Breaking: Journalists were indiscriminately wiretapped…

Russell Tice, former National Security Agency analyst, is on Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” right now saying that the Administration wiretapped all communications of targeted journalists. He has not mentioned specific publications or individuals but did not reject Olbermann’s mention of The New York Times and Olbermann (MSNBC) himself…

This comes after Olbermann ran old video of Bush saying only individuals and groups suspected  of terrorist activities were targeted, only foreign communications, etc. etc.

Olbermann says he will have Tice on again tomorrow…

Also, Olbermann just said Caroline Kennedy has NOT withdrawn her name from consideration.

(Tice is a well-publicized whistleblower but it looks like he’s going to expand his revelations now that there’s promise of change.)


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I hope President Obama comes to his senses and realizes that Constitutional rights and federal laws are toilet paper unless they’re enforced by prosecuting those who violate them.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    In related news, Republicans delayed the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Eric Holder because they want to know if he’ll prosecute CIA agents for violating U.S. laws against torture.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is tantamont to these Republican senators admitting the Bush administration violated those laws.

    No amnesty for torturers!

  3. 5

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:

    Looks like the libtards have already started their moronic discriminate attacks.

    Of course re-run and other HA lefties will give the left whack-job a pass who did this cuz Rupert Murdoch owns the WSJ.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    A Nashville city councilman is pushing a proposal to require transacting all government business in English.

    This means animal control officers won’t be able to explain dog leash laws, and health department employees won’t be able to explain quarantine laws, to non-English-speaking residents.

    If it passes, look for Nashville to become a city where dogs and STDs run amok.

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    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Well since the NSA was targeting journalists – we know they didn’t bother to tape anyone at Faux News – no journalism there.

  6. 10

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    By the way Olbermann beat Billy OReally 3 out of five nights during most of the last month. Countdown’s ratings are up during a time that Fake News Channels are down.

    Too bad Troll – you can’t even get THIS right. Does it hurt to be that stupid? Do you take medicine for that?

  7. 12

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:

    Once again the name change liar@10 can’t provide proof.

    Doofus@10 O’reilly numbers are the red.

    Here is more data and it’s O’Reilly.

    Too bad Being Bent Over and Raped by Facts – you can’t even get THIS right. Does it hurt to be that stupid? Do you take a thick black rubber for that?

  8. 13

    manoftruth spews:

    you fools, all wiretapping in this country is done by amdocs. its not a tap, its built into the phone system. the ceo of amdocs is something like dev levoniwhic. guess what country he has been linked to? all phones are “tapped”, and the info is going to israel. lool it up. as a matter of fact, the olberman thing was probably set up to divert attention to bush, as usual. you are all so stupid.

  9. 14

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:

    Troll, you are right. Olbermann couldn’t do ESPN well. Sports Sports Sports.

    At least they asked Bryant Gumbel to come back and do sports once he stopped The Today Show.

  10. 17


    By the way, how many people here realize that Goldy’s War of Fog post was a play on words of the Fog of War?

    I told you he was devious and clever.

  11. 18

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Olbermann pulls better ratings in nearly all demographics compared to Bill Orally. Billo the Clown only wins in Faux Noise’s primary demographic, hatemongering old farts. KO will tell you the ratings breakdown himself. At least once or twice a week. No wonder he was (presumably) being wiretapped. Dubya and Darth Cheney never did like the Truth all that much.

    It must suck to be a Rethuglican these days…..

  12. 22

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 Sport is watching wingnuts take it in the butt. President Obama. 59-seat Senate. Democratic House. Governor Gregoire. Do you fools have sore assholes yet? Stick around, there’s more coming!

  13. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @17 “By the way, how many people here realize that Goldy’s War of Fog post was a play on words of the Fog of War?”

    You don’t say.

    Cripes, what will it take to get some better quality trolls on this blog?

  14. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @20 Fuck you.

    (No other reply is possible or appropriate. There are times when only “fuck you” will do.)

  15. 27

    Blue John spews:

    I don’t want revenge, I want justice and rule of law. If anyone was wiretapping targeted journalists without justification, and only for political reasons, they should taken to trial. I cannot imagine how any liberals or conservatives would disagree with enforcing the rule of law.

  16. 28

    michael spews:


    I’m going to laugh my ass off at your expense if it turns out that white powder was sent by a righty or was part of an apolitical statement.

