Birds Eye View Contest

In last week’s contest, EricB edged out Nindid by less than a minute to win it. The correct location was North Little Rock, Arkansas. Here’s this week’s – in honor of a heavy travel weekend. Good luck!


  1. 7

    Tommy Tompson spews:

    Just wanted to lay down the facts for PuddyLicksDick. His father was from Pakistan and his mother was from Afghanistan. Some are even saying that he may have been born in the Khyber Pass.

  2. 8

    proud leftist spews:

    Hey, man, being Puddy ain’t easy. There’s a whole lot of hypocrisy that must be confronted before one might become Puddy. Wading through the hypocrisy, nonsense, and–let’s call it what it is–bullshit, that is required to be Puddy is a tough trek. He works hard to be inane. So, let’s cut him some slack.

  3. 11


    Totally off topic, but every time I read about Puddy – I think of Elaine’s boyfriend from Seinfeld.

    Which makes the conversation incredibly hysterical, because I imagine him saying everything in that voice.

    I just thought I’d point that out.