Bird’s Eye View Contest

Last week’s contest was won milwhcky, with an assist from Roger Rabbit. It was Sammamish.

This week’s is related to something in the news from August, good luck!

Last week’s contest was #200, so here’s the winner tally from the last 100 contests (the winners from the first 100 were announced here). Everyone with more than 1 win is listed. Contests can have multiple winners, so the total will be over 100: – 24
milwhcky – 16
Liberal Scientist – 11
Brian – 5
Siberian Dog – 4
Darryl – 3
Poster Child – 3
waguy – 3
Deathfrogg – 2
Blue John – 2
Geoduck – 2
Coosboy – 2
Budget Wonk – 2
Roger Rabbit – 2
2cents – 2
Luigi Giovanni – 2
uptown – 2
16 people won 1 contest

Thanks for playing!


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What are those dark lines in the street in the center of the picture? They’re too far apart to be trolley tracks. They’re the wrong color to be lane striping, at least in North America. Maybe curbing of some type.

    Other clues: Old neighborhood. Deciduous trees. The leaves are off so the photo must have been taken in winter or early spring. The lawns have that early spring soaked look. Where is it winter in August? Southern hemisphere. South of the equater, where the seasons are reversed, August is February.

    Some of the vehicles have a foreign look. Most of the houses don’t have driveways, another strong indication it’s not in the USA. The architecture looks Englishy-Americany, which rtules out South American andmight place it in Australia or New Zealand. What happened in the news there this month?

  2. 2

    Liberal Scientist is a a dirty fucking hippie, and THE SPAWN OF SATAN (acocrding to resident Bibul-thumper puddles) spews:

    RR @1,
    I think that the bird’s eye view aerial photos are taken at various time of the year – and winter would be better, as there are fewer obscuring leaves, but that’s just speculation on my part.

    The news that is linked with the view is from August, but the view it not necessarily linked, temporally, to the event.

    This could be local, or N. America, and have been photographed some time ago, and the event that Lee is referring to is more contemporary.

  3. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 Keeping that in mind, it still doesn’t look like an American neighborhood. Where are the driveways?

    One more clue — streetlights are visible in the planting strips on both sides of the street. The dark lines in the street are behind the streetlight just above the white house in the lower left corner — which rules out those lines being powerlines or cables on poles. They’ve got to be street markings or shadows of some sort. Another thing, a couple of the houses are very close together, closer than U.S. zoning setbacks usually require.

    I think those dark lines are an important clue, because they’re different from anything I’ve ever seen.

    The shadows indicate this view is from the west.

  4. 4

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Mrs. Rabbit wonders if this is a London scene and the news event is the Summer Olympics.

  5. 5

    Evergreen Libertarian spews:

    RR I think the houses in the picture may be older homes built before driveways became the norm.

  6. 6

    Poster Child spews:

    I feel pretty certain it’s in the courthouse hill neighborhood of Janesville WI, but have spent the day up on a ladder working on my oun house and need a shower, so that’s enough time on this for now (my other guess was Wapakoneta, OH, but Janesville looks a lot more like this photo above)

    Bon Chance!

  7. 7

    milwhcky spews:

    It’s the most recent home of the pyscho who shot up the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI.

    I work less than 2 miles west of here.

    I was out at a rainy Ren Faire all afternoon, or I would have set a new quick time record on this one.

  8. 8

    milwhcky spews:

    @ 1
    The dark lines are probably tar sealer that the road crews squirt into the cracks in the road. The road was probably originally paved in thirds, leaving two seams that degrade over time.

  9. 9

    milwhcky spews:

    Also, this neighborhood (in Cudahy, WI) was near a big meatpacking plant when this neighborhood was built. The original residents were probably plant workers who would have lived within a short walk of the plant. The plant is still there, but it is downsized from what it once was.

    Instead of each home having a driveway, there is an alley behind the homes with garages.

    I live a half hour south of here in a city which once had a few big auto plants. There are neighborhoods much like this near where the auto plants were.