Bird’s Eye View Contest

Last week’s contest was won by milwhcky in an impressive 6 minutes. It was Pasco.

This week’s is related to something in the news from February. Good luck!

(Note: this image is NOT at the default ‘North is up’ orientation)


  1. 1

    Ted spews:

    I am going to go with JJ’s Restaurant in Kansas City at 910 48th Street, Kansas City, MO. The restaurant that was destroyed by the rupture and explosion of a gas line. It was kind of tricky to get a good view, but Bing had the best verification, (I prefer Google Maps)

  2. 3

    Expat(!)Chad spews:

    GEEZE! How the hell….

    You might as well be doing Dante, if you could get decent overheads…

    This is for sure at least 6th circle…..

  3. 6

    Ted spews:

    I just guess the location, because I saw some of the images of the burning restaurant after the gas explosion, and I was talking to someone who lived in Kansas City, and lived close by, so it was on my mind. It looked like a restaurant with the entrance. It probably took me five minutes to verify the image was JJ’s in Kansas City.

    Stuff like the Pasco image from last week, I would be completely clueless in where to start..