Bird’s Eye View Contest

Last week’s contest was won by milwhcky. The correct answer was St. Paul, MN. As always, you can click the picture to go directly to the Bing maps site. They’ve hidden the Bird’s Eye View link a bit, but you can get to it by clicking the ‘Aerial’ flyout menu.

Here’s this week’s, good luck!


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    News spews:

    Seems tacky to put this above the police murders. These people put their neck on the line every day to help make us safe. When four police lives are taken, more than a little respect is in order.

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    News spews:

    Thanks, Lee, both for moving it up and for the explanation of how it happened. Understood. Feel free to delete my comments if you can/like (I would but time has expired.)

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    Liberal Scientist spews:

    About the contest – B&Q is one of the largest DIY retailers on the plant – with hundreds of locations.
    Given the orientation of the cars – most likely on of the (MANY MANY) UK sites. Have looked at the Dublin sites – no dice…still looking.

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    Cascadian spews:


    I think most people missed this post after it was bumped, so maybe I had this to myself.

    It’s on Cheetham Hill Road in Manchester. The picture seems to clearly show more than the 6 disabled parking bays that the company claims. I would have found it earlier but I only searched for locations with more.

  5. 8 spews:

    @7 Cascadian:


    I ground thru all the B&Q’s in britain for about 4 hours on Monday, just looking at aerials, looking at building orientation / configuration / roof, & parking lot/street look & feel.

    This one’s birdseye view is so different from the aerial — new demolition & construction since the aerial photo, changed building roof — that I must’ve eliminated it on first glance.

    Never thought of searching for the number of disabled parking bays in the B&Q store descriptions. Nice! … But what did you finally do to find the right one?

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    Cascadian spews:

    It might have been luck, but after trying various things and going through dozens of possibilities(googling by disabled parking bays, then by using browser autocomplete–i.e. “b&q a_”–to get locations commonly searched for), I looked at the location of one of the results I’d already tried that had a similar style of parking lot and street markings. I reasoned that different cities and areas of the country would have subtly different markings, judging by the results I’d seen so far. The location with similar markings was in Greater Manchester. So I used the search function on their corporate site to pull up the addresses of all Manchester-area B&Qs and it was one of the 4 or 5 listed.

    Their site had maps pinpointing the location and even though the aerial looked unpromising I zoomed into bird’s eye on Bing where their map said it would be. Bingo. I could hardly believe it.

    I usually get to these after they’ve been found and this is only the third I’ve even had time to try. The other one I spent a lot of time on was a conservatory a while back.

  7. 10 spews:

    Comparing parking markings & searching the area where they look the same — that’s good thinking.

    The reason I do this contest is for that “Bingo” feeling.

    That, and all the other interesting things I find while looking for the contest location.