will vacate with his retirement next year. Nothing frightens Democrats more than a conservative African-American and Steele demonstrated in his appearance at the 2004 GOP convention that he has charisma, warmth, and a sharp sense of policy.
    Making this even more scandalous, it turns out that the DSCC had known about Barge and Weiner’s pilfering for over two months, having placed both on a paid suspension since early July, according to the Post. And yet no one gave any indication that the DSCC notified Michael Steele about the invasion of his privacy until this week. Given that federal statutes make the acquisition, distribution, acceptance, and even reading of this data without specific written authorization a federal crime, I would expect charges to be forthcoming. How do I get a job with the Democrats where I can commit a federal crime and be placed on PAID suspension????

  60. 72

    rujax206 spews:


    Oh Yeah!

    You are ALWAYS the model of civility and reasoned discourse.

    Vapid foolish blowhard.

    And what are ya doin’ over there…setting that nice young man up for ANOTHER “Leftist Pinhead” rant? He don’t know you like we do.

  61. 73

    chuck spews:

    Just remember this quote from Mr. Delay “my defense in this case will not be technical or legalistic. It will be categorical and absolute.”

    Either he will be right on the money or this will come back to haunt him during the trial.

  62. 74

    Donnageddon spews:

    The Fascist Neo-Con Agenda Crumbles. It has cost many lives, shit loads of money and temporarily suspended many American Liberties, but they fuckers are gonna pay.

    IF we could have back the last 5 years, we would have 500 billions dollars and countless lives back. I hope we get some real justice in The Hague!

    Nothing like a few fascists swinging from a noose to make endless greed less palitable.


  63. 75

    thor spews:

    Tom Delay is gone. He will never return to leadership.

    No one will feel bad about this. Delay has few charms or political gifts. He led by fear – the famous “hammer.”

    Who cares about the background of the prosecutor in Texas. Does anyone believe that Tom Delay is incapable of breaking the law? Nope.

    He was on TV today to rally what’s left of the base and try turn this into a partisan football instead of an effort to keep his butt out of jail.

    Just wait a couple of days. The House GOP is about to fracture big time. The K Street crowd is worried about who they’ll need to suck up to next. And the minute they suck up to the new leader, Delay has no hammer. It is over.

    And the only one to blame will be Tom Delay.

  64. 76

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Make sure you have a couple one-pounder bags of M&M’s in your emergency preparedness kit, willya?!! And some good Beef Jerky…not the cheap shit. When the Big One hits and I come over to take your stuff from you, I’ll be a little more friendly if you have shit I like to take away from you!

  65. 77

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:


    PARIS, September 28, 2005 – France, once one of Europe’s most fecund nations, has seen the writing on the wall and begun to offer parents financial incentives to encourage more childbirth.

    At a replacement rate of 1.9 babies per woman – still below the 2.1 rate necessary to simply maintain a population – France is one of the better off European nations, second only to Ireland in fertility rate.

    The French have introduced incentives to try to counter the fiscal disaster the birth decline will eventually cause by offering financial incentives to couples to have a third child, such as increasing monthly welfare payments for parents who take unpaid leave from work to care for a third child.

    With abortion rates exceeding births in much of Eastern Europe, and dismally low replacement rates in many other nations, the prospects for the future of social security in Europe are dismal. The EU average birth rate is 1.5 children per woman, with several at less than 1.3 – Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy, as well as most of Eastern Europe.

    With current trends, Germany could lose a fifth of its 82.5 million people in the next 40 years. Sociologist Ben Wattenberg, in his book, Fewer: How the New Demography of Depopulation Will Shape Our Future, warns, “Never in the last 650 years, since the time of the Black Plague, have birth and fertility rates fallen so far, so fast, so low, for so long, in so many places.”

    Brookings Institution demographer William Frey predicted that the median age in Europe will rise to 52.3 from 37.7 by 2050. Currently there are two working people for every retired European and it is expected that by 2035 every worker will support one retired person.

    Exploding pension-age populations will combine with flat or declining labour forces to create the potential for significant fiscal shortfalls in the countries by 2010. Labour shortages will slow economic growth rates – after 2025, growth is expected to average substantially less than one percent annually in Japan and Western Europe; and less than two percent annually in America and Canada.

