by Lee, 11/18/2012, 12:00 PM

Last week’s contest was still unsolved as of Thursday night. It was Stockton, CA.

This week’s is somewhere in Washington state, good luck!

11 Responses to “Bird’s Eye View Contest”

1. Deathfrogg spews:

Old downtown area of Bellingham. The red building is the old city hall/Courthouse. It is now a museum.

2. Two Dogs spews:

And now it’s the Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect St. I am trying to figure out how to link to the map.

3. Two Dogs spews:

Here ya go …

4. Geoduck spews:

For anyone who is interested, in last week’s pic that distinctive pink building was originally the Hotel Stockton, and is now used for retail space and low-cost apartments.

5. Lee spews:

Good win! Two Dogs gets a win here too for posting the link

Thanks. Last week’s was a tough one. I thought that maybe the distinctiveness of the building would help in some Google image searching, but I think it was just too obscure.

6. Stan spews:

Port Townsend, WA

7. Evergreen Libertarian spews:

Lee what is today’s prize, a six pack of charisma or the one gallon bottle of self esteem?

8. Dondegroovily spews:

BTW, this is not the “old” downtown of Bellingham. The neighborhood called Old Town is several blocks to the west

9. Bert Chadick spews:

I always thought if you slapped a statue of a confederate soldier in front of that building, you would have a dead on ringer for one of hundreds of county courthouses in the Southern red states.

10. Lee spews:


I thought that too. Part of why I picked it, just seemed like a style of building I wouldn’t expect to see.

11. Roger Rabbit spews:

Buildings had character then. Everything built now is boxy.