by Lee, 12/27/2009, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by for his second in a row. It was Juarez, Mexico.

Here’s this week’s, good luck!

15 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. Gman spews:

[Deleted --- see HA Comment Policy]

2. Gman spews:

Somewhere in the Midwest…like Indainapolis or Ohio.

3. Gman spews:

Columbus, Ohio

4. Gman spews:

LEveque Tower

5. Roger Rabbit spews:

The old Sears building on First Avenue South.

6. Gman spews:

Corner of West Broad Street and Front Street. West Lyn Street.

8. Gman spews:

Come on Lee declare me the winner

9. Greg spews:

The corner of w Lynn and Front Street in Columbus Ohio.

10. Gman spews:

Lee this is bullshit. I should have won this one.

12. Lee spews:

You win! Congrats! (sorry, been watching the Eagles-Broncos game). :)

13. spews:

Nice find, Gman. bing maps’ beta site has the building at … if that’ll work for you. (The beta’s not ready for prime time, in my opinion, but it’s got some nice bells & whistles.)

14. Gman spews:

Just got lucky I guess. It looked like Midwest somewhere. First looked at Indy, then Cincy, then Columbus (where the crosswalks are constructed with bricks) then stumbled upon the bldg., really just shit luck, with some thought put into it. Kind of like common sense, something our Right wing nuts seem to have misplaced. Hopefully you are a moderate or left leaning and I didn’t insult you.

15. spews:

No, I like the method.

When I got home from church you’d already solved … but I googled “art deco skyscraper” images and saw an image of it on about the 1st page of hits — but NO location information! It would’ve been maddening if you hadn’t already solved it.