    First Italy, then China, now France… the little soci*list dominoes fall…

  66. 79

    Puddybud spews:

    ProudAss: Looks like the Europeans are following lock step in the footsteps of the Democratic Party. Aborting potential voters who could have provided the win in 2000 and 2004. Please Democrats keep aborting those children you claim to care so much about!!!! Then we can have a larger majority in the Congress. Now we have welfare handout payments to parents to have another child? Looks like Pat Buchanan was right in his book!

  67. 80

    Thomas Jefferson spews:

    Mr. Cynical…you poor ignorant fucktard!

    No matter WHAT we call you or HOW we taunt you, the fact is this:

    When you look in the mirror, you KNOW what a complete and utter waste of human flesh you are. You can PRETEND to be all badass, but you really know….you aren’t worth the sperm your Daddy Shot into your drunken mother in the back of that AMC Pacer.

    You know…I could have been your Daddy…but the guy in front of me had exact change.

    Ponder THAT…

    Enjoyed your lunatic rantings…really I did. Now go slither back into that hole you call home, and WATCH as Delay goes down, and the Repugnican house of cards comes CRASHING down.

    Oh…and you can THANK us later…for doing OUR part to make America great…even if we DO let Hitler sympathizing assholes like you live here.


    Thomas Jefferson

  68. 81

    Puddybud spews:

    Wow Cynical, looks like Head-up-de-Ass Lucite took on a new moniker!!! Thomas Jefferson, you need to get you facts correct to the decade. For Cynical, Bel Air cars were the rave. There goes the NAZI call again. Another Jew hater in the animal hind parts blogosphere. David, when are you going to rid yourself of the Jew hating bitches and bastards on the left?

  69. 82

    Thomas Jefferson spews:

    Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed – by John Buchanan
    Documents in National Archives Prove
    George W. Bush’s Grandfather Traded
    with Nazis – Even After Pearl Harbor

    WASHINGTON — After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his “enemy national” partners.

    The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law.

    Furthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that Bush and his associates, who included E. Roland Harriman, younger brother of American icon W. Averell Harriman, and George Herbert Walker, President Bush’s maternal great-grandfather, continued their dealings with the German industrial tycoon for nearly a year after the U.S. entered the war.

  70. 84

    Thomas Jefferson spews:

    I love JEWS….I eat em by the handful.

    Fuck you Puddybud…..

    Great name by the way… You PULL your PUDDY and your Dick is the size of a small Rose Bud.

    Bush’s Grandfather SUPPORTED Nazi Germany. DO YOUR HOMEWORK NEEDLE DICK. Ok..too STOOPID to GOOGLE? I will help you out…

    Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed – by John Buchanan
    Documents in National Archives Prove
    George W. Bush’s Grandfather Traded
    with Nazis – Even After Pearl Harbor

    WASHINGTON — After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his “enemy national” partners.

    The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law.

    Furthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that Bush and his associates, who included E. Roland Harriman, younger brother of American icon W. Averell Harriman, and George Herbert Walker, President Bush’s maternal great-grandfather, continued their dealings with the German industrial tycoon for nearly a year after the U.S. entered the war.

    I know…reading is tough for you….but just TRY.

  71. 85

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    The fringies were all a twitter when Goldy claimed his amusing little blog was mentioned nationally. What they failed to take into account was that people coming here for the first time expect INTELLIGENT discussion on a left wing blog. What they got was the likes of windi, rugrat, lucy and donna in one of her endless reincarnations.

    On to the Republicans: I am staunchly conservative. There is not one single solitary precept of the liberals that makes sense to me on a logical thinking basis. However, the one thing that the dems do that my party fails at miserably is MAKE NOISE. And unfortunately for the GOP the noisemakers, Schumer, the Sot, Pelosi, et. al., always take the public stage. That is why I don’t believe the harmless Mr Frist will go anywhere in presidential politics, but why I believe Tom Delay will come out OK, and we’ll see Newt and Rudy start popping up as 2008 gets closer. The Delay thing now, and the beating President Bush is taking now… get real… we are barely through the first year of this 2nd term and 3+ years is a long time for citizen memories and history yet to come.

