BREAKING… it didn’t snow!

It rained last night in Seattle. Who knew?

I was watching the “storm coverage” last night on KIRO-7, and actually burst out laughing a couple times… you know, like at the shot of a reporter in Bonney Lake standing in a dusting of snow, in front of a bare road, talking about hazardous driving conditions… or the shivering driver exclaiming that the temperature dropped all the way down to thirty degrees! And I couldn’t help thinking… what a bunch of fucking pussies.

For a region with one of the most temperate climates in the world (it could be 58 degrees and drizzling virtually any day of the year,) we sure do spend an awful lot of time talking about the weather.


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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    Bad news for Lee and his doper friends. Once the truth about pot is told, pot smokers will become lepers just like cigarette smokers. We know how democrats treat smokers, you dopers must be scared knowing what is coming.
    HONG KONG (Reuters) – Smoking a joint is equivalent to 20 cigarettes in terms of lung cancer risk, scientists in New Zealand have found, as they warned of an “epidemic” of lung cancers linked to cannabis.

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    Ed Weston spews:

    Its the micro climate thing. On occasion I can drive from south to north and drive though 3 or more different kinds of weather.
    Driving uphill from home this morning, in the rain found a half an inch of untouched slush at the top of the hill and snow coming down.

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    ArtFart spews:

    I think the state has done all too good a job of persuading the public that the 520 bridge is in need of replacement. Now, whenever there are any waves at all on the lake, there’s a tremendous jam-up caused by people slowing to about one mile an hour on either highrise as they summon the courage to proceed across–as if they’re afraid the damned thing might be about to sink!

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    YLB spews:

    1 – Fuck Stamm. How many musicians you know have blown pot in their lifetimes.?

    20 times the risk. I believe it but anybody would be stupid to smoke joints like tobacco addicts use cigs.

    I don’t think its even possible.

    You’d be too high.

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    “20 times the risk. I believe it but anybody would be stupid to smoke joints like tobacco addicts use cigs.

    I don’t think its even possible.

    You’d be too high.”


    The Piper

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    YLB spews:

    6 – None of your business.

    Do you fill your clients with alcohol and then write it off your taxes?

    How many addictions have you enabled that way in order to maximize your profit?

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #5 YLB says:

    Fuck Stamm. How many musicians you know have blown pot in their lifetimes.?
    20 times the risk. I believe it but anybody would be stupid to smoke joints like tobacco addicts use cigs.
    I don’t think its even possible.
    You’d be too high.

    Are you still smoking pot?? It would only take a doper to smoke 3 joints in a day to equal the same damage by someone smoking 3 packs of smokes per day. (20 times the risk, 20 cigarettes in a pack)
    Can you imagine legalizing something so dangerous to the human body. Lee is so far left with his beliefs he can’t even see center with a telescope.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #6 Piper Scott says:

    You’d be too high.”

    Of course he didn’t answer.
    I’m waiting for Lee to chime in. And then watch him run to his little reload blog and write how he bested someone. If it didn’t speak volumes about the mind of Lee, it would be funny.

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    Well, then would you like to lead a parade of HA Happy HooliHummers across the bridge when next the wind blows?

    We’ll all cross our fingers as you do, though for what I ain’t sayin’!

    The Piper

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    YLB spews:

    Can you imagine legalizing something so dangerous to the human body.

    Tobacco and alcohol are legal. One causes lung and other cancers, the other results in untold carnage on the roads and highways.

  11. 14

    YLB spews:

    Poopster – C’mon. How many drinks have you bought for your clients?

    Are you a tippler yourself?

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    Tlazolteotl spews:


    Once again I have to urge you to get out of the city once in awhile. Yes, we were all relieved that it warmed up last night and we didn’t get the 4-5 inches predicted for the suburb I live in. And yes, I realize we are preoccupied with the weather in a way folks in Buffalo find amusing.

    But honestly, the conditions in your neighborhood are not the same as elsewhere in Puget Sound. The geography here makes for microclimates that can be pretty extreme in their diversity. One day when you are driving to Tacoma and hit a patch of black ice, you will come to this realization, too late.

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    correctnotright spews:

    I knew I should have been a meteorologist – it is the only profession where being right 50% of time makes you brilliant in comparison to your colleagues.

    Of course – being a republican and being right 50% of the time would be a historic high ….as a famous republican once said – even a stopped clock is right two times a day.

    I believe that is the record for the number of times a republican has been right. Look at Bush on the Iraq war:

    We went in because Sadaam had WMDs (wrong)
    We went in because of the “mushroom cloud” (wrong)
    We went in to bring democracy (wrong – -ain’t no democracy when we run things with our puppets)
    We went in to help the people (wrong – many dead, more have left and the country is still in shambles and unsafe)
    we went in to get al Qaida (wrong – they weren’t there until we screwed it up)
    We didn’t have to worry about the factions in Iraq (wrong)
    the invasion would pay for itself (wrong)
    Oil prices would go down (wrong)
    We would bring democracy to other countries in the Middle East (wrong)
    al quaida was in Iraq (wrong – only after we went in)

  14. 17

    YLB spews:

    16 – Thanks for truth. It’s always refreshing to be reminded of it.

    It’s all lost on braindeads like PuddyFool and the Poopster.

  15. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @16 Oh, you’ve also noticed that a Republican is the perfect contrarian indicator? (They’re wrong about everything, 100% of the time.) I’ve been successfully betting on their stupidity for years.

  16. 21


    @13 & 14…YippyLil’Boy…

    If they’re so awful, why don’t you lead the crusade to ban them? Instead of using them to rationalize something worse?

    Typical liberal “logic.”

    As to my clients? Since I’m an incredibly smart executive search consultant, I never pick up the tab. Nor do I buy alcohol for anyone even though I have an occasional cold one.