  17. 30

    correctnotright spews:

    Poor Puddy: Still dreaming up obscure BS and making excuses for the incompetent and crooked Bush regime?

    In his first day on the job Obama did more for the US government than Bush did in 8 years:

    New rules against lobbyists, against the revolving lobbyist door.

    Pay freezes for WH staff

    New rules on openness and transparency

    Closing Gitmo and the Bush reign of terror and lawlessness.

    Also, he found time to actually work on the economy, insted of ignoring it.

    In the meantime, Puddy’s friends are holding up the nomination up Eric Holder (one of the most qualified BLACK candidates for AG) because they are scared he will uphold the law – or maybe they just don’t like the color of his skin or the content of his character.

    Republicans are a bunch of scumbags and cowards.

    By the way Puddy, who first appointed Holder to the federal bench in DC? Your knee jerk republican buddies in the congress are sure scared of an AG who will actually follow the law. No more “bad memory” Gonzalez or waterboarding is “just fine” Mukasey.

  18. 31

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Sorry Puffybutt quoting numbers from a right wing site doesn’t work. I have a Nielsen subscription. One of Billy’s favorite tactics is quoting some obscure rating or service on the nights he loooooses. In short, Kieth beats Billy the way Obama beat your boy McSame.

  19. 32

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Hey Troll why don’t you MAKE us get off “your blog?” You impotent piece of dogshit. You aren’t running anything but your mouth. Your side got its ass kicked because you idiots have NOTHING but this side show you rely on to deflect from the truth.


    And yep – there’s not one fucking thing you can do about it.

  20. 33

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Oh and glad to see none of you right wing asslickers bothered to even try to defend Faux News as a journalism site.

  21. 35

    Dave spews:

    Olbermann is a joke.


    And here’s another:

    On Tim Geithner’s tax “mistakes” (from today’s confirmation hearing,

    “Tim has made some mistakes, which he has freely admitted and corrected,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) assured everybody.

    The chairman asked the nominee to explain his mistakes, and Geithner repeated that he had “mistakenly” done his taxes wrong. “Now, that was a mistake,” and “I failed to correct it initially.” In short, “as I said in my opening statement, these were — these were careless mistakes. They were avoidable mistakes.””

    Also, from the Code of Conduct, Federal Reserve Bank of New York:

    “It is indispensable to the proper functioning of, and the maintenance of public confidence in, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (”Bank”) and the Federal Reserve System (”System”) that every employee perform his or her duties with honesty, integrity and impartiality, and without improper preferential treatment of any person. Each employee has a responsibility to the Bank and to the System to avoid conduct which places private gain above his or her duties to the Bank, which gives rise to an actual or apparent conflict of interest, or which might result in a question being raised regarding the independence of the employee’s judgment or the employee’s ability to perform the duties of his or her position satisfactorily. Each employee should conduct his or her financial affairs with integrity and honesty. To ensure the foregoing, each employee, including all Bank officers, shall respect and comply with the principles and standards of conduct contained in this Code. An employee who needs assistance in interpreting the provisions of the Code or who desires additional information should contact the Bank’s Ethics Officer.”

  22. 37

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:

    BeingBentOverandRapedbyFacts@33: You have a Nielsen subscription. Well it’s the same data fool!

    And you are the best and brightest of HA libtards.


  23. 39

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:

    Dave this is even funnier:

    “Would you answer my question rather than dancing around it, please?” Kyl pleaded. “The question is whether it occurred to you before you were nominated or approached to be nominated that, in point of fact, you didn’t have to go beyond [your ’03 and ’04 taxes] because of the statute of limitations?”

    Geithner said: “I did not believe I had the obligation to go back. I did not think about that until I was going through the vetting process….I had no occasion to think about it and I might not have thought about it had I not gone through the vetting process.”

  24. 41

    mark spews:

    Only Republicans have to follow the law. Democrats do what ever they fucking please.
    It was a mistake? Yeah right. Hell, Obama
    still hasn’t produced a fucking birth certificate!

  25. 43

    correctnotright spews:

    Who cares about ratings? The only ratings that counted were on November 4th and the republicans were repudiated. Now the sorry 22% of the Bush loyalists are squirming as a real AG is coming in and he will actually follow the law.

    I know Obama has said that he doesn’t want to get caught up in the partisan battles of the past so he can concentrate on the future – but shredding the constitution like Bush did needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    If they were also wiretapping journalists …. well, I would not be suprised given how they ignored the law on torture and wiretapping already. That is the crux. Once you have arrogant fools that think they are above the law – then the constitution means nothing and is just a scrap of paper to them.