  72. 86

    NoWonder spews:

    Thomas Jefferson @ 84

    ‘Bush’s Grandfather SUPPORTED Nazi Germany.’

    Sins of the father…?

    I thought progressives were about the here and now, how one “feels” at the moment, and that behavioral norms change as society “progresses”. Should all kids be tarred with the behavior and crimes of their parents? Just asking.

    I get it, the name Thomas Jefferson is supposed to be ironic. Good one!

  73. 87

    Ben Franklin spews:

    NoWonder….It’s NoWonder you could never get a date and remain to this day, a virgin.

    Oh…your inflatable sheep doll does NOT count.


  74. 88

    Mr Wood spews:

    Hey, Ben Franklin, didn’t I see you on your knee’s last night in that bathroom stall? I thought you gave that stuff up!

  75. 89

    NoWonder spews:

    Ben Franklin @ 87


    You forgot to address the point Thomas Jefferson, no, Ben Franklin. But do not worry, you fit in fine with the rest of the HA “team”.

  76. 91

    windie spews:

    ProudASS is still torqued that I totally pwnd him in the last thread. He thinks he’s 1337, but really he’s teh intarnet newb.

  77. 92

    s-choir spews:

    re 85: You are not conservative. Barry Goldwater was conservative. John McCain is conservative. You are a radical, irresponsible,reckless, extreme right -wing Republican and you and your ilk are sinking the Rep. party faster than an iceberg meeting the Titanic.

    Not that I care.

  78. 93

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Something tells me that Thomas J. and Ben F. are one in the same writing in an eerily similiar style to Lucy and rujax.
    These poor folks sure get all wound up, don’t they.
    I wonder if these LEFTIST PINHEADS can figure out a way to get free prescriptions of that new wonder drug, FUKITOL???
    They love free shit, don’t they!
    Maybe one of the LEFTIST PINHEADS can get it up in Canada dirtcheap!
    They may want to get the FUKITOL which is scientifically blended with a megadose of fiber…..these assholes seem mighty constipated today…and everyday.!

  79. 94

    yearight spews:

    s-choir – 92

    ‘Barry Goldwater was conservative.’

    Only when he was still active in politics. He moved noticably leftward in his later years. (No jokes about being senile out of respect.)

    ‘John McCain is conservative’

    This is becoming a contested topic among conservatives. He has abandoned conservative principles regarding campaign finance, among others.

    Besides, based on your other comments I would not recommend you for defining what a good conservative is. That would be like consulting with David Duke about race relations or leading dems about “uniting, not dividing”.

  80. 95

    Puddybud spews:

    Thomas/Ben: I did Google it and I’m impressed it took you 4 years to find it. So what does this prove? I am talking about the leftist jew haters on your side today, not 60 years ago. Sheesh!

  81. 96

    Puddybud spews:

    Oh yes Thomas/Ben, nice hijack of the thread. But then again the DJ hijack police must be in the local donut shop eating their donuts.

  82. 98

    Andrew Jackson spews:

    You are JUST NOW figuring out that Ben is the same guy as TJ? How fucking stupid are you? You think I was “trying to trick you”? My point is…the forefathers of THIS country are spinning in their graves about what is going on in the whitehouse. You SMALL minority of Bush supporters (you lose folks to our side EVERY day) need to face facts. Your dance party is quickly winding down. This is last call….the lights of the bar have come on and exposed you for what you really are. Pockmarked addicts who have been given too much of the “wacky sauce”, stumbling across an empty dancefloor as you throw up fecal matter that you digested from the anus of Bush.

    Bush is FOR corporations..NOT the american people. He has turned his back and idiots like you, and even though you support him…HE DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU!!! He would not spit on you if you were on fire. He is USING you guys…don’t you get it?

    By speaking out…we are actually DEFENDING stupid fucks like yourselves. You are being FOOLED by him, and that is HILARIOUS to folks like us….the ones who want this country to be great again.

