by Lee, 02/09/2014, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was won by It was Matamoros, Mexico.

This week’s is a random location using the Google Maps 45-degree views, good luck!

7 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. Red Menace spews:

It looks like the old DVD player in my basement.

2. spews:

Hmm. looks federal. Not necessarily US Govt, but national govt for somebody.
Now, what capital cities have streets angled like this? Brasilia, Canberra, DC, … lots of others. And maybe it’s a gov’t building in a non-capital city.

3. Roger Rabbit spews:

What streets? I don’t see angled streets. Is this an art museum?

4. Lee spews:

It’s oriented north, so yeah, it’s in a city that doesn’t have a true north-south grid.

And it is a museum.

5. Gman spews:

I have a feeling it is in a dry state country or region. The open plaza doesn’t appear to have drains. Nor does the roof.

6. spews:

White w/ slit windows reminds me of Minoru Yamasaki (World Trade Center, Pacific Science Center, Oberlin music building, etc …). It’s not listed among his works, though. Hmm.

7. Dan spews:

I’m tired of looking at museum pictures. This one is pretty big based on the scale of things relative to humans, so you think it would stand out among museums housed in modern-ish buildings rather than the older architectures of palaces and castles.

Lee, how about a hint for the last three hours of this contest?