  26. 44

    correctnotright spews:

    Yeah, all those strict constructionists were lying – they only cared about the constitution if they could use it prevent what they opposed.

  27. 45

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:


    New rules against lobbyists, against the revolving lobbyist door.

    Funny I remember the same rules being posted by Nancy Pelosi so she could win erection in 2006. Funny she then let them slide in 2007.

    New rules on openness and transparency

    If everyone remembered upon first becoming Speaker of the House in 2007, Nancy Pelosi promised to “bring openness and transparency to the budget process.” Well in 2009 she is freezing out the Republicans.

    Closing Gitmo and the Bush reign of terror and lawlessness.

    Yes, John I Hate Marines Murtha said he’ll take them in his district.

    Wow such new things Preznit Obama is dreaming up.

  28. 46

    JohnS spews:

    @43 but shredding the constitution like Bush did needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law


    Did you and WeBentOverTheGOP attend school together by chance?

  29. 47

    correctnotright spews:

    @45: these are new White House rules. Wow, do I have to continually educate you?

    And actually – no – the same rules are in effect for the house.

    Freezing out the republicans – you mean the obstructionists? It is a hell of alot more open than when the republicans ran things. Remember newt gingrich LYING about his actions?

    for someone who claims to have a good memory – you sure do FORGET alot.

    don’t even go on about Gitmo – it was illegalfrom the start and Bushco screwed it up by torturing the inmates. Now we can’t even try the dangerous ones. What a freakin’ mess Bush left! They have already let go plenty of dangerous ones and they never had trials.

    Are you defending gitmo? If so, you are even MORE pathetic than I thought.

  30. 49

    correctnotright spews:

    @46: No idea where WBOTGOP went to school. All I know is that the Bush administration flunked civics 101 and ignored the constitution.

    A HS student in their first class could tell you that wiretapping like they did violated the 4th amendment on illegal search and seizure.

    Also, ignoring the geneva convention treaty that the US signed violates the 6th amendment.

    Maybe you should read the constitution and the Bil of rights sometime – it is a remarkable document.

  31. 50

    Puddybud, Hey it's the New Year... spews:


    Here is what I said:

    “Wow such new things Preznit Obama is dreaming up.”

    Can you read?

  32. 51

    Blue John spews:

    #48 Those are the fact I found. If I find a competing set of facts, i’ll post them too. But that’s what I found. Personally, I find oreilly to be completely unwatchable.
    If a liberal administration was found to be tapping oreilly without a warrent, would you upset?

  33. 52

    manoftruth spews:

    Tim has made some mistakes, which he has freely admitted and corrected,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) assured everybody.

    yes, he probably told him that at synagoge

  34. 53

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Troll, you ignorant slut. If you actually bothered to read my post, you’d already know that Olbermann is quite fond of quoting the Nielsen ratings for his time slot on a regular basis, and crowing about how me beats Billo the Clown in most every demographic aside from hatemongering senior citizens. If you watched Countdown, you’d probably already know this by now, so why should I bother providing links to prove to an idiot fucktard like you what you’d already know if you watched the show? And since you’re a well-known member of the truth-averse community, what good would it do anyway?

    And for this being ‘your blog’, you’re in for a rude surprise. I’ll still be hanging out here quite a bit myself. Here’s a clue for you: what I say will likely annoy Piper (with all apologies).


  35. 55

    Rick D. spews:

    Also, Olbermann just said Caroline Kennedy has NOT withdrawn her name from consideration.

    Which shows how much Olbermann knows. He’s a clown without a clue as evidenced by Kennedy’s withdrawal from consideration for the Senate seat.

    Only a failed sportscenter commentator can got on to be a failed DNC puppet on a network no one watches and call it progress.
    Nice job KeithO, your credibility is in your ass with the rest of your brains.

  36. 56

    John spews:

    What is worse – Olbermans sources or his ratings? As # 53 points out above, even his democrat sources stink.

  37. 57

    correctnotright spews:

    @55: And if he is right does that show that YOU are a clown?
    ‘Cept we already KNOW that you are a clown. Get a real job, little Ricky, grow up and get an education. Then come back on here and post – Maybe you will actually have something useful to say after that.