    Our forefathers broke from Britain and formed this country to ESCAPE OPPRESSION. Dissention is what MADE THIS COUNTRY you idiots! But you swallow Bush’s lies without the slightest bit of caution…and it will drag YOU down. Freedom did not come without a cost…the lives of MANY that fell during the American Revolution and now Bush SHITS on thier collective graves….using his power to appoint his “VERY UNQUALIFIED” buddies to high positions in his administration. And his administration is FAILING us in every level.

    If you REALLY think we are safer now then we were on 9/11, then you are a lost fucking cause. It is time to cash in the family savings and BUY A CLUE.

    The more INFORMED someone becomes about these issuses, the more PISSED OFF they get at BushCo and his crony buddies. The thing is…you don’t WANT the truth. To borrow a line from Jack Nicholson in A FEW GOOD MEN….”YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”. You are suffering from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE…(google THAT). Like a smoker that KNOWS the cigarettes are killing them…but DOES’NT CARE…you are a CANCER on the face of FREEDOM. You lying, cheating, war corporatists have left this country in ruin, as you rush to squander the natural resources on this planet for your own personal gain.

    If Bush is a MAN OF GOD…then why has he put so many men to death as the Governor of Texas? Why does he work so hard to support companies that are KILLING this planet with polllution? He USES God to fool his audience…and he is USING you too.

    I could go on for HOURS discussing what is wrong with him..on many levels, but you STILL wouldn’t “GET IT”. You still support your boy….so:

    As he shall you. I promise you this….ONE day you will be VERY SORRY that you EVER supported him…..and that day won’t get here soon enough.

    When you have SEEN THE LIGHT and want the moral support that you so desperately seem to need…we will be here for you. You can join our ranks at any time.

    You see…I voted for GWB in 2000, and STRONGLY SUPPORTED him in the months following 9/11.

    But….I broke through the lies..and saw him for the snake that he truly is. Call me a “Flip Flopper”, but I prefer to be on the side of what is RIGHT…and I don’t mean you WINGNUT RIGHTIES! I educated myself on the issues and did the homework.

    YOU?… drank the kool aid.

    OH YEAH! (My best Kool Aid Man Impression)

    Now…kindly TROLL your stupid asses back over to the right wing fish wrappers like Blogs for Bush…..they appreciate your kind.

    A MINDLESS LEMMING that does what it is told and doesn’t ask questions. Enjoy your slide to the bottom…you have truly earned it.



  83. 99

    Hunter spews:


    At Blogs For Bush, which bills itself as the Whorehouse… er, “White House” of the Blogosphere, the ever effervescent Mark Noonan writes about the DeLay indictment:


    As our Sister Toldjah noted earlier, the “indictment” of Tom Delay is entirely bogus – from what I’ve read, Tom Delay didn’t know about the perfectly legal transaction he is accused of conspiring to make. We have now left entirely the field of normal political conflict and entered a twilight world where fantasy is presented as fact and the only standard of conduct is “will it work?”. This is not the actions of a political Party engaged in seeking a majority – it is the action of a Party determined to destroy its opponents entirely and sieze all power for itself…it is, in short, the stuff from which civil wars are made…

    I really do urge our Democrats to step back from the edge – you are sitting in a lake of gasoline and you are playing with fire. We on our side will only put up with so much before we start to pay back with usury what we have received. If you can’t defeat Tom Delay in the electoral field, then you will simply have to accept him as Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives – and you’d better start accepting political reality before things get really bad.


    Mark… may I call you Mark? I feel when someone has shown me the insides of their own rectum, we’re pretty much on a first name basis… I have some words for you.

    Whitewater. Rush Limbaugh. “Drug Dealer” Bill Clinton. Swift Boats.

    Vince Fucking Foster.

    Playing with fire, you say? Because the indictments ringing Tom DeLay finally reached up that one, final step from his ring of closest advisers to DeLay himself? Because the SEC has launched a formal investigation into the same behaviors by Bill Frist that put Martha Stewart recently in prison? Because one of the single most visible, highest profile Republican money men has been indicted for fraud, is being investigated for client shakedowns, and has his close business associates being investigated for a mob-connected murder?

