Bird’s Eye View Contest

Last week’s contest was won by milwhcky, who remains undefeated in 2014. The correct answer was Middletown, CT.

This week’s contest is related to something in the news from January, good luck!


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    No driveways, garages, no parking lot at the church. Narrow streets (paths?) through the village. Only one car in the picture. Not the U.S. Nova Scotia? Northern Europe?

  2. 2

    milwhcky spews:

    I disagree. This looks very much like a typical small Appalachian town. A few dozen homes nestled between railroad tracks and a small river. I’m willing to bet there’s a mill nearby.

  3. 3

    Liberal Scientist is the "Most vile leftist on this blog!" spews:

    Poisoned river? WV? Freedom Industries?

  4. 4


    3: I checked that, and it appears not. Near as I can tell, here’s where the spill happened, and the main road is on the wrong side of the Elk River compared to the original pic.

  5. 6


    Yeah, I nearly chose that, but knew it would be solved quickly (comes right up when searching for Freedom Industries). But this location is related to the overall story in WV (hint: look through some progressive blogs…)