1. 3

    Dan Robinson spews:

    It took six minutes for you to get Pasco? Christ on a crutch, how the hell do you do it?

  2. 4

    Expat(!)Chad spews:

    Paxco is pretty distinctive. Used to ship bodies out of there when I worked in Walla Walla Walla.
    Had a tavern there called “The Bitter End”.

  3. 6

    Expat(!)Chad spews:

    Trivia: Pasco is (or was) a huge drug pipeline into WA state: up the Columbia river to there. thence cross country to Seattle. Much violent crime in Pasco in the 80′s.

  4. 7

    milwhcky spews:

    I recognized the bank of the river from searching around Washington in previous birds eye view contests. I was actually a little late in checking in, so it probably only took me about two minutes.

  5. 8

    Dan spews:

    Dammit. The one day I don’t look at the Bird’s Eye View contest posting on Sunday was one I could have won! I found it in the first place I looked; N/S road over water in eastern WA, probably south eastern corner. Tri-Cities!

    Dammit. Had it in two minutes.