    What utter cowardice. What pathetic anti-American pedantry. What laughable protestation. The crimes of campaign money laundering, of fraud, of conspiracy, the violation of the laws of the nation, to be answered with stern visions of potential gunfire if Democrats have the audacity to pursue it.

    This is the world of the Republican Party, split open like a rotting pumpkin. Crime after crime after crime being investigated, all revolving around the Republican money machine. Every seed connected by the strands of money they share between them. Barely-laundered campaign money passed in the palm of every flabby handshake. Every player in boldface, underlined print in the Rolodex of every other.

    And still, this same bottom-tier world of flag-waving supporters still obsessed over an extramarital sex act, but offended to the point of sad, blustering threats at the notion that crimes by gilded and worshipped Republicans are really still crimes.

    Your party has set aflame the entire political landscape, and now, once burned, you warn sternly from the branches of a burnt-out tree about “playing with fire”. You used the ashes of one of the great liberal cities of America, New York City, as war paint for your own sick, racist dreams. You shudder at a burning flag, yet are willing to snip-and-cut basic tenets of the Constitution as needed or convenient.

    And now, you’re outraged, not by any of the rest of it, not by anything that has come before, but because a few prominent Republican faces have — shock of shocks — been indicted in probes that have spanned years of investigation, and interrogation, and deposition. That, you say, represents the underpinnings of a civil war.

    You poor, hollow, blood-painted clowns. Cheering the trials and failures of your country with the same pennants and giant foam hands that you wave at your favorite sports teams. Willing to accept the most outrageous of lies, if they are spoken from your favorite talking heads, and soothe your own notions of America for you, and only for you.

    And as for the audacity of Democrats speaking up during this process… the redfaced, flatulent fury with which you declare Republicans off-limits to that which you so gleefully hurl yourself…

    Welcome to the world of the politics of personal destruction, you tubthumping, chin-jutting, Bush humping gits. Welcome to the nasty and partisan world that Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Grover Norquist, Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, and a legion of insignificant lowest-rung toadies like yourselves nurtured into fruition daily with eager, grubby hands, and now look upon with dull-faced faux horror.

    I know you hate me, and anyone else who dares disturb the thin strands of alternate reality in which George W. Bush is an intellectual giant, Saddam really was responsible for 9/11, the economy is getting better by the minute, and we capture the most very important members of al Qaeda on a weekly basis.

    But here’s some advice. You’d better start hating me more. This is the world you forged and, unfortunately for you, I’m beginning to take a fancy for it. Welcome to the politics of your own party, finally sprouting from the ground on which you planted the seeds and shat upon them.

    Step back from the edge? You poor boy, asleep in the back of the car the whole trip, finally waking up and wondering where you’re at.

    Swift boats. Aluminum tubes. Niger uranium. “Mushroom clouds”. Whitewater.

    Vince Fucking Foster.

    You can’t even see the edge from here. You left it behind a hundred miles back.

    So don’t give me chest-thumping crap about civil wars, if your politicians are indicted. Don’t give me visions of a lake of fire, if all those who find you loathsome refuse to suck at your teats of scientific ignorance in the name of religion, racism in the name of freedom, and corruption in the name of the New World Order.

    Get used to the world you have created, and the stench your worshipped heroes have unleashed.

  84. 102

    s-choir spews:

    re 99: Here’s a quote from Macchiavelli’s , “The Prince”, that you might find apropos at some point: “The only way to beat a knave is with more knavery.”

    The only reason we are successful at prosecuting extreme right wingers is because they REALLY ARE CROOKS. They seem to think it is unfair that their witch hunts don’t produce any witches. They need a mirror to find them!!

  85. 103

    yearight spews:

    Now the lefties are going to have trouble with the delay prosecution – it is being driven by religion!

    A quote of the prosecutor Earle in the new movie on the case:

    “The root of the evil of the corporate and large-monied interest domination of politics is money,” Earle says as he takes the filmmakers on a nighttime drive around Austin. “This is in the Bible. This isn’t rocket science. The root of all evil truly is money, especially in politics. People talk about how money is the mother’s milk of politics. Well, it’s the devil’s brew. And what we’ve got to do, we’ve got to turn off the tap.”