    The Piper

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    povertyrich spews:

    The phrase “typical liberal” is a clear indicator that one should ignore everything the author has to say. Especially when attached to the word “logic.”

  18. 23



    Thank you for pointing out the oxymoronic nature of the words “liberal” and “logic” when used together.

    When next someone Googles the two words together, your post will show up as the ricule of liberals it is.

    The Piper

  19. 25


    Stop the presses!

    Reports of snow prove to be false; Goldy’s dandruff confused with same, falling in massive quantities with Head & Shoulders ineffective!

    Film of flakes at 11:00…

    The Piper

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    Mark1 spews:

    @19 Roger “where’s the free handouts?” Rodent:

    Your audacity is thrilling;

    ‘He spends too much time here to have any clients.’

    How is that OCD of yours doing? By the way, FYI, it is now tax-season for those of us that are actually contributing members of society.

  21. 28

    povertyrich spews:

    Allow me to clarify…anyone who uses the words “typical liberal” will never, ever argue in good faith. They will simply run everything through a “typical liberal” filter installed in his or her brain, and will argue from there.

    For instance:

    Marvin Stamm posts an ever-so-fresh-and-interesting article stating that if you smoke marijuana like a hard-core stoner, it’s bad for you (Who knew!?). I will refrain from assuming that Mr. Stamm posted this to get the typical liberals in a huff defending their beloved chiba, and is an angry tobacco smoker pissed off that he can no longer smoke in restaurants and bars and further assumes that all liberals are in favor of smoking bans, thus shifting his anger at the tobacco ban onto liberals (success!). Really. I’ll refrain from assuming that because that is just as bad as Mr. Stamm assuming all liberals are in favor of smoking bans. So, anyway, I’ll not make that assumption.

    Next, YLB makes the point that alcohol and tobacco are just as, if not more, harmful than marijuana (True story!), and are legal to purchase and consume. Piper then runs that through his “typical liberal” filter, and viola! Drivel ensues:

    Quoth the Piper:

    “If they’re so awful, why don’t you lead the crusade to ban them? Instead of using them to rationalize something worse?

    Typical liberal ‘logic.'”

    People who live in glass houses should be extra careful when throwing around the word “logic.”

  22. 29

    grasshoppah!! spews:

    re 27: Don’t it make you proud that, as a working member of society, you’ll be taxed at a higher rate than some trust-fund brat?

  23. 30

    grasshoppah!! spews:

    re 27: According to the illogic of your extremist right wing ideology, the trust-fund brat is the ‘PRODUCER’, not you.

  24. 32

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    How strange, an AP article that forgot to list the political party. I don’t blame them. A game celebrating gay rape, only something a liberal would love. But at least you are not Hypocrites about it.

    Son of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sibelius Designs Raunchy Prison-Themed Board Game
    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    TOPEKA, Kan.  —  The son of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is peddling a board game titled “Don’t Drop the Soap,” a prison-themed game he created as part of a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design.
    John Sebelius, 23, has the backing of his mother and father, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary Sebelius. Sebelius spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran said both parents “are very proud of their son John’s creativity and talent.”
    John Sebelius is selling the game on his Internet site for $34.99, plus packaging, shipping and handling. The contact information on the Web site lists the address of the governor’s mansion. Corcoran said the address will change when John Sebelius moves.
    The game also goes on sale starting Jan. 31 at a shop called Hobbs in the college town of Lawrence.
    The site describes, “Don’t Drop the Soap” as a game “Where no one playing enters through the front door!

  25. 33

    I-Burn spews:

    @27 How do you know that Mark1 is a right-wing extremist? Or is anyone not in lockstep with KOS a right-winger? Hey, this jumping to conclusions thing is kind of fun. Here’s another: Do you still beat your wife?

  26. 35



    Will there be sufficient copies available for all the HA Happy Hoolihosts who have Demo precinct caucuses in their Hoolihovels to give away as get-acquainted ice breakers?

    Vaseline optional, of course.

    The Piper

  27. 36



    Typical liberal that you are, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    That you get all smarmy and formal (“Mr. Stamm”) is exhibit A.

    But I weep that I’m not Mr. Piper, which would be factually incorrect since The Piper is what I am avocationally, not who I am by proper name.

    Must we now address you as Mr./Ms./It Povertyrich? Please advise as to the correct form of address; it’s getting all too confusing!

    The Piper

  28. 37



    Another point…

    “People who live in glass houses should be extra careful when throwing around the word ‘logic.'”

    Think on what a non-sequitor your comment is. Throwing a word equates to speaking or writing a word, neither of which has the physical heft to penetrate or otherwise damage a pane of glass.

    You can’t even paraphrase an old saw without screwin’ the pooch! Thank you for again proving my point.

    The Piper

  29. 38

    povertyrich spews:

    Non-sequitur doesn’t mean what you think it does. You haven’t accused me of any logical fallacy, nor of any randomness. The best I can gather is that you’re accusing me of having a poor understanding of physics, and I’m not sure why you would do that. The word doesn’t literally have to break glass.

    You see, the adage is intended to mean that people who are in certain situations (living in glass houses) shouldn’t engage in a behavior that could have a negative effect on their situations (throwing stones). In my post the phrase “tossing around the word logic” is the stone (yup, the whole thing), and the glass house is you accusing others of poor logic skills.

    Plus, I’m not sure you’re even using the word in the right sense. I’m guessing it’s in more of a Mr. Spock sense than in any classical logic sense.

    Finally, that you refuse to address any of my actual points, but instead choose to pick nits based on writing style, only enforces my main point:

    Anyone who uses the phrase “typical liberal,” will never, ever argue in good faith. Care to prove me wrong?