  38. 58

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    What’s the difference between right wing talking heads like Lush Flimbaugh, Handjob Hannity, et. al. and left-wing talk show hosts like Franken – Franken got elected to the US Senate. The right wingers saw their audience drop since they are (like the GOP) increasingly irrelevant.

    We’re LAUGHING at the GOP! We’re making fun of you fools. HA HA!

  39. 59

    rhp6033 spews:

    It’s apparant that the biggest mistake was made post-Watergate, when only a handful of Nixon advisors went to jail at “Club Fed” for short sentences. No one went to jail for using income tax records and audits to punish critics of the Nixon administration. No one went to jail for the F.B.I.’s illegal wiretaps during the Hoover era.

    Bush’s closest advisors – Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld – all were junior party officials at the time, and the only lesson they took away from Watergate was “don’t get caught”. If there was some serious jail time for the real offenders, starting with Nixon, then perhaps the worst abuses of the Bush administration might have been deterred.

  40. 60

    Bastard spews:

    Since we all want the “facts” to be accurate… and since algebra and calculus are ‘factor’ based…

    Let’s think of these elements that Neilson does not: (at least in my area) FOX is on 3 basic cable channels here, MSNBC is on 1 fuzzy basic cable channel.

    If we factor that while I watch TV I must flip through 3 channels of Bill, I can only imagine that 3 out of 4 neighbors are watching the national news on FOX.

    If you then factor in that Bill O can be found on Basic cable, and MSNBC is not, how many of the neilson ratings are based on “households”?

    Wehn you walk into a resturant or McDonalds, what is on their TV? It used to be that we could only watch TV at home. But now, since I have 3 TV’s going at work to keep up on the news, have a local eatery with the TV news on, and my local bank… am I one viewer or 4?

    Just some simple facts to chew on.

    Statistics can say whatever we want them to say.

    Back on subject…. since I’m still being tapped here, let’s just say, I told you so.

  41. 61

    headlesslucy spews:

    Geithner was nominated as a sop to the Republicans. I hope they nominate Krugman if Geithner is not approved.

    He’s a Nobel winning economist, you know.

  42. 62

    slingshot spews:

    “Obama still hasn’t produced a fucking birth certificate!”

    The moon landing was staged on a back lot in Hollywood. Elvis is alive and living annonymously in East Lansing. Hillary murdered Vince Foster. Freckels are angel kisses. Put a stick of Juicy Fruit inside a banana and it will become psychoactive.

  43. 63

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    YEA! It’s ROE V WADE day and the right wing asslicks can’t do a fucking thing about it! YEA!

  44. 65

    Rick D. spews:

    @ the intellectual infant @ 57:

    I pointed out a flat out lie by Olbermann and you squeal like the little insignificant troll you are? Take your own advice and grow up little one as you seem to be obsessing with me as of late.

    I realize maturity is not exactly the route most regular posters take here at David Goldstains hate-site for pedos, perverts and parasites , but you can be the exception.

  45. 66

    correctnotright spews:

    @65 Hahahaha

    You are a pathetic litle person. How many times have I shown your stuff to be sadly missing in facts? Even a stopped clock is right two times a day. So what.

    I am not obsessing with you – I am laughing at your stupidity. That you don’t even get that makes it even funnier. You offer nothing constructive, you whine like a four-year old and then you demand some respect.

    Start by not parroting right wing talking points and offer some reasonable ideas – instead of the constant baby whinings. Then we can talk and have a discourse. Until then – you are just an immature fool and we laugh at you.

  46. 67

    steve spews:

    @65 RickyD shits out: “pedos, perverts and parasites”

    Are you acknowledging that you guys are whack? Or are you just projecting again? Hmm, probably the latter.

  47. 68

    Rick D. spews:

    @66: you truly are a pathetic soul aren’t you. You have the person(s) you want in the whitehouse (and Senate and Congress and statewide) and you’re still a miserable ass in life. Get used to it, you can’t keep blaming Bush for your multiple failures in life over the next 4 years…but you’ll probably do so anyway. sad sack.

    “pedos, perverts and parasites”

    @ 67 Side-saddle Steve:
    You and YLB were the only HA regulars to earn the hat-trick on that one. Congrats!

    …and next time, dismount from the goat before you type a response.

  48. 70

    Steve spews:

    @68 Yet another wing-nut troll with a fixation on a particular species of livestock. Hmm, I wonder what’s up with that?

    @69 That site is to trolls as holy water is to a vampire.